Spiritual Collective Reading for January 1, 2022 (Excluding Sebastian)

After lighting the candle this morning for archangel Michael, these are the cards I pulled for the spiritual collective

You might wanna wait on something a bit due to some folks possibly just being a charmer of types. You might get some kind of a gift but, they might have some shadow work to do on themselves still so, just proceed with proper caution about that sort of thing. The dude that I was thinkking about though, I have a feeling he is pondering approaching me realistically as an option. when you are both unvaxxed conservative card slingers equally into astrology on many levels as well as astrological stuff in the chart as well it is like dayummmmmmmmm. In a good way like, if something would work out there and be long lasting it would be really rad. Just my own thoughts on it. There is also the stuff about his chart to be acutious about as well though and, in a sense, it is a good thing tahat I do know the full thing of it. Time will tell and spirit will guide. I still think the shadow work issue is what happened in his marriage though and it is one of those things that he always needs to be mindful of within himself. I try to not simp about things(not even sure if you can use that word for a gal or what lol) but when it shows up this much in the cards, ya gotta say something. Esopecially when you have a good idea about what it is about fully for you personally. This is not a newly developed crush. Had it since bout 2017. Realisticlly speaking about a time frame for exactly when it might have started to be a crush. And about timing, realistically apeaking about that, it is always a good thing to be mindful of the venus retrograde and mercury retrograde pre shadow energy about things like that to just let spirit take its course with things with that and wait on the timing as needed. I am prepared to type this again if I need to. Sebastian, leave me alone. This is not a request, it is a demand.
Personal clarity spread I did for myself with sibilla cards. You might be fieling kind of trapped about having to be on the defense so much at times. But, there are some good times coming up for sure. Also be cautious of furbabies health issues of pets. (One, I have is 13 years old so it is a thing about wait and see about the timing in things as far as when it is her time for it. She probably will go in her sleep when she does decide it is time for it). She is a gemini german shepherd. Very sweet. Had her since she was a puppy. So yeah, it’ll be emotional for me when it does happen. ):
This is a connection spread I did for myslf with sibilla cards. Guys do have a guy code about things. I think there might have been another guy possibly thinking about romance type stuff about me but that might be off the table for him as an opion since he might be thinking that I probably do have someone that is gonna probably approach me at some point when the timing is right for it astrologically. Guys just have a code about this. They respect each other with that. The good ones do. Even if something might just be a major option and nothing formed quite yet in the physical due to whatever reasons about distance or just getting communications more rolling. I think he wants to be a card client enough about it that it has him just pondering how to go about it in a way that would be professional minded. there is a way to do that without even having any type of vibe other than just professional. But, he is seriously thinking about that especially as I get cloer to the time of being able to do the booking for myself fully on a professional level. It might be a very good thing about the progress of that happening at correct astrological timing.

The really good thing about the honoring your ancestors book that I am noticng as I delve into it more is she has a strong connection to animism energy with this as well which is also a part of one reason why I wanted to get majorly into the ancestral veneration cuz it is a step closer towards bone reading. It is a major part of connection with the bones though. I am glad I stumbled upon this bit of info about the book through reading the author notes at the beginning of it. It is a part of indigenous ancestry for me on the metis side of things. I do noteven have a bone set yet cuz I have been getting accustomed to the full idea of what all is involved in the process. I am anticipating that at some point in 2022 on here only so, stay tuned on here only for all that as I get into it more fully. It is a thing that doing the animal spirit oracle cards has been helping with for me a lot already as a part of that process which is a large part about why I keep on adding those on a regular basis frequently.

Spiritual collective pick a card. I found my crystal deck. The card at the bottom of the pack is bloodstone. It is a great grounding stone as well as cleansing stone of surrounding negative energy of any kind. Pile 1 is the far left. Pile 2 is the middle and pile 3 is the far right. I checked the bottom of the pack for the card for this and it was trigoic quartz. It is a good crystal for if you are going through a lot of intense change of any kind of intensity. It s a record keeper type quartz and soul retrieval in general. It just felt like I should look at the bottom of the pack to get that card.
Pile 1. If you have been having to put up with a lot of negativity in energy in general, having amethyst around can help in calming that. It helps aid in tranquility. Plus, it is a good hting to have by your phone or computer cuz of emfs.
For self defense in general metaphysically, this one has gotta be my fave. For card 2 choice is black tourmaline It is an all around badass about metaphysical self defense if you just are really in need of that energy.
Malachite helps reveal and heal things that just need healing. It absorbs the pain into itself. It is helpful in bringing ease during times of intense change of any kind and helps give insight helpful for personal growth.

As with all the readings I do on here, these are for the spiritual collective so please, take what resonates with you and leave what does not resonate with you. If you feel you need to look at the full note please do cuz there is probably something you are supposed to see in the note.

This is my Betty White tribute. When I was a kiddo, the main fan mail I sent was a letter and a phoo fan style to Betty White and she replied back with an autographed photo of herself that I still do have. I gotta find it though but, it is around here somewhere in a box. Rest in Peace, and thank you for the energy you gave to the planet. When I sent that to her, I was about ten years old. It was my main fan letter I ever sent to anyone. I am a generation x so, when I say that as well, it was old school tech stuff with communication all around back in the day. Very Chiron in Taurus type stuff but also, very cool that she responded to it as she did. Very sweet. And honestly, I probably will not show it on here ever or anywhere online. Just cuz of the nature of how some folks tend to be about throwing jealousy or shade. That type of thing is a very old school way in how folks used to do things back in the day.

There are some guys out there in the metaphysical community who need to do their own shadow work so much that they try to project their view of that on to other guys in the community but please, just because it is in your personal astrology to do so, don’t be a forceful authoritarian about that sort of thing please. Please understnad that with some gals, it is also in our personal astrology as well to be as we are about some things. Especially when it comes to doing cards professionally. Yes, there are some in the community with this much of an old fashoined view about that sort of thing. And, I know eneough about their sun, moon and rising sign based on personal observation to know it is a part of their personal astrology to have those views. But, please be mindful just cuz it is your view does not mean it should be everyones. I mean, when you are a chick with mars in Aries the 3rd house, venus in the 4th house and saturn in the 8th house you cannot have that type of a mentality. It is not in your makeup. I appreciate a masculine man though cuz I am mars and venus in aries. Just some thoughts on some things especially as folks are making up their mind about what to do about some things in the inward time of this venus retrograde soon to be mercury retrograde. I gotta get bac into drum practice on a daily basis. There is nothing quite like whacking a drum for just gettnig things out. And yes, that is in my chart as well. I gooa look again to find out where exactly but, it is in there. I am seriously thinking of leaning toward jazz minimalist drum style of drumming.

One thing that I do need to add to my ancestor altar is a photo of Hans and Sophie Scholl. I gotta look around to find a good one to print off for that. Maggie is short for Magdalena and it comes from her middle name which was Magdalena. So, it is more about her than about Mary Magdalene energetically speaking. I have quite a bit of similarities to her astrologically speaking as well. She was also a venus in aries and mecury in Taurus.

Spiritual collective kipper card pick a card reading. I need to keep in the hbit of showing the card at the bottom of the pack cuz it just feels incomplete if I do it otherwise. Pile 1 is the far left, ple 2 is htee middle and pile 3 is the far right.
The card at the bottom of the pack after I shuffled was main character so, someone is for sure going through something.
Pile 1 is sorrow. Someone is going thruogh some kind of sadness about something.
Pile 2 is unexpected money so, some kind of unexpected money might show up somehow.
Pile 3 is short illness so, ujst be cautious about caring for your health in general however you choose to do that.

As with all my readings, these are for the spiritual collective so please, take what resonates with you and leave what does not resonate with you.. If you feel the need to look at the full note, please do so cuz there is probably something in it you are supposed to see.

Book of shadows notes. A good and simple jar that I am pondering whipping up for myself soon as the snow fully melts is Ashwagandha, clear quartz and snow as the main ingredients of the jar. Just some book of shadows notes idea for new moon in capricorn type energy as well. It’ll be one of those that is good for whatever healing oil you might use in general and probably for candles, best color choice is a plain white candle (white tea light is fine). And, it’ll be one of those jars to work on an every day frequent basis for myself. I believe I have some left but, I gotta locate it. A good addition to that would also be black tourmaline, if you have it on hand. I was not able to locate the black tourmaline but, I used angel aura quartz and clear quartz instead along with dried basil, parsley and Ashwagandha. It’ll be one of those jars to work in general for overall all purpose well being and it’ll be a thing I could always have on the altar most of the time.

Just a note about basic astrology compatability stuff about my late grandparents. (my main mascculine energy that I was around was my grandpa). She was a leo sun and he was a leo moon. They did not consciously choose that cuz neither were majorly into astrology but, that is how spirit lead them toward each other. Sun and moon signs that are similar like that can tend to be highly compatible in nature. Just a note from my experiences about them in general. It is a thing to think about and to be aware of. Some of the compatability about the crush is I am Taurus sun and he is Taurus moon. That is an aspect of the compatability energy there to just be mindful of.