Spiritual Collective Reading for December 31, 2021 (Excluding Sebastian)

After lighting the candle for archangel Michael this morning, these are the cards I pulled for the spiritual collective

These are the cards I pulled for the spiritual collective this morning. The king of diamonds card is the fish card in lenormand an dthe card at the bottom of that pack is the five of clubs so, be cautious about competition vibes in general and folks that just need to do their own shadow work on themselves cuz they will tend to show with the son of wands showing up and the tower. Possibly just some needed shadow work on ones self and the card at the bottom of that pack was the moon card so just be cautious o not being deceived. Do your best to have your wits about you as much as possible. You got this! I am prepared to retype this if I need to. Sebastian, leave me alone! This is not a request, it is a demand. What I usually say about myself and this site still stands.
after doing a clarity spread for myself this morning with sibilla cards, along with the cards for the spiritual collective from this morning, I would for sure say some folks just need to do some shadow work on themselvesand let olks have their success cuz with the card that was on the bottom of the pack or this success most definitely is on the way or coming. At a very welcome time to cuz things might feel kind of humdrum at the moment but please be careful of olks who majorly need to do their own shadow work on themself and might not be very honest in the process of that. Lots of big change possibly as well.

I hae never had the mentality of “I gota have a kiss at new year” cuz of the grandpa birthday at new year lol. He always had first place in celebrations that day and still does in honoring his memory. It probably has protected me from a lot of mistakes with that type of thing in genneral but, it is just an attitude I have nevere had throughout life and hae always tended to think of Samhain as new year ever since I was a kiddo and that has its own traditions. My main thing today is, I gotta oficially block walmart on my phone from sending spam cuz they are trying to and I never even got much from them onlone at all. Like once quite awhile back.

The thing to think about meditating on now is New Moon in Capricorn energy for the traditional new year type of a vibe and that is January 2. Astrologically and energertically speaking. If I can get these at the store today, which I probably will be able to, part of starting this up for myself is gonna happen tonight. A candle I plan to make for myself tonight and oil are saffron, parsley and chamomile in walnut for nut oil if they have it. And probably also coriander as well in the mix of that. Depending on what is available at the store. For sure though, if they have it, walnut oil is a good base oil for this type of a thing. Just some book of shadows notes for new moon in Capricorn vibes. Another good candle to make or oil for new moon in capricorn vibes especialy is one with pumkin pie spice mix an dwalnut oil. Pumpkin pie spice mix is one that is already one of those mixes that is good for prosperity all around as it is. Little known fact.

A connection spread I did for myself with sibilla cards. Card 1 is me. older gal issues possibly an auntie or a granny type of a vibe. Card 2 is my challenge just being on the lookout for it, whatever it might be. the other person just take care of yourself if you are recovering from anything especially. Their challenge is hometown type stuff. The uniting force is just feeling a bit sad today about some things. Try to not feel sad today. The card at the bottom of the pack, I cannot make this type of thing up is Gran Signore. Grandpa showed up in the cards today. Happy birthday, Grandpa. Thank you for the time we got to share together on the planet.

Finally, gonna start reading the book “Honoring your Ancestors by Mallorie Vaudoise. It was something I finally picked up for myself for Christmas holiday type things this year. Traditionally speaking it is a very witchy and traditional thing to do with no malicious intent whatsoever about anything race related at all. It is just a good thing to be mindful of about respecting folks cuz some folks have so lost sight of that type of a respect at all. Especially with the ancestral vibes for me from the cards today. Intense stuff, that! In a good way 🙂

For new moon in Capricorn vibes in general. I decided to do a spiritual collective pick a card reading working with power thought cards from Louise Hay. This was the card at the bottom of the pack after I shuffled. And it is a thing for all cards picked to think about in connection with whatever card they picked.

Card choices are card 1, 2 or 3..

Card 1

Card 2
Card 3.

So mote it be! Happy new moon in Capricorn. If you feel you should look at the full note, please do cuz there is probably something you are supposed to see. As with all my reads please, take what resonates with you and leave what does not resonate with you.

A good new moon in Capricorn vibe in general and always a good energy to slap on the blog whenever.. No matter what time of year.

And yea, on zoom I will look in on how to block whatever folks I might need to block on there as well for safety purposes. I have my list of folks to watch out for with that type of thing, especially Ruth and her kids. She has two witchling kids with similar left hand path ethics very pro vaxx and leftist mentality as well. Just a thing to be aware of with metaphysical self defense quite literally in this case cuz they try metaphysical fuckery with this type of thing extreme to the point where i have caught them at it in the. So, to those that need to stay away please keep this in mind and don’t be a douche. Not a challenge in any way, just a personal observation based on personal experience metaphysically.

Another good metaphysical thing to do for new moon in capricorn vibes is to collect some snow for snow water for metaphysical use only but still very powerful cleansing energy metaphysically if you have snow where you are. Book of shadows notes for new moon in capricorn energy. Collect it sparingly and respectfully.

I am having some phogto connection issues curreently so, I am just gonna type out the sibilla pick a card for the spiritual collective. THe card at the bottom of the pack was Malineonia so, feeling kind of bah humbug about something is the vibe to be mindful of with each of the cards to choose. Card choices are card 1, 2 and 3.

Card 1 Gran Sigore feeling kind of sad about an older man in your life. Most likely significantly older.

Card 2 Ammalato either feeling sad about actually feeling or being under the weather or all the hysteria about it has ya feeling bah humbug.

Card 3 Consolante sorpresa you might just be having anxiety attack type feelings about some goals but, do your best to keep to your goal especially if it is productive minded and not about fukery or being a twatwaffle. Please, don’t be a twatwaffle. It is not a good thing. Jus sayin. Not a challenge in any way, merely a personal observation.

As with all my readings on here, these are for the spiritual collective so please, take what resonates with you and leave what does not resonate with you. If you feel you should look at all the cards, please do cuz there is probably something you are supposed to see.

As far as goals go for when to start up the reading according to astrological timing, I am thinking probably it’ll be sometime in May also cuz it is around my birthday time as well so very significant. But for manifestation timing, that is what I am thinking of possibly for timing of it. Stay tuned on here only for all that info. I will post it on here only as I know it more. and yeah, a lot of this stuff about timing of it is very much in my birth chart as well. In my birth chart, I am Chiron in Taurus in my 4th house as well as venus in aries in my 4th house.

Spiritual collective connection spread for today with sibilla cards

the card at the bottom of the pack after I shuffled was Ammalato so possibly some issue about feeling under the weather or the hysteria of it.

card 1 la La Rhunione with venus retrograde and mercury soon to be retrograde, not the best time for that type of a thing about any kind of exes.

Card 2 Domestico your challenge possible challenge abot a younger male employee type of some kind.

Card 3 the other person falsita just be cautious of any kind of dishonesty type of energy in general.

card 4 their challenge La Leggreza

the uniting force Vivaggio be cautious about safe travels and doing that as safely as you can at this time. Check up on if the vehicle is working properly and all that type of thing as well.

As with all my readings on here, these are for the spiritual collective so please, take what resonates with you and leave what does not resonate with you.

Cake is in the oven and it’ll be readdy to put the sparklers on it for midnight tomight :):):):):)

I am still having photo uploading ability at the moment so, I am jiust gonna type the cards out for now. I did a three card spread for the spiritual collective with playing cards only. Cards I got are Joker, 4 of diamonds, twn of spades and card at the bottom of teh pack was Joker. It is very clear you might have to watch your bounndaries (or tighten purse or wallet strings about travel issues of some kind) it is very much an ancestral vibe extremely strongly with both Joker cards being in the same reading. And with the grandpa vibe about today, it makes a lot of sense about the ancestral vibe with the travel issues. Be safe as you can during any kind of travel, no mater how long or short the distance.

as embracing the 2022 energy, I decided to do an extra spiritual collective lenormand with playing cards and spirit animal cards. Try to not be so worried over folks being possibly childish in some kind of a letter or communication cuz you are in a lot more control over your emotions than you might even think you are. Do your best to work with your intuition if you ae having trouble making some choices. Something is for sure starting up. It might bee something about the childishness type craap though so just do your best to use caution. The cards I worked with for this are birds of the northwest playing cards and spirit animal oracle.
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