Spiritual Collective Reading for January 2, 2022 (Excluding Sebastian)

After lighting the candle for archangel Michael this morning, these are the cards I pulled for the spiritual collective.

The card at the bottom of the playing cardsa deck was two of clubs and the card at the bottom of the tarot deck after I shuffled is the nine of cups. So, some choices possibly about some detox thing you have been going through for health purposes. You might have a victory in something in that though opossibly of a teamwork kind of a nature. Seven of hearts in lenormand is tree. Possibly some new beginning within the victory most likely. If I have to type this again, I will. Sebastian, leave me alone. This is nota request, it is a demand. What I usually say about myself and this site still stands.
Spiritual collective reading with crystal cards. Again, the card at the bottom of the pack was trigonic quartz. Do your best to really be cautious about energy level of third eye type of stuff cuz some of that energy might be kinda wonky and you might be getting some psycic downloads super fast.
Spiritual collective reading for today wth animal totem cards. You might have some folks just jealous of the fact that you do things as you do them, especially if you are sober and substannce free. Pay attention to your dreams and any messages you might get from those. You are a lot more in control of you than you might think you are. Getting excited and prepared to start practicing bone reading for myself in 2022. There is a process with even getting any of that started. Largely with getting connected to your ancestors and daily stuff with that. I will for sure show some of that on here only. As I have said before, I have no sister, annex or affiliate readers of any kind anywhere. I am the only admin, author and content creator of all my blogs, sites and emails in their entirety. I am not a part of anything other than what I frequently say. The only way to contact me is through the contact info that I give on here frequently. My preferred email is always maggie1099@yahpoo.com. I have no sister, annex or afiliate email of any kind. I am not on social media in any way and I am not a part of anyone else’s in any way. I have no sister, annex or affiliate social media pages or people anywhere on any platform or through any person. I am not on youtube or patreon in any way and I am not a part of anyone else’s in anster, annex or affiliate channels or people anywhere on any platform. I do not have any live streams anywhere on any platform or through any person. I am not a part of anyone else’s in any way. Yes, I do all the redings on here and on my blogger at Esoteric Thoughts From Maggie on blogger and on my wix at Esoteric Thoughts from Maggie on wix but I do not do any readings anywhere else or through anyone else. I do not do readings professionally or by request and I cannot be booked anywhere or through any person. I do not have anywhere anyone can donate any tips to yet so please, do not be fooled by any of that. if you wish to send a donation for any reading I have done on any of my blogs, send me an email so we can talk about it. I am getting closer and closer to the point of when I will start doing redings professionally though so stay tuned on here only for all that info. Finding some other titles to look in on about ancestral honoring. And, ancestor honoring is very much a hoodoo type thing in nature. So yeah, very much a Marie Laveau devotee type of a thing. One book I am thinking of looking in on soon is “Listening to the voicesof our ancestors: a practical manual for developing Your Intuitive Abilities by Megan Reilly Koepsell. It looks like a really good read.

One other snow jar that I did for myself to work on a daily basis has coriander, dill and strawberry quartz and clear quartz and filled up with snow water. Book of shadows notes. It’ll be a good one to combat folks who wish sickness on you type of a thing or who just fling negative energy on you. For metaphysical self defense though, it should be a powerhouse of a jar.

Apologies about the glare in the photo. I am glad I finally got these. I got started connnecting with runes through ancestral meditation and also working with another set of these that I will keep private totally. These are lovely! Amethyst. Witches runes have their own good things about them and they are a really good thing. Basically, this says that some folks just need to do their own shadow work on themselves and you just don’t be afraid of having that harvest cuz you might feel like you are walking on eggshells about something of that nature. I will get back into the runes on here at some point soon as well, when I feele the timing is right for it but the crt folks are kind of insane at the moment.
Always good to slap on Marie Laveau energy on the blog whenever possible.
Spiritual collective reading with sibilla cards and a witches rune. Sometimes, jealousy can be a sickness all on its own but, be cautious of possibly a younger man who might have way too much shadow work to do on himsel. Based on the bottom card being stanza, it might be very close to home type of a thing. It might also have something very literal to do about just being cautious about some younger folks as far as health matters of some kind but, in this case, I get the feeling that it is more the consumed by jealousy type of a sickness. And yes, there are some in the metaphysical community to which this applies. Lots more like this out there than folks might think. The spiritual community can tend to be rancid with that type of energy at times. You have been at a crossroads about what to do about it. That is the witches rune.

LMAO!!!! I just noticed that I had January 2, 2021 in the title of todays post but, I corrected it. Apologies on that. It can tend to happen at times and, mercury retrograde pre shadow energy is upon us. Plus, that kind of thing is a common mistake folks can make at the start of the year anyway.

Spiritual collective healing light lenormamnd and a witches rune. I know now exactly what some of this energy is about witch wars type thing with the same one who tries to get folks to do unjustified work about folks she does not care for in one way or another, even folks that she just might disagree with on ethics (She has a war with anyone claiming to have wiccan ethics). For me, personally, that is what these cards are saying. You feel blocked or stalled by a gal or female health issue. Something is just starting up possibly a connection thing of that nature. The card at the bottom of the pack was card 18 so, you might need to be loyal to yourself about something. Hopefully, some of these folks will catch on about how unjustified some of the stuff she asks them t9o do actually is but, I have a feeling some are thinking about it. The sibilla card reading as well suggested this type of energy cuz some fit the description of some in her social circles that I know of anyway. She is also very pro vaxx as ewll but, has extreme amounts of shadpow work to do on herself about anyone even close to being seen as competition. The only competition you have is to be better than the person you were yesterday. For me, this and the sibilla card reading are some major heads up for metaphysical self defense. This is not a challenge in any way,merely a personal observation of the cards. Apologies on the glare in the photo. Sometimes gemstones can be tricky to photo. Seems like that might be the case with these.
Pay attention to things about your favorite vehicle if you drive cuz possibly some sinificant changes might be happening or a favorite mode of transportation in general. I decided to do an extra reading for the spiritual collective for void of course moon energy January 1-5 2022. The witches rune is the moon, it sigifies changes or transition of some kind. The deck I worked with for this is the healing light lenormand. The card at the bottom of the pack after I shuffled was the ship card.
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