Spiritual Collective Reading for December 13, 2021 (Excluding Sebastian)

Do your best to be mindful of your vitality at this timeto noyt have so much of that workaholic attitude that you just whip yourself about it and are tough on yourself about it. Also, being extremely mindful about who is on your side at this time is gonna be extremely important to be mindful of especially with the upcoming astrology with venus retrograde stuff among other things. So, try to not be so tough on yourself please an dwatch your vitality in general. Make sure you get enough restful sleep, etc. All that ties in with it as well. I am prepared to type this again if I need to. Sebastian, leave me alone. This is not a request, it is a demand. What I usually say abbout myself and this site still stands. After lighting the candle for archangel Michael this morning, these ar3e the cards I pulled for the spiritual collective. I felt I had to add that and couldn’t just leave that part of the intro out.

since the photo editing function appears to be acting up, I will type out the elemenal spread for the spiritual collective for today working with spirit animal oracle cards. Card 1 is whale. You might have to start getting creative about some financial goals with how you communicate (considering how crazy language can be lately anyway with all the new what’s okay and what is not shit with that type of thing. So, just get creative about it and try to not stress too much over it cuz things change all the time. Always go by your intuitive instincts for protection or you might end up regretting not going by them. card two is wolf. card three is beaver. Yes, things are happening and sometimes the most productive mindset is best with some kind of a project. Card 4 elephant. You might have some good luck in emotional relationships. card 5 is lion. Sometimes, it is just a good thing to be mindful of that lion hearted energy for strength purposes. In the tarot, strength is represented with lion energy whiich is why I always assosiate that energy with lion.

photo editing stuff on here is still acting odd so, I am just gonna type out the elemental spread for the spiritual collective for today. It’ll be back to normal soon though, just taking awhile to get there. It happens. card 1 seven of wands. Just do your best to keep on keepin on even though it can just seem overwhelming at times the on your own feeling about things in general. Do your best to not stress too much just about standing alone in something. Do your best tio not be too overwhelmed with messages that might be coming in really quickly. Just pace yourselff as best as you can. set your boundaries as needed. Yes, things are happening and you just might need to focus on strength. I am reminded of the lion card energy from card five of the elemental spread for today as well. Often times, a message will show up frequently if spirit is really trying to shout it out at you. You are going through some kind of a heartbreak in emotional relationships or something that feels similar to it. card five is the hanged man so you might need to wait about something according to when you feel timinng will be right about whatever it is.

Year ahead spread for the spiritual collective:

January three of swords. Astrologically this makes a lot of sense as well as to what folks will most likely be going through at this time inwardly. Feb. seven of pentacles. You might not wanna count your eggs before they hatch and might be at an evaluation thing about justthinking about progress in something and if it is worth keeping upor what. march. Hanged man. You might need to hold off on something for awhile. April three of pentacles. team work type stuff. Who is on your side? might be time to think about this in an evaluating manner. May: son of wands. it is a good time to work on a musical project but you might wanna keep it a bit private and keep the mistique about it as you work on it. Juices are flowin! June: six of pentacles. You might really be starting to see some fruits of labor about something in a good way. Keep up the good work and keep on keepin on! July: two of pentacles. you might have some trouble with decision making so take your time about it accordingly and don’t rush it. August: Father of cups. yes, keep at the music project and do your best to not let your own insecurities eat away at the spirit of what you are trying to accomplish with your project. September: five of pentacles. Do your best to not focus so intensely on financial hardships or it’ll drive you insane. October: son of pentacles. Yes, it is good to be detemined about financial goals but be mindful about possible headbutts and try to cool it on the stubborn factor a bit, please. November: the moon. Try to not be deceived about things. especially about just being thankful. December: six of swords. possible gtravel glitch issue so please just pay attention to all details there, Overall theme of the year: Judgment. Do your best to be mindful of when others are judgmental as well and just trying to not go insane about worrying about if you are being judged for something cuz everyone is.

I decided to draw a card for the spiritual collective from the language of flowers oracle. I got card 10 which is Rafflesa. Do your best to maintain spiritual routine to help keep you grounded and also just keeping up connection to the divine in general can be helpful at this time. Youn might be feeling kind of unsteady and just not grounded in general. Also, be cautious about maintaining physical vitality as well as you usually do.

I also decided to pull a card for the spiritual collective from the Shamanic Medicine cards and spirit most surely wants you to pay attention to your strength level and vitality spiritually. The card I got from that: prayer. It all goes together abot total wll being but, it is a huge part of it.

Spiritual collective nine card spread for today. possible news about som kind of stalling or just being blocked about something and yeah with all the new things that folks can and can’t do on the web it is very similar to china. crider card is mountain. man card is rider,possible news about a man or male health issues. Some good luck about just feeling or being grounded in energy. fish card is anchor. star card is fox. possible jealousy issues so just do your best to work with your inuition as best as you can on that. bear card is key. You might be learning some secrets about what might be making you or causing you to be cranky. Child card is card 29. Possibly just having to put up with childishness from a gal or female health issues. Letetr card is cloud. possibly some confusing communication either verbal or written. Tower is the moon card. Do your best to not lose sleep over something you might be standing very much on your own about. ring card 36. Do your best to not have victimhood attitude about something important to you.

spiritual collective kipper card reading for the day. 9 card spread. theme is possible romanc good luck. Truth be told, I have been very unhooked up for quite awhile now just focusing on healing after the whole Kevin breakup drama. With all the challenges about wishing to remain unvaccinated as I have been it has made things very challenging about socializing at all just cuz of how folks can tend to be with any of that. recent past cards are: win lots, main character and rich gent. possible good luck about a man who is well to do and just good luck about some type of winnings. Possibly some travel about a partnership issue possibly a long distance of sorts. present cards are journey, marriage and long way. future cards are court offiial, , thief and infant. possibly some kind of legal thing about some thievery or childishness about that thievery. Some type of justice possibly happening there. by tonight sometime, I should have the .com for this domain name inbox open on here working so it’ll be easier for folks to just send a ote to here directly without havig to jump through yahoo hoops. It is part of having the paid version of wordpress perks. Especially as I get closer to doing the readings more on the professional level it’ll jist be a useful way for communication in general. And yes, it is probably also gonna be very useful to get accustomed to doing some kind of a chess or checkers thing on here as well but, no clue how I will go about that quite yet but, solutions will present themselves over time with that. I still need to install the chess and checkers app but, they have learning apps for each of those freebie versions which is the version I will do of those. Stay tuned on here only for all of that info as I know it, I will post it on here only bout any of that info.

Full moon in gemini (december 18, 2021) spiritual collective lenormand reading. You might be getting some kind of news about some detox you might have been going through. Maybe possibly some adjuetments you might need tp make with something type of thing so take note on things in general. rider card is scythe. man card is tree so do yourself a favor and pay attention to all health issues at this time, please. ewspecially ones about male health issues of any kind. Fish card is book. possible good luck about some new thing you have been learning about. Fox card is intuition. Do your best to work with intuition about any jealousy issues and, there are some. Do not be cranky if there are some folks who might still be addicted to whatever it is you might be trying to detox yourself from if it is something like that. You do what is best for you and they need to just deal with it cuz it is your journey. That is what I got from this that might be happening based on the cards in this spread. Bear card is fox. Possible childishness about getting older issues. Child card is lilies. letter card is sun. Possible communication about vitality issues of some kind either verbal or written. Tower card is 29. There is a female issue or female health issue you feel you ae standing on your own about. Ring card is stork possible new beginnning about something important to you.

Kipper card spiritual collective reading 9 card spread for the full moon in Gemini. It for sure shows I am in someones thoughts (a man). Overall vibe card (middle card) is “His thouhgts” card. Possibly some sadness over a work related issue. But, I think I have hit the nail on the head with som stuff for sure. Recent past it shows a possible communication and a gift from some kind of a partnership thing. near future istiy might be having some anxiety over just expectation of something but it might turn out way better than you even thought so, try to not worry about it so much, okay? You got this! recent past cardws are gift, letter and partnership. The card title is Marriage, but I relate it to all things partnership related.present cards are sad news, his thoughts and work. future cardws are expectation, gloomy thoughts and great fortune.

Clarity spread I did for myself today working with the wild unknown tarot. 5 of cups, 9 of cups, 8 of cups the empress. Do your best about working through detoxing energy with the glass half full type of energy rather than woe is me type of energy. you’ll feel a lot mor3e in control off your emotions and yourself in general empresswise if you do have that mindset about something like that. One day at a time.

connection spread I did for myself working with wild unknown tarot.

me. the sun card. overall a very strong and good vibe. my challege card 2. 9 of cups. be kind to yourself with whatever3 detox you might need to work on. The other person. strength. Try to not let holier than thou types get to you about whatever was the main thought that came to me about this. we are all on our own parts of the path on the journey. Their challenge. They might also be moving on from something too which is the holier than thou comparison vibe I got. the uniting force is the healing energy of all involved though, even if there might be some headbutts happening. Live and let live. Let folks heal how they heal without judging. The fifth card is the uniting force and it is the daughter of cups.

Hopefully the photos will be working better tomorrow and I can upload photo again cuz I do know that they do help with things to be able to post those. I probably will be able to do photo tomorrow. They have been doing some site maintinence stuff on here today and so it has been off and on at times if I can even get on the site. But not all that long but long enough to just be annoying about it. They are goin through whatever they need to do though. Everywhere on the web is going through something. The inbox email will happen this week sometime. I need to get with wordpress about that though and that can take up to a week to complete the process of. So, patience but, things will happen there.

Tonight, I am majorly thankful for my personal clarity spreads I did for myself though cuz those things can offer so much clarity that words cannot fully even come close to describing in full. Considering the fact about what has been going on with metaphysical self defense type stuff though and the fact that I know what I do know about some of that these spreads have been extremely accurate probaly t the point that some folks jaw might have dropped. That is how the cards can be for you but the trick is, you gotta listen and not be an askhole. You know, ask the cards but never follow their advice type of stuff. I might as well say that the thing I have been kind of working with myself on detox is weed and cbd. Even though I do thse extremely sparingly, I just feel it in my heart that I need to get off it. It is also a part of my personal astrology very much, sobriety and substance free living type stuff. I will find where exactly in my chart and say that at some point soon on here only so stay tuned for that. It is interesting though, the detox effect even if you adre not that much into it….it can really have an affect on your mentality. I have been going to start some golden milk with almond milk at night and also possibly turmeric lemonade as well. I gotta do my research on that though. But it is a thing I have been feeling I should look in on for myself to possibly add to my routine personally. My sagittarius moon is conjunct neptune and my sagittarius neptune is conjunct my sagittarius ascendant. An example of natural psychic stuff but that is also very sagittarius moon conjunct neptune in sagittarius I think a large part of the sobriety vibe tends to stem from the neptune placement though. I will find the spot exactly where that is but I need to look through it again to find exactly where.

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