Spiritual Collective Reading for December 14, 2021 (Excluding Sebastian)

After lighting the candle this morning for the spirotual collective this morning, these are the cardws I pulled for the collective. I decided just to typethem out for this portion of the reading and I will try adding photo at some point today. Thankful to the cardws for metaphysical self defense stuff cuz they can really clue you in when you need to be more on your toes aout that kind of a thing. It is also a thing about understanding non wiccan mentality vs wiccan mentality. The witches I am headbutting with on these type of things are in California and you know what they are going through there with stuff now so it makes sense about the self defense angle for me cuz during times like that they will go down their shit list of folks to metaphysically bully when things go “wrong”. Cards for today are eight of cups, seven of pentacles, the moon, ten of swords and lilies. Do not deceive yourself into thinking that something is anything other than just growing older or try t ostart up whatever whitch wars drama. please do not take part in witch wars. They are extremely low vibrational ennergy especially when you know the person you are thinking of metaphysicallly bullying has wicacn mentality you are just being a meanie head dork. Also normiee way of thinking and non normie are two different worlds much of the time as well. They are some typical lib types with a lot of things. I am prepared to type this again if I need to. Sebastian, leave me alone. This is not a request, it is a demand. Wjhat I usually say about myself and this site still stands. I had to explain a bit of the situation from a metaphysical point of view with a bit of my metaphysical self defense issues I have been going through cuz the read might be kind of confusing any other way without that info. Cuz today for me yeah, cards are very personal and prtective in just giving a heads up on the energy in general.

The cards are extremely personal and protective for me today, big time. I decided to pull a card from the shamanic medicine cards for the spiritual collective and I got “ancestors” someones abuela is bout to slap them upside the head for bein a puta and, they know it. Cards say so also here. Jus sayin. Thankful for the abuelas who do slap sense into their grandkids from the other side.

it does help to know how the can tend to operate when they get in witch wars mentality and who they might ask for help in shenanigans for that type of thing but for me, that is what this spread is about for my personal clarity spread. to whom it may concern: please wait on doing anything stupid and try to not be fooled by folks who have some grand money talk with no ethics at all or shady as fuck ethics. Thank you cards for the protective energy and heads up. You might wanna tell them to get some of your shadow work goodies before any witch wars type thing. If that is something you make and offer. Just a thought about how I would handle the boundaries thing there personally. This is a clarity spread I did for myself but like with all personal things, often times there are other folks in the story. Just so folks understand what this particular spread is for.

Having some sissues with getting the photos back up and workin properly so, I will just type out this connection spread I did for myself about todays energy in general. card 1 is me. six of wands is a good and victorious energy overall. your challenge is card 2. the moon. folks just tryin to be shady as fuck about something. please, just stop! The other person card 3 is queen of pentacles. Don’t get the tryin to do teh mom knows best and trying to just control everything type of energy about withc wars type stuff just cuz you might need to do some shadow work on youreslf. Jus sayin. Their challenge is ten of pentacles. Try to not get to twisted or just twisted cuz you migt be a bit greedy at the idea of getting rootwork clients. the uniting force is the father of wands energy cuz each of us does have that about us. Also father of wands does say overall the for sure what the energy of the spread is about. It helps gives the major clue about that.

spiritual collective elemental spread for today working with animal spirit eoracle cards. Sometimes it is best for that profitable energy to flow to just remember to play a bit. you might be letting your guard down a bit where you should have aprotective boundary up. Yes, things are happening but make sure you are aware of how much energy yu have coming in and going out type of a thing . Try to not overdo it. You are a bit more in control of your emotios or emotional life even though it means you might need to be a bit of a loner for awhile to get to that point .
spiritual collective elemental spread for today working with the cat tarot. You have just won some kind of major battle over a financial goal and need to take care of your energy level in general cuz of what you have been through is just really intense. Considering my metaphysical self defense issues, this spread is extremely accurate. You also need to use acution when n new journeys of any kind and it shows that you might not be doing that as much as you should be. Yes, things are happening and you might feel a bit trapped at the moment. Possibly needing to make some choices in emotional relayionship type stuff and some things could potentially be tower level type changes.
spiritual collective lenormand 9 card spread for today. You might be learning a lot of some kind of news info. Just be cautious if it is tabloid type stuff cuz those can tend to be full of hot air. News about a man or male health issues. Possible good luck abot some getting older issue. possible jealousy issues about a gal or female health issues. Do your best to not be too cranky about some good luck stuff. (possibly the good luck in getting older stuff that might be connected to it in this spread) you might be feeling blocked or stalled by some type of childish behavior. a communication either verbal or written about some shadiness. You are very much on yourown about something but try to not have a victimhood mentality please. Something important to you about a man or male health issues.
Spiritual collective kipper card 9 card sprea for today. possibly going through some things about going through possible loss of someone or just what might feel like a death of some kind type of energy. Don’t feel too overwhelmed by gloomy thoughts or anxiety cuz there is just great hope and you have come so much further than you might even think on your journey. You might be going through some legal battles possibly over inheritence things of some kind but it has the feeling also of it being a thing like you earned your stripes on through merit and experience type of a thing and some kind of recognition might be coming for that. possible gift that could cause change and feel a bit militant in nature. possibly the gift was from a military person of some kind.
if you pulled this card, you are being invited to collect the different aspects, parts and voices within you and bring them into greater harmony and wholeness. There might be a way you have lost suight of or grown uzzy about some of your values, needs and desires. A cozier relationship with yourself is one key to helping this happen. some things to consider: what do you need to stop doing or to start doing to get you into closer alignment? where are you denyig your own deepest needs and desires?I decided to pull a card for the spiritual collective from the cosmic cat wisdom cards oracle.
I decided to pull a card for the spiritual collective from the divine dog wisdom cards. if you fetched this card, it means there is something in your life that requires you to stay the course instead of rolling over and playing dead. Enduramce becomes available as a resource when commitment to the journey is deliberate and resolute. It’s more about ability and capacity than suffering and putting up with somethin. To endure is to not igore that there are slippery slopes and muddy holes that require caution; it is not to muscle through without concern for others or your own health and well being. Have you gotten tired or lost focus in pursuit of something you thought you wanted or needed? Maybe it is time to go back and review what it was that mattered so muvh about it and what you are still passionate about. Get clear about your passions and your purpose will come back into view. Maybe you just need to take a play btreak. (or many play breaks) in order to stay in the game for the long rum. listen to your body as well is key. Or it’ll make you rest focefully sometimes with circumstances. So……always pay attention to your body.
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