Spiritual Collective Reading for November 22, 2021 (Excluding Sebastian)

after lighting the candle this morning for archangel Michael, these are the acrds I pulled for the spiritual collective.

I am prepared to type this again if I need to. Sebastian, leave me alone! This is not a request. It is a demad.

At this point in time, it wpuld be a good thing to be mindful to care for all aspcts of furbabies while you are having your travels of any kind. Just do your best to make sure they are cared for properly while travels are happening. It is always a thing to be mindful of with stuff like that especially if there is a vet need or something like that that might pop up during the course of travel.
Elemental spread for the spiritual collective for teh day working witnspirit animal oracle cards. Often times with financial goal it is good to try and have a higher perspective of something in general. Thigs might seem a bit stalled at being able to be as diplomatic as you can. Things are definitely moving forward and it is a good idea to be mindful to be as creative with commmunication as you can. due to the nature of a lot of elements. You might have some jealousies in emotional relationships. It woud be a good idea to try have a communal attitude as possible about some things. It might be one of those things that ends up preserving sanity somehow.
elemental spread for the spiritual collective for today workiking with the cat tarot. There are some financial goal things you are having a time mking a decision about. Some things might seem a bit blocked mostly for being at the beginning point of a journey. Things are happening and you are feelinga bit domestic in mood. Do your best to remember about sometimes relationships even having skill levels about how things are just done. It can be an artform of itself to keep a level head as you can through it. Do your best to not get frazzle burnout energetically please.

As it is in general, I am working at needing to clear out my icloud before I can ulpoad anything more at all. It is a process to try to not get too frustrated about or pull hair out about technology glitch type things. It’ll get taken care of and be wofrking tip top shape by the end of today. It is a good thing to be mindful of that actually happening to and to not lose your top over technical glitches.

Spiritual collective nine card spread lenormand for today. Possible news about something you care about. possible issues about a man or male health issue possibly having to do with travel of soe kind. . Possible good luck about something you care about. Possible jealosy issues so do your best to work with your intuition on that. Do your best to try to not be too crabky or irritable about some decision making energy in general. Do your best to pick and choose what battles you give energy to especially about folks just being childish. Possible news about some communication either verbal or wrtten. Do your best you can to stay grounded as you can. It might be something you are standing on your own about. It might be something that needs to be put in the past that you care a lot about.

did some holiday goodies type things today of Sharis pie house, trader Joes and Fred Meyer. If you are in the northwest and have not yet stopped by Sharis yet please do.

Spiritual collective kipper card reading for the day nine card spread. Possibleissue about a guy or male health issue. There is a possible great fortune issue about something that you have com a long way about in and it has kind of an official type of a vibe to it about some kind of llegal matter. Possible communication either written or verbal about some type of get together type energy in general. Possible change about something pssibly just due to a gal being shady or thieving or both.