Just testing something

I am prepared to delete this. WordPress is going through some hiccups and glitches and I am just testing out ability to post cuz my ability to post in general was just funky and acting up a bit. What I usually say about myself and this site still stands. editing editing

Just so folks are aware of something, Metis heritage is far more intersting than the metaverse. Getting into the indigenous side of my heritage more in general ancestrally energetically speaking. My indigenous heritage is metis heritage. The metis flag is not the same as the metaverse, even though it might seem extremely similar, they are different worlds. Jus sayin.

And yes, I do plan on doing more native Indian type things on here in general. I probably will show some stuff from the ancestral path tarot from time to time as well.

It looks as if posting is working back to normal on here. I think big tech was going through its censorship hiccups with all the intensity happening lately in general.

And hell yes, you had to expect me to say something aabout the Metis flag similarities at some point. I was thinking about saying something about it for awhile but with things like that, you wait for the right words to say exactly.

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