Spiritual collective reading for this week working with the wild unknown animal spirit oracle cards. All 12 signs. 🧿🧿🧿🧿🧿❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

As with all the readings I do on here, I do all these readings for the spiritual collective so please take what resonates with you and leave what does not resonate with you. Please look up your sun sign, your moon sign and your rising sign or just your sun sign if that is all you know and look them up in here in the note.


Possibly something about theft issues. Possibly something about transforming into a social butterfly and needing to stand tall no matter what you have been through in life. Pay attention to messages in dreams.


Be cautious about bad advice and organization type stuff. Possibly needing to work with your intuition and knowing what to do to heal yourself.


Possibly something about knowing what to do to heal yourself. Possibly having strong emotions and keen insight without flinching about something. Possibly good luck but also strongly determined about something.


Possibly something about having strength to carry a burden and preferably wanting a peaceful harmonious existence. You can create beautiful things. Strong emotions and keen insight without flinching.


Possibly something about good luck about something you might be on the defensive about. Possibly transforming and being a social butterfly and possibly something you feel strongly determined about.


Possibly something about creative communication and transformation. You have integrity about being mindful about your own intuition. No room for anything other than the truth.


Possibly something about creative communication. Possibly something you have been on a path for awhile and needing to stand tall no matter what you have been through in life. Possibly something rising from the ashes.


Possibly something you might be feeling fenced in about and wanting to explore the unknown. Possibly something about being nervous or jumpy about something and try to not rush it. Be cautious of bad advice.


Possibly something about trusting someone too much and paying for it now. Possibly something travel preparedness issues and bad advice but success when the odds were against you about something.


No room for anything other than the truth about something . You have your integrity about your intuition and ability to manifest more joy, variety and luck in your life because of that. Possibly self love is needed.


You prefer a peaceful and harmonious existence and might need a higher perspective about something you are standing on your own about and a bit defensive about.


Possibly something about needing to keep your strength up about something. Possibly something about ability to communicate deeply about something and rekindling your souls fire. Possibly feeling nervous or jumpy about something.