Spiritual collective reading for this week working with the runes. All 12 signs. 🧿🧿🧿🧿❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

As with all the readings I do on here, I do all these readings for the spiritual collective so please take what resonates with you and leave what does not resonate with you. Please focus on your sun sign, your moon sign and your rising sign. Or just your sun sign if that is all you know and look them up in herd in the note.


Possibly something about an aha moment about social politics stuff and peace keeping energy about something.


Possibly something about a forced decision that is profitable but you might be feeling a need for a cleanse of some kind like cleaning up a bit in general, getting organized.


Possibly something about detox issues about going cold turkey about something.


Possibly a lack of inspiration due to something feeling forced. Possibly something about team work issues.


Possibly an aha moment about language about something. Possibly wasting resources about something.


Possibly something about laziness. Yes you gotta nurture yourself and that brings joy but be cautious about the line where it crosses into laziness in general.


Possibly an emotional or sexual trouble about a forced decision. Possibly wasting resources.


Possibly a loss of property and a need for peace keeping energy. Possibly an aha moment.


Possibly something about a crisis mode and a need for peace keeping energy and protection energy in general.


Possibly something about needing a bit of a cleanse like a hot shower or something. Possibly a need about something about relationship dynamic issues.


Possibly a lack of enthusiasm and a need for a good hot shower or something about a calming bath to keep your strength up.


Possibly something about sexual or emotional troubles happening suddenly and needing to nurture yourself.
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