Please respect my wishes on how I wish to be communicated with on here!!!! (Sebastian, leave me alone!)

I needed to remove my note that I was working on cuz of the stalker situation again had started up even though I removed the ability for folks to click like for reasons that I have repeatedly stated why. I might have to wait for my substack to do some of this stuff but good news about some of that planning for Mercury sextile mars transit though with my legal stuff I have been talking about. Mercury sextile mars transit is July 5, 2022.

Please respect my wishes on how I wish to be communicated with! This is not a request, it is a demand!

I am seriously reconsidering how I’m gonna do the substack at all. It might just end up being my back up blog cuz I was reading up about rules that they have on this and it might get a bit tricky with the tip jar stuff which I don’t want to do something unintentionally that I didn’t know wasn’t allowed. I’ll find out which way to go on that and what to do about bigger notes on here cuz I do like those. I might make that one my mundane back up blog type thing with bare minimum on it and a mundane type of a babe to it. I need to think about that first though. Spirit will guide fully in all that.

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