I had to delete a post on here from March

There was a like on it which I do not even know how it happened cuz I was sure I fully disabled the function of that. So…..I need to look up security stuff. It was not Sebastian, it was an unknown spammer type of a like though. So, I deleted the post. I have been just doing the posts from my phone and it is harder to edit them on there. So, just keep this in mind, please. I am prepared to type this again if I need to Please, respect my wishes on how I wish to be communicated with. I am looking up more stuff on the computer. I did not get the dell quite yet. It is a blood family member computer. Gonna get the del soon agt some point though. On the upside of it, he might end up being a client for readings for me. So, I do need to get the newsletter fully up so folks can sign up for the zoom meeting from there but, I don’t have the newsletter fully up yet. Soon for that though. I thought I deleted the post but, I didn’t and I’m trying to figure out how to delete it but don’t do computer shit like this late at night before sleep cuz it’ll stress you out lol! I dud get to look more at the post and analyze that it was one of the first posts I dud the pick a cards for so, I know that was a good thing to start doing. I’ll delete the post that has the like on it tomorrow when I can get on the laptop. I still do not have the del yet. That was gonna be around my birthday for that. I did edit functions on here though to remove the like which always flips me out when I see a like click. Part of the cyber crime hacking ptsd. That can take awhile to heal up, effects from that. Saturn in Leo in the eighth house can take awhile to heal up from stuff like that. The hacking incident happened just prior to 2020 and isa main reason why I don’t do social media or YouTube. I didn’t do YouTube before but, the hacker gave me such a bad taste in my mouth about all that that I prefer to stay away from it totally. With all the censorship happening though, it might not be such a bad thing to be smart about that type of thing , which is to avoid it.

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