Spiritual Collective Reading for January 29, 2022 (Excluding Sebastian)

Apologies about the delay on the post today. I have been having major mercury retrograde delays with my computer and have been having to work on computer repair so, only typing out the first part of the post today.After lighting the candle for archangel Michael this morning, these are the cards I pulled for the spiritual collective from the pagan tarot, proverbs in color and rana george lenormand and the occult i ching book. Pagan tarot cards the devil, 8 of pentacles, provberbs 10 and proverbs 3 and lenormand cards tree and ring and the tarot card at the bottom of the pack after I shuffled for that was judgment. It is a time to observe and to do youf best to not be self righteous about health issues,no matter what your stance on it. Know that there are no super quick fixes to many things and things can just take time to heal. Do your best to not be too judgmental about whatever methods you prefer for anything. I am prepared to type this again if I need to. Sebastian, leave me alone. This is not a request, it is a demand. What I usaully say about myself and this site still stands.

I am looking in on getting some jazz scale and voicing books for jazz triads asap but yeah, that routine is gonna keep on going strong for me daily.

I will get the computer stuff fully fixed tomorrow. But, good news is the newsletter looks like folks can sign up on that through wordpress and, I am finding out more about how to alert folks of this. Especially with all the crap I am noticing about how folks are trying to mess with some demographics in general, doing things via newsletter will be helpful for a lot of things. Especially at keeping sane through avoiding folks who try to mess with tech demographics. It’ll be such a useful thing. I think the footer will be able to link directly to that as well to some extent or alert folks of it right on sight as well, which will also be helpful so, stay tuned on here only for all that info as I know it.

And yes, one reason why I did choose wordpress was cuz of the possible options it had for music sharing for when time comes for that. Possibly, that might be part of a newsletter thing as well, at least alerting folks of when there might be some new stuff from me, musically. Thank you to folks who do have the option to do the live stream for shows cuz with demographics in general, it is gonna get hairy. An example is, there as already a nightclub in the uk segregating prices based on race and gender with heterosexuals being extremely discriminated against. Hopefully, that was just an isolated incident though but, stuff like that has already been happening, to an extent. The live stream thing is just a way to help stay sane as possible through all of that. To those who do have this option, many thanks and virtual hugs.

I decided to do a connection spread working with the urban tarot for today. Cards for that are 8 of pentacles, three of cups, knight of swords 4 of cups and six of swords. The card at the bottom of the pack after I shuffled for that was princess of wands. The first card is you. Know that good things take time to build often times. Card 2 is your challenge which is 3 of cups. What I was talking about with demographic type energies in general makes a lot of sense. The other person is card 3 knight of swords is thinking logically through times of change. Card 4 is their challenge is 4 of cups to just to do their best to try to not get distracted while meditating on something type stuff. Card 5 is six of swords and that is the unifier card and that signifies some kind of travel energy or moving energy of some kind. the card at the bottom of the pack is princess of wands so it does show a genuine love of life and that should help you pull through these times but to do your best to keep tapped in to that within yourself as frequently as you can will be helpful.

The newsletter might not be fully ready to go by new moon in aquarius time but, for the full moon after that, most likely. It is a process to get going on that in general. I will still have the basic linktree but, the newsletter will be through here.

I decided to do a spiritual collective reading with the witches oracle deck and rana george lenormand. Card 1 is Lughnasadh, card 2 is rede, card 3 is witch, healer. Card 3 is ship and scythe is at the bottom of the pack of lenormand cards. The card at the bottom of the pack of oracle cards was staff. So, if you are in a new place majorly, do your best to be mindful of ethics and like not trying to influence anyone metaphysically either way, especially with totally new energies like that in general. It is a good thing to be respectful of all boundaries there. Even if you might be triggered by some stuff or what. But, it is one of those things that you should see some prosperity and the more mindful you are of ethics in general, the better off you will be.

Spiritual collective line of five working with animal spirit oracle cards for today. The card at the bottom of this pack after aI shuffled was rhino so, you are gonna need tohave a bit of the self made person energy. Middle card s cow. Possibly needing to nurture youself a bit. In the past, you have had to be aas productive as you could be while needing to focuus on trying to be peaceful as you can through it Card 4 is rabbit and card 5 is sandpiper so yeah, possible good luck at something but you are gonna need to do things a bit differently than you are accustomed to.

Spirityual collective pick a card working with animal spirit oracle cards for today. Choices are Pile 1, Pile 2 or pile 3. Pile 1: card at the bottom of the pack was rhino. flamingo, scarab and whale. you are gonna need to be creative about green living or sobriety type issues and possibly be a bit flamboyant about it.

Pile 2: Lizard, whale deer and pig is the card at the bottom of this pile after I shuffled so, you are gonna need to work with your intuition at this time. You might need to get creative about some kind of diplomacy issue so, pay attention to dream messages. Get creative about communication.

Pile 3: Squirrel otter, lizard electric eel is the card at the bottom of the pack for this pile. No win to small is a good thing to be mindful of with electric eel energy. You might need to be a bit more playful about multitasking. Pay attention to messages in dreams for clues to what might help you with that.

As with all the readings I do on here, these are for the spiritual collective so please, take what resonates with you and leave what does not resonate with you. If you feel you need to look at the full note, please do cuz there is probably something in it you need to see.

Often times, mercury retrograde will make you think about why some things did not work out and why it probably is a blessing that things did not work out. Honestly, they need to respect mars in the third house stuff with me with privacy issues. Also, when they have too much shadow work to do on themselves metaphysically and musically as well. An example of this is the level I was talking about my music curriculum expansion. At least I was around the music scene enough before with Kevin to b be able to recognize this sort of thing from the start. Plus, types like those usually mostly just even look at the model types who wear bikinis. I am not cunky (I gotta weigh myself again but, I was less than 120 lbs) I guess I am supposed to reconnect with some of my peeps from where I was from before in Florida. I still do wanna hang out more in Florida and Texas. When I have more ability to travel more which should be this year at some point. It would be nice to see Daniel, Nate, Jeannie and Cheryl again. I have not even met Nates wife yet. My Reiki teacher is also in Florida as well. So….possibly level 2 Reiki might be in my future at some point possibly from her. Most probably from he, even though she does not know what I changed my name to yet. I need to get with her about the certificate that way as well officially about name stuff in general. Main rule I have for myself with that with anyone I am interested in is, they have to be at a good level of shadow work on themselves or aware of the need of the process in themselves. It would be good to also see the one who almost was after Kevin and Randall again too. Musically speaking especially. They are so good for the earholes. I do listen to each of them still for influences musically. The cd I listen to of the one who was almost after Kevin is the one when he was younger that does not have clyde in it. Stuff like that when ya know the story behind the energy of when a cd was recorded you know which cds they would prefer you to listen to based on all that dama. Also like, the shadow work in the metaphysical community with guys can be insane. Just be supportive instead of trying to compete, especially as far as things like cards and astrolgy consulting go. I know I was probably not paranoid about stuff that probably went down in the marriage though with that.

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