Spiritual Collective for January 14, 2022 (Excluding Sebastian)

After lighting the candle this morning for archangel Michael, these are the cards I pulled for the spiritual collective

And the card at the bottom of teh lenormand deck was moon card so, try t not lose sleep over something you have been standing on yourown about. You mght be anxious about something cuz of all the intense energy about change but, do your best to try to focus on your vital energy at this time and working at keeping that up. he tpwer card for lenormand suggests standing on your own about something and you need your vital energy during those times. The card at thebottom of the tarot deck was ace of cups so, lots of feeling about new beginnings of some kind. and yeah, I am pondering possinbly starting the newsletter for this next upcoming new moon. But, just getting that circulated is a huge thing in and of itself so, it’ll just be really good to get that started. I am prepapre to type this again if I need to. Sebastian, leave me alone. This is not a request, it is a demand. What I usually say about myself adn thisi site still stands.

I guess the thing about not being in a popular demographic is that it really does help you focus on the energy you do want to invite in. Maybe it is a mars in the third house struggle……I dunno but yeah, folks withthis placement seem to have an extra tough time with stuff like this in general. My placement in my chart is mars in Aries in the third house.

I decided to pull some runes for the spiritual collective as well adn yeah, third rune Ialsways also associate with groupthink tupe social politics energy and you are gonna eed to protect your vital energy during a lot of crazy energy about that. his will be your best bet to helping you stay sane as you can through it! You got this!

I am having sime issues about adding photo currently, so I decided to type out the cards for the conection spread for the spiritual collective working with Sibilla cards. Card 1 is you falsita. Just be cautious at this time about your own honesty as well as the honesty of others in general. Card 2 is your challenge. La Donna di Servizio possibly some issue with soem employee or some help. Card 3 is the other person Sacerdote possibly headbutts about some kind of spiritual matter(which could also be scientific headbutts as well). Their way or the highway type of a vibe about it. Card 4 Their challenge is la nemica so possibly they are needing to do some shadow work on themselves or possibly having to put up with this type of energy about female rivals. Card 5 is the uniting force which is Nemico so, just really feeling on the defense in general about not wanting theft. The card at the bottom of teh pack was La Conversazione so, possibly some talk going on about something.

I decided to type out the choices for the spiritual collective pick a card for today working with animal spirit oracle cards. Pile 1,, Pile 2 or Pile 3 are your choices.

Pile 1: Sometimes, new relationships of all kinds can form just by being able to see all sides of a situation or look at thing from a different point of view. Sometimes, you just need to be a bit stand out. you are much stronger than you might think you are about just being able to do things on your own. The card at the bottom of the pack was hummingbird so, it is a good time for you to try to look at the beauty in the small things in life.
Pile 2 the card at the bottom of the pack after I shuffled was electric eel so, do your best to celebrate small wins. Do your best tolook for the beauty in the small things in life. you might need to be a bit more protective with your boundaries an djust be a bit of a loner right now at the moment.
Pile 3: Do your best to try to think abut small wins as good things! Do your best to preserve your energy and try to not be cranky about the things that might be involved in this for you. The card at the bottom of teh pack was crow. So, you might be at a time when you usust need your wits majorly about you for the sake of protective energy in general.

As with all my readings on here, these are for the sporitual collective so please, take what reosnates with you and leave what does not resonate with you. If you feel the need to look at the full note, please do cuz there is probably something you need to see in it.

Spiritual collective pick a card working with crystal cards. Choices are Pile 1, Pile 2 or Pile 3.

Pile 1: hrysocolla is the acrd at the bottom of the apack after I shuffled so, possibly really need ing to focus on strength during times of emotional duress or illness. . You might be feeling some intense shifts in vital energy in generl atthis time so, it would be a good idea to focus on smetaphysical self defense in general and boundaries with thaat at this time.
Pile 2: The card again at the bottom of the pack is chrysocolla so, possibly goijng through some times about emotilonal duress or illness of some kind Doing your ebst to try to keep as grounded at this time can help you to stay sane and protect your vital energy in general


Pile 3: you might just be really at a space of needing to shift negative energy to positive. Do your best to focus on your vital energy during times of emotional duress or illness. Healing energy is just neded at his time. the card at the bottom of the pack afte I shuffled was amethyst so, really focsusing on energy around you at this time and protecting the vibe in general is a good thing for you to think about at this time.

As with all my readings on here, these are for the spiritual collective so please, take what resonates wih you and leave what does not reosnate with you. If you feel you need to look at the full note, please du cuz there is probably something in it you need to see.

A really good one to work with for throat ckara work especially is always Max olbe. He is always a good energy to put on the blog for protective purposes in general.

Spiritual collective kipper card picka card. Choices are Pile 1, Pile 2 or Pile 3.

Pile 1. Card at the bottom of this after I shuffled was gloomy htoughts so, probably some sad thoughts about something possibly abot a partnership that you might have to do soem raveling about. Possibly you might be gtraveling quite a distance at the moment. Possibly you might need to think about a younger coworker. Possibly a younger family member about a work situationan, maybe issues about the commute or something of that ntature is a thing I am picking up on in this.
Pile 2: possible someone might be being dishonest and you are just dreading something and having glomy thoughts about something. Possibl communication either verbal or written about some legal issue. The card at the bottom of the pack after I shufled was gift so, possibly a win or something of that nature.
Pile 3: PPossible that here might have eben something that had a military vibe about it that might actually be good news and a good thing so, try to ot be so scared of whatever it might be. You might be going thruogh soem sad news at the moment. Possibly some thing about some partnership and a rich man. The card at the bottom of this pack after I shuffled was about theft and just bein cautious about this in general.

As with all teh readings i do on here, these are for the spiritual collective so please, take what resonates with you and leave what does not resonate with you. If you feel you need to look at the full note, please do cuz there is probably something you need to see in it.

Spiritual collective reading for the full moon in cancer. All 12 signs. Concentrate on your sun sign, your moon sign an dyour rising sign and look them up in the mote on here or, just your sun sign if that is all you know.


the card at the bottom of this pack was infant so, possibly some issues about a younger family member or a pet that you might eb feeling sad about some kind of legal issue that might also involve a good lady.


Again, the card at the bottom of this pack was infant so, possibly about aoyounger family member or a pet as well. Some communication either verbal or written possibly about some kind of dishonesty. Maybe the communicationcould be about the dishonesty .


Again, the card at the bottom of the pack after I shuffled was infant so, possibly pet issues or an issue about a younger family member possibly due to some kind of short illness an dstuff that happens during that possibly work related but possibly also legal issue about something t do with the sitation in general.


the card at the bottom of this pack after I shuffled was conven e so possibly some kind of getting together over some kind of sadness over some kind of possible custoduy type battle but, you might have had some unexpected money in it.


Possible communication eitherverbal or written. Card at the bottom of the pack afetr I shuffled was letter. possible sadness but, there might be some good social thing happen taht might actuallly be more of a good thing, even though it might not seem like it at the moment.


Possible short illness. The card at the bottom of the pack after I shuffled as short illness. Possible commuiation either verbal or written. Possibly you have been having gloomy thoughts. Communication might be from a man or about a man.


The card at the bottom of the opack was man so you might be a man or it might be a man or male health issues.possible communication either vebal or written about something you have been hopeful for possinbly about a gal or female health issues. But, it is possibly a communication from a good lady.


There has been a man or possibly you are aman as the card at the bottom of the pack after I shuffled was man. You have nbeen possibly in a mans thoughts possibly duringa sort illness as someone was recovering but, it is a well to do man.


the card at the bottom of the pack after I suffled was gloomy thoughts, so feeling sad about something. Possibly some sad feelings about some kind of home base issue about a man or ,ale health issues.


The card at the bottom of the pack after I shufled was fatalaity so, possibly going through some kind of changes about anything about something to do with this type of energy. Possibly some kind of changes due to a short illness that might involve home base issues of some kind.


The card at the bootom of the pack was infant so possibly a younger family member or a pet issues. Something you have been quite hopeful about. Good news possibly about a well to do man


I decided to just type this one out since i was having issues with photo. true to form with mercury retrograde, I decided to look nback and I noticed I unintentionally skipped Pisces. The card at the bottom of the pack was short illness. the three acrdws for this pile are gift, thief and court official so, possibly some kind of compensation from when you might ahve been sick at some time.

As with all my readings on here, these are for the spiritual collective so please, take what resonates with you and leave what does not resonate with you. Currently indulging in the Sean Costello album of “Moanin for Molases” in its entirety. How best to listen to Sean is to turn the volume way, wauy up cuz he is meant to be played loudly. In a good way. that is the thing about electric blues music in general. Turn it up, please!!! :):):)

Connectio spread working with the act tarot for sthe spiritual collective. It has been awhile sinc I worked with this deck and I need to work with it more often cuz it is a sweet deck. Card 1 is you, the ten of pentacles all around good luck energy card. Card 2 is your challenge is 4 of swords, someetimes, you just need a time out for yourslef to regain your own balance. Card 3 is the other person, king of wands. You were born to lead and have that natural energy. However, card 4, which is your challenge is the page of wands suggesting that you can be a bit too go get em at times with new things especially. Card 5, the uniting forceis the four of cups. Tdry to not be so distracted while working on a task. That is your main thing more than anything else that ou might wnan atrick yourself into yjinking it might be. The acrd at the bottom of the pack was four of pentacles so,, also working at some boudaries about spending as well would be a good idea for yuo at this time. You got this!. Plus, being the firts day of mercury retrograde, something extra lik this can only help.
Sometimes,, the only reason why someone is not attacking you is cuz they have been turned down by folks cuz they see that what yhey might be asking them to do is unjustified work totally and bullshit. Those that know hoodoo terminology will know what I am speaking of. It also makes sense for the political and social climate though. Folks do not have any idea how absolutely metaphysical it is in nature at the moment, psyhcologically speaking. Hoodoo type tactics abound in the mantality and, I am thabnkful that I had the strengthening periodd of witch wars time actually to gain more knowledge for myself on teh metpjysical sel defense. The psal in this is psalm 47. Always a good energy to slap on the page. Especially with the cat tarot reading I just did on here. Something like htis can only help. I am not saying that folks should ake part in wicth wars though. Please, d not take part in witch wars z=cuz they are very low vibrational energy. Also, seeing some things by others today maade e come to this conflusion as well as far as their main energy about shadow work. Some things, you just learn to knwow wheh you are not being overly paranoid about something or what. It is really odd ti be on the fence ethically about hoodoo and wicca but feeling drawn toboth traditions though. Ethically speaking. As the kitty saying goes, “if it fits, I sits :):):) Cuz I am really neither here nor there with it but, somewhere in between the tw o with the ethics. More wiccan than hoodoo. I do know traditional techniaues though in quite a bit of it though amnd it has been really helpful in metaphysical self defense, and knowing wen something might be needed in that area based on traditional things that might not be known about unless you know partsof that tradition. But man,…..the types I am spoking of will attack folks metaphysically befoere doing heir owns hadow work on themselves which is what she needs tod o first is her own shadow work on herslef beforw anything else. Jus sayin! Not a challenge in any way,merely a personal observation aout life experience in this. And, especially as I do get more prepared to do readings professionally, she needs to get the idea through in her her ehad about shadow work on herself and doing that on a regular basis cuz the only competitoon she has is herself. BI am glad I frequently give all jy contact info and frequently say that that is the only way to contact me. I am not on social media and I am not a part of anyone else’s in any way. I am not on youtube or patreon in any way and I am ot a part of anyoen else’s in any way. I always have been, always will be and am the only admin, congent creator and author of all my bligs and sites and I am nota part of anything other thah what I f=requently say. Yes, I do all the readings on my blogger at Esoteric Thoughts From Maggie on blogger and on my wix at Esoteric thoughts From Maggie on wix but, I do not d any readings anywhere else or through anyone else. I do not do readings professionaly or otherwise diue to wiccan ethico and I do not enfdorse anyone who does either [rprofessionally or otherwisd. I majorly think sghe was trying to eb extremely confusing about trying to connect her newsletter adn my readings and confuse folks ofauthorship on my blog which is also why I am frequently reminding folks of aiuthorship of my blog. Hard to fully explain it but,….she had these tactics before when she hacked into my other account back when I was on social media. I probably am hitting the nail on the head abndhis about her cuz that is how I have seen how her mentality is based on observing her as well. At this point, no, I do not have anywhere anyoen can send any tips or donations to (she was trying to be confusingas hell about this ) so please, do not let anyone try to fool you about this! If you would like to send me a tip or donation for any readings I have done on any of my sites, please mention it in an email to me at my preferred email which is always maggie109@yahoo.com. I have no sister, annex or affiliate email of any kind and I am nota part of anything otehr than what I frequenyly say.I have no sister, annex or affilaiet readers of any kind anywhere on any platform. I cannoyt be booked for anything through anywhere or any perso.n. I have no products or services available anywher eon any patform or through any person. I will let folks know on here only about when I will start to be available for readings and how to book a reading with me pesronally. I only have the one linktree and, iw ill let folks know soon as i know more about being able to start signing up for the newsletter. I wanna get that circulating asap though cuz that is how things will start to get rolling for me in a good way. considering the tone of teh social climate with comservatives in general., that will be the smartest way for me to go about it also to keep hackers off my tail as well and just minding their own business. She as not hackedinto anything else of mine (and I always make sure about passwords being too tricky for her to even come close to getting even though, she shouldn’t eb doing croked crap like that anyways. She needs to focus on her own shadow work on herself). I will leave info on here only about when I am ready to start up passing things around to get he newsletter sign up started. I have a feeling there are some out there that are excited at the thought ofo stuff like this in general for behind the scenes type stuff. Especially with all the cards lately, (Sibilla especially) I know I ain’t just whistelin’ Dixie , as the saying goes.

One thing about merury retrograde is, it exposes shit at times when folks are trying to be crooked especially or thieving. And, like clockwork, the ones who need to be exposed are exposed. In one way or another, some that is very visible. Meaning, they visibly trip so bad that you can’t help but notioce it visibly. I will list another email that I will use for newsleter signnup stuff tomorrow at some point. On here only. I do not have that one set up yet. But, so there will be no confusion, I will list it on here. I am assuming that newsletter sign ups will be private info as mine will be. It will also give me a chance to go over my privay policy in more detail but yeah,my privacy policy list will be extremely private in nature for those who do choose to sign up to my newsletter. Stay tuned on here only for all that info. The newsletter signup and newsletter will always be free as is this blog and anything on it. I have never charged for this blog and I wdo not intend to do so ever (even though yeah, I am certain she was confusing about all my stuff I have done or trying as hard as she could to be as confusing as she could about it. ). Basically, I think she was trying to confuse folks about the linktree (she had one as well ,but was trying to confuse blog authorhshhip of this blog through that newsletter and linktree and other thing she tried to fool folks about me on. ) So, she bout shit her pants I am sure when I got my own linktree (with the newsletter happening soon as I can get it funcional. This type of a thing is also very common for mars in the third house to have some kind of issue about. I need to get with the linktree folks more to find out what is up with that but, that will happen soon. At least by the upcoming new moon to get the newsletter rolling. ) finally cuz that was a main thing she was trying to be confusing about with me. Yes, the internet has become a creepy place in general but, not so creepy that she can’t handle it to the point of taking a social media break. She will usually do that type of a thing when she has done something like this to the point of getting so visibly caught at it that she can’t hide other than to take a break like that from social media. (all her stuff on there is very pulic and anyone can just look on it). Considering with how bad she visibly got caught at it this time, no doubt that is a main cause for the hiatus. It’ll be refreshing to be able to sign up for some newsletters cuz I haeve not been able to even come close to doing anything like that in quite awhile or felt like I couldn’t, especially no social media cuz that is just so social media. As you can see, I have my issues with it that I am still working on about that even though I have not been on social media in ages and deleted the hacked account quite awhile back as much as i coul delete it. She affected it so I could not fully delete it and I could tell she was trying to do some things with it even after I fully abandoned it which is shady enough to even think about someone trying something like that with folks like that, it tends to happen. I was letting enough folks know to just block the hacked account if anyone tried to contact the for it. Shitty to think I am still having to clear up her still trying to be confusing about the blog authorsip and newsletter that I have not even yet started on but just being confusing about those things is a shitty thing to try to be confusing about and shist as bad as being a thief which sucks cuz she used to be a cop Lieterally. I think she was a detective. Kevin also works in security (bouncer type stuff though, music scene all over the map. ars in the third house type stuff with that as well) as well. Which did not shock me about how he ended up being but still, dang….ya know???? The hack happened just prior to 2020. But, I had been having ethical headbutts with her for longer than that especially her war on all things wiccan or on all who claim to have wiccan ethics at all. (I’d like to say that the major energy headbutt stuff with her started about sometime in 2017. Hard to pin down an exact time frame for that) Kevin was primarily in the south is theonly details I will give for safety purposes. He knew some folks in California, though and knows some folks there. especially some higher name types. He did bouncer and backstage type stuff. Crew. That was ostly what I did as well, to an extent but more crew type stuff. Hard to fully explain all the detail in it but, it was artistic though. No clue if I will ever do any of it to that extent again though after all that. Only detail I will give as to what I did do on set. Also cuz things are changing so much now with how things are being done anyway. I resonate a lot with the character William from the movie “Almost famous.” just based on some of the energy of what I learned from all that. Right down to the part of looking alot younger than I am. (I have always been told that) Then again, that is a mars in Aries in the third house and venus in aries in the 4th house type of a thing. Also, I like the chracter Lester Bangs as well in that. My main love has always been blues, mostly. Any form of it. Acourtic or electric but, more loud elecctric. Sean Costello type of stuff. I love his version of “I Got Loaded’ but for that one though, I am dawn to the acoustic “Wood Brothers” version a bit more. That is one I am pondering doing cuz of a tongue in cheek thing abou t it cuz of the sobriety factor. The song was written in 1951 by Peppermint Harris I believe was the original sogwriter of it. (Harrison Nelson). My main love was backstage stuff theater stuff. I went to school for it and actually was an extra in foxfire. You can see me in the scene where legs exits the detention center. In the line of girls, I believe I was second to last before the last security cop. I had short, black hair that was shoulder length bout. Ya have to pause the video to see me but, I am visible in it. Extras are not named in this so, it is a safer thing that I felt I could list safely. And yeah, got paid for being in it as well. But yeah, with the internet and things shifting so much in tv, I shifted course on a lot of that. Lots of my stuff I know about or even did was backstage type crew stuff. Directed some. Loved that. old school style though. My natural hair color is light brown. I dyed it black for a efw years back inwhen I was a kiddo. It was a The Craft/Interview With the Vampire/The Crow phase.

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