Spiritual Collective Reading for January 13, 2022 (Excluding Sebastian)

After lighting the candle this morning for archangel Michael, these are the cards I pulled for the spiritual collective.

The card at the bottom of the lwnormand deck was dog so, you might need to be loyal to yourwself about something. You might feel kind of a bit betrayed at the amount of go time type energy and just someone trying to charm you about something. The card at the bottom of the pack of tarot cards was strength so, you are gonna need to be strong at this point in time. The lenormand card indicates issues about a gal or female health issues. I am prepared to type this again if I ned to. Sebastian, leave me alone. This is not a request, it is a demand. What I usually say about myself and this site still stands. I was able to locate my guitar amo but, needed to get another cord for it though. Part of my sun conjunct pluto energy is music goal with getting things rolling on daily practice and education with it. I do need to start up with the drums again as well.But majorly, I am getting the guitar vibe. Especially considering the fact that I was finally able to talk about guitar type. That was a huge part of the intimidation factor right there that was confronted. Hard to fully explain it in words the emotion of all that. It is some intense shit. Finally being at the point of where i am at with it is like when you have reached the giving zero fucks point in sommething. Best wat to even come close to describing it in words that might be fathomable to some.
Always a good energy to slap on the blog whenever possible. Extremely amazing for a wide variety of things. Especially fior metaphysical self defense. She is some powerful shit!
Some runes I pulled for the spiritual collective today. Some things might be startin up wheere you just have to be strong about cleaning up abut something like new drama possibly strting. So, just be mindful you might have to be even more like reminding folks you are not racist just because you are white. That is an example of some of it that might be happening. But, some kind of damage control type thing for clean up is what I am picking up on from this.

I decided to pull a card from the Yggdrasil dvivination deck for the sipritual collective for today. I decided to type this one out since I am having some photo connection issues currently. The card I pulled was Helregin and the card at the bottom of the pack was Eimir. Basically, do your best to not let chaos just get out of control or out of hand and that type of energy is possible at this time so, just do your best to please be cautious about this. It does fit in with the energy of the runes I pulled as well. It is kind of like a continuing energy of that. It also has me extremely mindful of how close the full moon in cancer is to sun conjunct pluto energy for manifesting in general. It is just a thing to think about with that type of a thing. Also, doing a bit of ancestral honoring in general would be a good idea especially at this time with this full moon energy, especially. I am really thankful to have gotten into ancestor honoring again and yeah, bone reading is coming up for me this year for sure.I am just about to the point where I can even think about starting on that journey. Extremely exciting stuff!

Spiritual collective pick a card for today working with animal spirit oracle cards. I decided to type out the choices for this. Choices to pick from are Pile 1, Pile 2 or Pile 3.

Pile 1. You might be super aware of all the caution you need to take about language at the moment in general but, do your best to preserve your energy and to try to not go too stir crazy over it.
Pile 2, the card at the bottom of the pack was flamingo so, you might need to stand out a bit about something. You are in a lot more control than you think you might be but, you need to multitask a bit. Do your best to preserveyoue enegry through it to not have burnout.
The card at the bottom of the pack was horse for this pile for Pile 3. Literally it is the same as the rune Ehwaz which is all about emotion in general. You might need to stand up about something but, doing your best to have a thankful attitude about whatever you can have a thankful attitude about will be helpful to you at this time even though you might be majorly on the defense about something and just on guard.

As with all my readings on here, these are for the spiritual collective so please, take what resonates with you and leave what does not resonate with you. If you feel you need to look at the full note, please do cuz there is probably something in it you need to see.

One thing I feel that it is safe enough to show is this. It is my first course in action even as I wait for the cord to get here. It helps to strengthen the hand with daily practice at it. I figure, I will select probably time blocks of aout half hour to start with for it in a bit tonight. I got this awhile back for myself but did not really start working with it daily yet as I should have all along. Starting out with five minutes tonight. It is challenging for the pinky finger.
Spiritual collective connection spread for today working with Sibilla cards. You, domestico card 1. Possibly an employee but for sure a helpful young man. Card 2 is your challenge. Some headbutts about spiritual maters or someone who wants to play priest. Card 3 Possibly some writen or verbal news about something. This card represents the other person. Card 4 is their challenge which is an older gal or older gal issues. Probably granny or auntie type issie. The uniting force is worries about folks being hieving somehow. The card at the bottom of the pack was gran signore So, possibly an older manor issues about an older man type things healthwise.

As for my opinion about political issues (Even though, I am making it a habit more an dmore to just be quiet about that sort of thing) I think the RNC is being smart about the caution there. I gotta say, I think my fave personally is DeSantis currentlly. To each their own opinions on this. The democrats have a whole narative of opinion on him just based on the fact that they have different views on things. For personal reasons obviously about freedom of choice in health matters. It is interesting to not be bound by any political party whatsoever. And on some other detox type news, the answer is: I am still gonna be substance free about any cbd or weed as well as sober.Regardless of whatever might be being pushed at the moment by some.

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