Spiritual Collective Reading for January 6, 2022 (Excluding Sebastian)

After lighting the candle this moring for the archangel Michael, these are the cards I pulled for the spiritual collective

Spiritual collective reading fir today. The card at the bottom of the tarot pack was two of cups and the card at the bottom of teh lenormand pack was card 28 so possible issues about a man or male health issues. Sometimes, when you set your boundaries with what you fo sure will not put up with from folks that just need to do their own shadow work on themselves, it just tends to ignite feels cuz fols see the light shine from within and they dig that type of a thing. And, if folks do act on the feels, that would be really rad but when timing is right for it astrologically is always a plus as well or at least for them to think about that sort of thing. I have the feeling ahtt some thinking has been going on. Time will tell and spirit will guide in all things. I am doing a lot of metaphysical self defense type things this morning especially. I just majorly felt the need for that today especially. I am prepared to type this again if I need to. Sebastian, leave me alone. This is anot a request, it is a demand.

Havnig some connection issues today about photo so, I decided to do a spiritual collective crystal card connection spread for today. The card at the bottom of the pack after I shuffled is purpurite so, do your best to rise above at this time. Don’t give in to lower vibrational bickering type energy. Card 1 which is you is citrine. Very prosperous card in general. Your challenge is selenite so you might need to do a bit of energy cleansing. Card three is the other person which is garnet. Garnet is one of those that when I see it, I think of its ability to strengthen vitality issues that might be happening and root chakra energy. Card 4 is their challenge hwhicch is chrysocolla. They might need to owrk a bit at learning from going with the ebb and flow a bit more calmly and learning things along the way as they do. The uniting force is blue lace agate which is a throat chakra stone and symbolizes that some things just need to be said at times.

A good one for protection energy in general is psalm 91 and always good to slap on the blog whnever. Hoodoo Bible Magic is areally good book to work with for this type of a thing for a source. by Miss Michelle.Helping yourself with selected prayers volume 1 and 2 preferably versions printed earlier than 2020 or 2021 cuz I don’t know ho much of salvation army stuff might be present in thought with these but, seeeing as it is moe metaphysical in ntature, I am guessing it probably will not have a mainstream enegy about it much. These are some sources I like to work with for myself. All these books are available on amazon through amazons main site and not through any individual seller. Thanks in advace for understanding. This helps to prevent spam and folks trying to be confusing. The only thing I would caution about with the Helping Yourself books is that please be mindful that some traditions they speak of are so closed that folksdo not even like some folks to talk about the ttraditions much as far as detail to that etent so, please work around that part of it. Traditional catholic style stuff though is good for anyone to work with. Just based on my personal experience in the mataphysical community about folks who are of these traditions and are initiated into them. That is one really good way about how Honoring Your Ancestors is written cuz she keeps within that framework of mentality. Honoring Your Ancestors by Mallorie Vaudoise. Also, a really good one is American Brujeria by Allen Cross. The energy with which that is written is extremely respectful in nature of tradition. Mercury retrograde pre shadow typos alrewady corected today, dang lolllollol! I already caught the typos and corrected them though in this post.
Spiritual collective connection spread for today working with spirit animal oracle cards. the card at the bottom of the pack after I shuffled was pig so, it is about staing in touch with that extreme intuition. Card 1 is you. You just might need to get a better grip on yourself about periods of isolation. Card two is your challenge. You might be a little bit less protective or cautious than usual. Card 3 is the other person. they are hyper aware of all surroundings energetically. Their challenge is they might be abit on the self defense side of things but might need to work on tact in the situation a bit. The uniting force is, it is time to be authentically you. You do you.
I decided to pull a card for today for the spiritual collective from the yggdrasil divination cards. Basically, some kind of a new relationshiop which may vary in type of relationshipit is with each person. Getting a new approach to something in this relationship though which a part fof this is possibly thinking more logically and sober minded (possibly quite literally about some of that, deopending on the person) The card that I pulled was Embla. The card at the bottom of the pack after I shuffled was fortnjot.

I should be back to a more regular schedule with how I tend to do things tomorrow /later today. Even though today I did not slack all that much on that. I did a bit though due to the nature of intensity of the days energy in general. Looking forward to starting up traditional runes again, That’ll happen soon. Probably within the next week or so. As you can tell though yes, I have a thing about them as well in a good way. The yggdrasil divination cards have an extremely similar feeling t runes in energy. So, stay tuned on here only for all that. It is a matter of getting a hold of a set of elder futhark runes that I resonate with which I did not have. The runes I worked with were younger futhark. I did have some elder futhark runes back when I wwas in the south though but, those things shift during moves.

Reading up a bit more on some things about newsletters and how to go about getting one started. I will get in the habit of mentioning the newsletter frequently though on here so folks can go sign up for it that are interested or tell other folks about it who might be interested. That is the beauty of things like newsletters cuz they are pretty private in nature like that. I am not sure when exactly I will start this up or what but, I will probably start sign up process on that soon though. I have never done anything of this nature before. It is a good time to start it up though, especially in preperation for May. That’ll be on my linktree and I will post taht link on here for the newsletter. I only have the one linktree that I mentioned before but, I will share the link again on here only at some point latere today/tomorrow. I say later today cuz it is after midnight here. The newsletter willl be free just as all the other stuff on my blog is and that will not change. I will, at some point though, have an option for donation available at some point on here only but, I do not have that option available yet anywhere or through any person so please, don’t eb fooled by any shady folks who try to be tricky with that. I will always do this blog as I have done it though and that will not change. It is a part of my personal astrology to do things as such. I will probably have the newsletter be every new and full moon but, I need to think of details about all that. So far though, I am pondering new and full moon for the newsletter. Not sure when exactly to fully start that up yet. Probably once I get what feels like enough folks sgned up on it type of a thing. Time will tell and spirit will guide.

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