Spiritual Collective Reading for January 5, 2022(Excluding Sebastian)

After lighting the candle for archangel Michael this morning, these are the cards I pulled for the spiritual collective.

The card at the bottom of the pack of lenormand cards was the sun card. the first card is hte high priestess.The card at the bottom of the pack of tarot cards was the daughter of pentacles. Sometimes, with all the thievin energy in general an dchamges happening, it is absolutely needed to just be behind the scenes in mentality in a lot and just to be quiet about a lot. for the good of your own vitality in general. I am prepared to type this again if I need to. Sebastian, leave me alone. This is not a reuqest, it is a demand.

I will probably upgrade the linktree today to be able to have the inbox and newsletter ability most likely. It’ll be this evening sometime so, stay tuned on here only fr all that info. All the cool ones have the name Brandon somehow lollol Music of the moment currently thinking of adding this one to my songs I am gonna start practicing daily for myself is “Babe, I’m Gonna Leave You” by Anne Brendon. Venus retrograde vibes. It is just about the feelings about getting fed up woth folks trying to push views on you about some things when they know your personal astrology. It is not the crush though. He is actually being pretty mellow about a lot. Sometimes, it is just someone who you don’t even know but stimble upon in cyberspace and keep on looking at their stuff but it is a common person he and I both know. This song is actually a blues staple. It’ll probably end up beinga fave. I have heard it enough in the past that I have been tempted to add it in the list of things. Venus retrograde vibes. It is very much a venus in aries in the 4th house attitude about things in general and how to handle some things. Sometimes, it is just a needed attitude to have about something that does note ven deserve attention at all whatsoever. I will say that the one giving me grief about things in this situation is an Aries. That is the thing about having been with Kevin and just knowing how to maneuver around an aries at times. They acn be tricky. And yet, in a lot of my personal astrology, it is why I felt drawn to Kevin astrologicaly as far as compatability goes even though I did not even think about any of this type of a thing back then to this extent. It took me forever to not have major astro prejuduce against the zodiac sign after the whole Kevin thing. It still takes work to do at times to maintain that.

Spiritual collective crystal cards reading for today. Sometimes, you just need to remember that self love is one of the most important tools for healing and just feeling good in your own skin in general. You might need to do some extra healing type work on mindset during some kind of a detox type thing. Preseli bluestone represents strengthening, emotional stability, truthfulness and courage. Bluestone is associated with the base root and solar plexus chakra. You might the card at the bottom of the pack was herjimer diamond. It is a blend of amethyst and clear quartz and assists in thinking crystal clea about things nd crown chakra type energy. So, that type of thing is just gonna be really good for you to focus on at this time.
Spiritual collective spirit animal oracle reading for today. Sometimes, you just need to put up your boundaries and be a bit flamboyant if you need to, stand tall cuz there are elements of trickery about. The card at the bottom of the pack was dog. I associate this with the lenormand dog card energy adn it is about needing to be loyal to yourself abuot something. You do you and put your boundaries up. You got this!
Spiritual collective crystal pick a card reading for today. the card at the bottom of the pack is mookaite which is gonna be an energy affecting each of the cards that you pick. It is about being able to be in the now. It is also a stone I associate with new adventures. Pile 1 is the far left, pile 2 is the middle and pile 3 is the far right.
Pile 1. It helps to ward off evil and is a really good stone for getting in touch with third eye energy in general.
You might need some help in general with recordkeeping type energy or just stuff about memories in general might be tricky for you at the moment to even think about being in the now due to that and the intensity of it but, try to not be too intinidated to just be in te now. Pile 2.
Aquamarine has a shielding effect on your energy. This stone is said to help you sift through energy and information , create mental clarity and soothe an overactive mind. It is even worked with to improve intillect. Pile 3.

As I have always said about my readings, these are for the spiritual collective so please, take what resonates with you and leave what does not resonate with you. If you feel you need to look at the full note, please do cuz there is probably something you are supposed to see.

The card at the bottom of the pack was Halite after I shuffled the pack. So, you just might be feeling there is some really heavy negative energy in general. This is a good one to put by doors or windows to ward energy. This is a connection spread I did working with crystal cards. Card 1 is me. Chrysocolla is a stone that calms, cleanses and reenergises all chakras. It draws out guilt and heals heartache and increases the capacity t love. In card 2 which is my challenge, it is also present as a part of Quantum Quattro as well as malachite which is a part of it so, you ust might eb going through some intense changes at the moment in general. Card 3 is the other person. This is a stone of communication or the need to focus on communication. Card 4 is their challenge Purpurite do your best to rise above and not give in to lower vibrational energies. The uniting force is trigonic quartz so, possibly some things abouttrying to avoid overload by ust getting info too swuftly in general is also something I think about when I see this stone.

I upgraded my linktree so, I have an inbox on there now. I mneed to check the newsletter functions as well. It is my only linktree and I am not a part of any other lintree or anythong other than what I frequently say. I will list it again on here only at some point tonight in a bit. I listed the info yesterday though for that on here so, scroll down to yesterdays for that info. I don’t have the url fully memorized yet and it is a thing that is specific with how you list it.

I decided to pull acard for the spiritual collective ffrom the yggdrasil divination cards. Possibly a new relationship or venture though most likely not a romantic one in which you will need to have your self defense guard up about yourself and warrior energy in general just more up. You got this!. The card at the bottom of the pack was ask. For me personally though, I know that this is for sure a warning from spirit about just keeping strength up tomorrow. It is gonna sound a lot like world war 2 type energy urnus in taurus energy cuz that is what it is astrologically speaking. Uranus in Taurus. I am getting prepared to tune Joseph out and as much “news” as I can tomorrow cuz no doubt, it will be all like a big cnn fest about anyone unvaccinated (and those of us who wiish to remain so such as myself) or conservative in view. (Of which I am both of those things) The cards have their way of doing this type of thing, if you pay attention closely to them an ddon’t be an askhole about just asking the cards and then not doing anything about any of the info you get from them. And yeah, my wordpress inbox is also open now as well! communicaion will just seem easier than every especially since I am not on social media, it is important to be able to have this function of the inbox.
Spiritual collective sibilla connection card spread for today. Possibly some isue about travel of some kind. Your challenge is you are just sad about something. The other person card is card three. DFalsita. Possibly some kind of shadines or dishoesty of some kind. their challenge is they are possibly going through a big transformation or some kind of an issue about death of some kind. The uniting force is, just be catious of this venus retrograde energy about anything with exes. Venus retrograde energy can be really wonky similar to mercury retrograde energy. The card at the bottom of the pack was that you are on the watch for something or expecting something. Just do your best to not be too anxious as you are expecting anything.

Starting a daily thing about making sure to do a palo santo smudge of the ancestor altar daily. That is a really good ancestor offering that they seem to love a lot.

Blessed Epiphany to those who celebrte it. Doing my best to keep thinking as peaceful as possible for tomorrow/later today (I say later today cuz it is after midnight here) I didn’t check the inbox yet for wordpress but I will check it tomorrow to make sure it is up on here. So far, things look the same to me on here so, I gotta check in on it again. But, I do have the linktree which should have an inbox function on it. That will all get sorted out soon. Later today or tomorrow, hopefully. I guess wat the linktree does is, it lets you have a link directly to your email from there, when you couldn’t have the link with the freebie account I guess. It still is helpful with that though. I need to look more in on it tomorrow. I did not look in on it quite yet cuz frankly, tech stuff can tend to make me just paranoid. Hard to fully explain the effects of having been hacked the way I have been in the past. But, that is part of the psychological effetcs of it over time. Taking the current energy out of the mix of all of that as well though which is its own whole new thing, eneretically speaking. I did just add another about me page on there that had primarily just email info in it but, it is still good to have that listed somewhere on the site. I think I had it on there previously though in part of the about me section.
Always a good one to post for protective energy from bullies or those types of energies. It is just an energy that I feel is extremely needed at this tie and this is the tradition that I still do get the most from spiritually. Despite the fact that it is not the most popular at the moment. The Bible is one of the most powerful books for all things spiritual. My version of it I prefer is the Catholic edition but, that is what I have always been more accustomed to with that. To each their own n whichever they feel most drawn to.
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