Spiritual Collective Reading for January 4, 2022 (Excluding Sebastian)

After lighting the candle for arfchangel Michael this morning, these are the cards and runes I pulled for the spiritual collective.

and, the ccard at the bottom of the pack of lenormand was the clouds card. Sometimes, times are just confusing and it is a good thing to be able to go inward. THe card at the bottom of the pack off the tarot cards was the high priestess. And yes, sometimes, you do have a connection but even that can have conflict with how vaague things can tend to be at the moment with a lot of things. Sometimes just learning a lot about how to go through the foggy energy is enough on its own. And yeah, I gotta admit, I need to check my email on a more frequent basis but with the way things are socially though, it has made things a bit jumpy even at the thought of email for fear of there just being something mean in it from someone preaching whatever they might be trying to push. And really rudely at that. A lot of the time. Timing is really odd for any kind of a thing about any kind of romance as far as any expectations according to astrological timing. So, things are gonna happen how they need to astrologically and not be pushed at all if they happen, they happen. So, time will tell and spirit will guide fully in all things. I know enough about things though to see the blessing in it if things don’t happen. If they do though, I also see the blessing and compatability in the compatible stuff so…..I dunno, I just get the vibe that there has been some thinking going on and no, I do not get that vibe this intenseley about stuff like that of that nature especially. Especially as I get closer to doing this on a professional level, I know it naturally intrigues him in general cuz that is how he is about this sort of thing, especially when someone has actual third eye stuff in their chair majorly. Sometimes, ya just need to be able to sift your way through the fog of it. I am prepared to type this again if I need to. Sebastian, leave me alone. This is not a request, it is a demand.

I gotta say, I am thinking of some 9 herbs blend related variations to work with that I had worked with before and are actually extremely good for metaphysical self defense in general. Equal parts plantain, mugwort and chamomile (preferably german). That was the combo I worked with before with some really good results for metaphysical self defense stuff. Some of the traditional parts in that recipe might be kind of tricky to get a hold of fully. Just some book of shadows notes but, these are not grocery store type herbs that are available everywhere at the grocery store. It is a part of the 9 herbs blend though, those three ingredients. I worked with it as an oil before with good results.

I decided to do a reading for the spiritual collective with just the cards this time. This is one I am excited to get into more and have as a choice for a spread as well. The crystal readings. The first card is Chysocolla. So, basically, sometimes, some chords just need to be cut cuz you do not even see that it is hindering you with however much shadow work they might need to do on themselves type of thing about financial stuff. Retrogrades can be really great for sorting this type of thing out as well, when it majorly needs it. So, try to no be too frustrated at the venus retrograde, soon to be mercury retrograde energy. You got this!
Spiritual collective Yggdrasil divination card cuz that kind of thing is a good idea when you can. Basiclly, it is all about how you choose to navigate chaotic energy an dfolks who just seem to createand thrive in chaos in geneal. how do you navigate it personally? What are your self defense strategies ofor time like those cuz yes, astrologically, we are kind of just therre energetically in a sense. The card that I pulled was naglfar and the card at the bottom of the pack was Helregin. Do your best to stay grounded as you can through these turbulent energies in general.
Spiritual collective animal spirit oracle card reading just cuz it is always good to do this sort of thing whenever possible. Sometimes, you just need to weave your pown web of protective energy and be aware that there is for sure chaos in group mentality at this time. The card at the bottom of the pack was wombat so, just do your best to work at feeling good in your own skin. Remember that old saying, you have to be odd to be number one. It makes a lot of sense, when you really think about it.
Spiritual collective reading working with sibilla cards. THe card at the bottom of the pack is Dottore so, something about a medical doctor type of some kind. Pile 1 is the far left, pile 2 is the middle. Pile 3 is the far right.
Pile 1 is sometimes, you have medical people who feel like they wanna play priest with things.
Just be cautious of rivals about opinions on mediacl ideas especially.
Pile 3 , also just be cautious of gals who might be like militant about pushing medical ideas in general. This card indicates possibly a single, unmarried type who is a bit younger possibly.

As with all my readings, these are for the spiritual collective so please, take what resonates with you and leave what does not resonate with you. If you feel you need to look at the full note, please do cuz chances are, there is something you are supposed to see.

One book I am gonna check out soon as I can in the next few weeks is Ancestral Medicine by Daniel Foor. It looks really excellent all around and got really great reviews. Looking forward to delving into that one soon. Most likely, I will get it from amazons main site and not through any individual seller anywhere. Any books or cards that I suggest or use, please just get your copy at amazon. Amazon has some great rune sources as well, traditional and non. A fave source of mine for that so far is mookaitedecor and rockcloud. This is ismportant to prevent spam with that type of a thing as well cuz that can tend to be horrid. Plus, prices for those are all really decent. They have a good selection of gemstone runes in witches runes and regular runes. My witches runes are from mookaitedecor. I will check the inbox on here today and the status of that actually getting set up and where they are with that as well if it has not happened yet. I am looking in on getting my linktree up and posting all that info on here only but, I do not have that up yet anywhere. That should happen hopefully by tonight at some point. I just feel the extreme need for that. Also, I gotta find some other options for freebie blogs for a backup blog type of a thing which I do not have yet either. That will have kind of a more mundane feeling for that blog site and, I will try to keep it blank as I can. It’ll just be good to have a backup in case. I will post that info on here only but, I do not have that backup blog yet either. That should happen within the next day or so. Part of a saturn in leoin the 8th house type of a mentalty. Especially as the first part of January rolls along, you can’t be too careful about things of this nature especially during these crazy times. I’m just glad I had my exodus moving away from social media pre 2020.

https://linktr.ee/Maggiehoney That is my only linktree. So far, it is just the really basic version but, I will upgrade soon on there and that will have inbox and newsletter features. I’ll get that up soon though on there.

Spiritual collective lenormand reading for today working with Mirror Truth lenormand. Do your best to not lose sleep or have victim mentalityy over standing on your own about something. The card at the bottom of the pack indicates having some kind of getting older issue.

As part of my new year resolution, I will be talking more about degrees in astrology from time to time and, I gotta say….with the void of coufrse moon here until January 5 and the next full moon in cancer at 27 degrees coming up in January, it is gonna be some intensely emotional energy. 27 degrees is common in a lot of earthquake type energy. If you practice ancestor honoring, it would be a really good time to tap into the mentality of that energy in general within yourself.

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