Spiritual Collective Reading for January 3, 2022 (Excluding Sebastian)

After lighting the candle this morning for archangel Michael, these are the cards and runes I pulled for the spiritual collective

The card at the bottomd deck was mice. So, just be cautious of childishness thieving type energy. The card at the bottom of the tarot deck is two of pentacles so trouble making some decisions. Just do your best to not get distracted with insecurity of others who need to do their own shadow work so much that it might have the betrayal feeling about it. Cuz, there is some good things in store for you but, the thing is you gotta keep working at it. You got this. I am prepared to type this again if I need to. Sebastian, leave me alone.This is not a request, it is a demand. What I usually say about myself and this site still stands. The witches rune is actually waves and, it is about needing to really be solid with connecting to your spiritual side to be as grounded as you can be and that might be the main thing that can help you best at this time to do that. It was a thing I felt i majorly needed to add in the reading for today and could not leave out.

I gotta say that for me, personally, I gotta empty out those snow jars and just do some jars with non toxic crystals only cuz I was having a mold reaction from the jar. I just know how my body can tend to get with this type of a thing. I think I have the solution on how to go about the water jars. For me personally. Hard to fully explain the toxic mold sensitivity.

I am having some photo connecting issues at the moment but, this might be the safer way to posyt this. I pulled a card for the spiritual collective from the Yggdrasil divination cards deck as a way of connecting to the ancestors. The card I pulled was Mimir and the card at the bottom of the pack ws Heimdall. Both of these cards have similar messages of there is always even that council that the divine seeks and, I think for sure it is a pat on the back about choosing to get close to the ancestors again through honoring them regularly and daily. The thing I am learning about runes as well as with anything else is to not be intimidated by others who wish to have a certain aesthetic for whatever reason they might have. Some just do it to be confusing or to be assholes and be confusing at the same time while doing that. Those that do things that way will have their karma eventually. It always shows up if they wanna believe in it or not. And just know that you can do runes just as much as you can do cards but, don’t try to be confusing about others who wish to do a similar style just to be confusing about it. That is also another thing about the metaphysical community that can tend to be infectious. And then folks get competetive with the aesthetics of it. One reason why I have decided to not go the asatru route about things. Just based on some things I have noticed about the community in general. I do work with runes in my magick personally for myeslf but as far as asatru goes no, I do not do that route with it.

Just thinking back to the spiritual collective sibilla card reading yesterday and the accuracy of it for me personally. Cuz that is another thing that the allergy thing that I had issues with could have been referring to cuz the motom card had to do with home stuff. But for sure, there was that element in it of possibleallergy making you feel ill type of a thing in the cards. Looking back on it, I can see that angle of that spread for sure and be thankful for the guidance of it.

Spiritual collective sibilla and witches rune reading for today. Card 1 is Disperato per gelosia, card 2 is Gran Signore, card 3 is Consolante sopresacard at the bttom of the pack was Dottore. Maybe possibly someone might be wanting to communicate a bit about some of the jealousy stuff I have been talking about cuz they might have had some similar type of a thing. Possible client vibes or they are seriously thinking of approaching me about it but they know that I do not do the reads that way quite yet. They have been possibly feeling a bit under the weather. It might be an older guy.

I am still pondering making up some 9 herb blend incense for that side of the family and also for runes in general cuz it has its own vibe with that. There is a traditional 9 herb blend for that type of a thing. (as well as for Odin but, also could be for ancestry energy in general and that is how I will work with it.) Just some book of shadows notes. I will look in on making an incense version of it as well for myself for sure. It is one of those things though that you can look up the recipe and find it multiple places in various forms. I was pondering a stick version as well as some kind of a pellet version of it. That’ll come to me in time. When I was pondering possibly having a store where I would have things available for purchase that I make, I was pondering some of this blend cuz it is a thing I have not noticed much of. I probably will not do the store idea cuz of witch wars mentality in general. At most, I will do the readings professionally but for safety sake, metaphysically as well as physically, that would be all I would be able to do. I will still be able to do quite a bit though once I get things rolling with the booking for myself soon as I start that up. As I was saying, astrologically speaking the best time to probably start that up will be sometime in May so, stay tuned on here only for al that info as I know it more.

Spiritual collective reading for today with crystal cards and witches rune. Card 1 is Labradorite, card 2 is Apatite, card 3 is Amethyst and the card at the bottom of the pack after I shuffled was bloodstone. The witches rune is crossroads. Yuo have possibly been at a crossroads about neding to get bold to speak about something. Possibly you just need to focus some extra attention on protective energy in general surrounding some of this. You might be at a crossroads about something to do with some of this. Labradorite is a very grounding stone as well but also bloodstone has a lot to do with keeping courage up so, it might be speaking yor mind about something that you need to be a bit corageous about even doing so. But, also it is a time when you have to be extremely cautious about censorship cuz they are going really batty about all that.

The witches rune is flight so, some kind of comunication coming at you somehow that might have you having your protective instincts on high alert. This was the card at the bottom of teh pack and just feel free to add this to each energy of each of the cards as an indicator card for them as well as just a vibe for the pick a card. . Spiritual collective pick a card.
Pick the pile you feel most drawn toward. Pile 1 is the far left, pile 2 is the middle and pile 3 is the far right.
You might have the need to be a bit more playful than you might tend to be. Pile 1.
You just instinctively know how to heal yourself. Pile 2.
This is some kind of green living or sober living type of a thing that you need to think about or are working on for yourself. Pile 3.

As with all my readings on here these are for the spiritual collective so please, take what resonates with you and leave what does not resonate with you. If you feel you need to look at the full note, please do so cuz there is probably something in it you are supposed to see.

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