Spiritual Collective Reading for December 30, 2021 (Excluding Sebastian)

After lighting the candle for archangel Michael this morning, these are the cards I pulled for the spiritual collective

daughter of wands, ace of pentacles, two of swords king of spades and at the bottom of the pack of that is seven of clubs. The card at the bottom of the tarot card pack was the fool. Possibly just need to be you even if it does have some getting older issues about it.The card at the bottom of that pack was mice so possibly some kind of shadiness as well or theft so it is one of those things about someties it is okay when things do not happen cuz they have a lot of shadow work to do on themselves. It is also part of being venus in aries in the 4th house energy as well for me. There is actually a lot in that info alone about energy of me in general. Or groupie syndrome. Sometimes often times they cannot resist a groupie and at least with the censorship being as it is it might make that part of things just less visible which might actually be a blessing in the long run cuz no one needs to see that. I dunno but the censorship might not be a totally bad thing there. Less cringe in general. With racers this type of thing is a thing with them or can tend to be and that is mostly his energy with that. So, sometimes, if it does not happen it might actually be more of a blessing and that is a thing to think about as well. I am prepared to type this again if I need to. Sebastian, leave me alone. This is a demand, not a request. what I usually say about myself and this site still stands. King of spades in lenormand is lily and 7 of clubs in lenormand is mice. I just thought I would add that for clarification. A relative of mind is a car racer an dhe tends to have the same thing about him. He can tend to be a slut puppy at times but he is also very cancer in atttude about things at times. He is a cancer zodiac sign. He is a car racer.

Clarity spread I did for myself with sibilla cards card 1 is Militare Card 2 Falsita, card 3 La Vecchia Signora card 4 Nemico the card at the bottom of the pack was Belvedere You just might be on the lookout and on your guard for some kind of shadiness and being on your guard about it. Especially metaphysical self defense type stuff.

a connection sprewad I did for myself with sibilla cards. Card 1 Nemico. Just be cautious of folks who might need to do their own shadow work on themselves. My challenge Morte going through some intense changes. The other person Gran Signore older man senior in age. Their challenge is Viaggio so something travel related is challenging for them. The uniting force is Allegrezza al coure which is just a feeling of joy all around. the cardat the bottom of the pack was La Costanza so, possibly something about the hometown of some kind of news about that.

Spiritual collective clarity spread with Sibilla cards that I did for today. Card 1 Militare Card 2 L Allegria Card 3 La Leggerezza card 4 is Presente di pietre preziose the card at the bottom of the pack is something about the hometown in some way. Do your best to not be too haughty about small time wins cuz you might need to be on the self defense about something about that type of thing to just be cautious of. Maybe you might have had a good size win at something and need to guard yourself against jealous types in general. Possibly something about your hometown

Spiritual collective connection spread with sibilla cards for today. Card 1 bambino something about something possibly in your care if you are not a parent possibly a pet parent. Card 2 Sospiri your challenge anxiety about something Card 3 the other person militare Possible self defense type energy big time about something.That is the vibe i get from this card with this. Card 4 Prigione just feeling trapped about something . Card 5 is the uniting force and it is Displacere which is a sadness feeling about something. To the point of you might be seeking some kind of spiritual consultaion of some kind as a result of card 5 type energy. Sacerdote is the card that was at the bottom of the pack. It is a good thing to be aware of spirituality in general but also, you need to be cautious as well with things like that which that is also what this could be about as well to be on your toes about all of that.

Many thanks and virtual hugs to those who do offer virtual options for attendng shows as it is becoming more and more visible about why it is important to have this optopn so, many thanks and virtual hugs for those musicians who do have this option available. Just a reminder and a thank you for those who do have this option available already.

Spiritual collective pick a card with sibilla cards. the card at the bottom of the pack is Dottore so some kind of issue about health or health care pprovider type issue.

card choices are card 1, 2 or 3. Pick the card you feel most drawn toward.

Card 1 Nemico be cautious of rival types especially types that might not be honest fully about advice in health matters due to this type of energy.

Card 2 La Fidelita just some concerns about loyalty they might have and are they actually keeping to their oath?

Card 3 Sacerdote. just be cautious of medical types who also try to play priest as well with science. They are everywhere nowadays t be cautious of. It is just a thing to be mindful of in general.

As with all my readings, these are for the spiritual collective so please, take what resonates with you and leave what does not resonate with you. If you feel you need to look at the full note, please do because chances are there is something you are supposed to see.

Book of shadows notes. A really good blend for daily use in general all purpose would be coriander and parsley. I have not tried this blend yet but, I have felt the need to make it up soon as I am able to. I just think it’ll be a good one for folks to do for themselves daily. However they prefer to make up their oil for dressing their candles. It is also something that is common ingredients to have in your kitchen already.

spiritual collective lenormand 9 card spred for today. Possibly some news about something you have been standing on your own about. Possily something about a man or male health issue that you just feel stalled or blocked about. Possibly some good luck about a gal or female health issues. Possibly some jealousy about some communication either verbal or written. Possibly you might be feeling a bit cranky about beingat a crossroads about something. Possibly feeling blocked or stalled about some kind of childishness. Possible communication either verbal or written about something but try to not lose sleep over it. Possibly something you need to stand on your own about regarding some kind of jealousy issue. Possibly something you might have to be loyal to yourself about regarding something important to you. The card at the bottom of the pack was bear. Do your best to try to not be cranky about whatever it might be.
The card at the bottom of the pack an dthe overall vobe for each card is the daughter of wands which suggeests the need to be a free spirit regardless of what society might be trying to push on you. Your choices are card 1, card 2 or card 3 or if you feel you should look at teh whole note, please do cuz there is probably something in it you are supposed to see. For this pick a card, I am working with the wild unknown tarot.
Card 1: do your best to try to not get distracted at something as challeging as that may be agt times. Especially trying tto sit still and just feeling like you are getting disgracted.
Possible good luck in love matters or having your way with some love matters.
Sometimes, you just need to be frank about something so, be as frank as you need to be.

Sometimes, there are just some that really cannot get accustomed to the thought of venus in the 4th house chicks at all. It for sure is its own energy and can be its own energy all on its own. To that, you gotta do your best to have daughter of wands mentality (a large part of why this card is showig up for me today) It essentially is daughter of wands mentality in nutshell. And doing my best to focus mentally on energy that is not attacking the mindset.

This is a clarity spread I did for myself working with the wild unknown tarot. Possibly some good luck for me in the love department as the card at the bottom of the pack was the two of cups also with the six of wands, sun and ace of cups shows some very promising energy of that type of thing. I think some folks have been doing some thinking. Time will tell and spirit will guide in all things always with all that. It has some good awakening kind of a vibe that makes a way for some new beginnings.
this is the card that ws at the bottom of the pack. Just be aware and be cautious of possible shadiness.
A connection spread I did for myself for today working with wild unknown tarot. Card 1 is father of swords. Best to think as logically as you can about things or try to do the best you can at ttempting that.. 2 my challenge is 5 of swords. Possible drama llama type energy of some kind. The other person Card 3 is the world. Possible they are ending some type of phase of some sort that might have been intense for them. Their challenge is they have trouble setting boundaries with the purse and the wallet strings at times or just boundaries in general. the uniting force is that both are in for a time of action and striving toward goals.
Another really good energy to slap on teh blog at any time is Dr. Jose. i do not believe he is a saint quite yet. He is almost one, though He is really good for healing energy of any kind needed. .

And, I meant what I said before and I will say it again about being extremely cautious about any religious texts in the future cuz salvation army has been so taen over by crt thinking. I will just be really careful about making sure of the publication year of any religious text I get in future and make sure it has none of the crt stuff in it especially. It is just a good thing to be mindful about in general when getting anything of a religious nature. A really helpful thing is to be mindful of the year of publication cuz thaht should make you aware of the energy of it as far as that stuff is concerned. And, avoiding any new Bible translations as well as a lot of them will probably have thnigs like that twisted in it or medical opinion (especially about the thing you aren’t supposed to talk about much at all and yet they try to push it on everyone)

What I would love to do somehow, is have some kind of a live stream as I get ready to start booking the readings for myself but, I have no clue how many folks would sign in for it or what or where exactly I would do it or how. But it would be a live stream where I do some live reads on the spot right there. It will probably just be audio though. It most likely will be a zoom type of a thing if I do anything like that but, I will let folks know on here only when and where that event will be. I do not have any zoom set up yet at all but, I am assuming that that is gonna happen at some point very soon as well as I get things started to get rolling with the booking. I believe wordpress also has an option to add a telephone number as well but, I am not certain if I am gonna do that especially if zoom works well enough. It seems to be the thing for readers to do cuz they all seem to rave about zoom. I will let folks know on here onlly about all that info so keep up on here only for all that ino as it happens. hopefully, the inbox will be functional on here at some point soon as well. I gotta check and see where they are in that process but, it is a process. It’ll be a thing to do especiallly as I get closer and closer to booking time. It’ll be kind of unusual for me since I am not on social media in any way about how to go about it but, it will be doable though. I will probably just do that one of that style for that as a introductory thing for reads possibly with a donation option available at the time as well which will be appreciated a lot. I do not have that option anywhere yet or through anyone yet due to wiccan ethics so please, do not let anyone confuse you about this. I will let folks know about anything like that especially closer to the time when it is getting that I am going to start doing the booking for myself professional level which will be sometime in 2022. Not sure when for that yet exactly. Time will tell and spirit will guide fully in all that timing. There probably will be a preferred donation for attending that though as an energy exchange even though I do not have any of that set up yet anywhere or through anyone. the only way to contact me is through the contact info that I give on her efrequently. My preferred email is always maggie1099@yahoo.com. I have no sister, annex or affiliate email of any kind. I have no sister, annex or affiliate readers of any kind anywhere or through any person. Yes, I do all the readings on here and on my blogger at Esoteric Thoughts From Maggie on blogger adn on my wix at Esoteric Thoughts From Maggie on wix but I do not do any readings anywhere else or through anyone else. I do not do readings professionally or by request due to wiccan ethics but, as I have been telling folks, I am working up to getting able to do the readings on a professional level. the only way I will do readings by request is at full professional level. It is an energy exchange thing and a respect of the energy in general why I have always been like that about it. I will let folks know more about it as the time gets closer to it as well. So, stay tuned on here only for all that info as I know it more. This for sure is my happy New Year vibe on here. :):):):) Happy New Year! I am not a part of anything other than what I frequently say and I am the only admin, author and content creator on all my blogs, sites and emails in their enirety. Personally, I will be whipping up the pineapple upsidedown cake for midnight at new year today/tomorrow at some point with the sparklers in it and everything to be able to have it at midnight on new year. It is a thing to do to make it feel fully like new year every year, regardless of what all else may or may not be happening with restrictions while also honoring my late grandpas memory as well. Happy birthday, grandpa Don :):):)