Spiritual Collective Reading for December 27, 2021 (Excluding Sebastian)

After lighting the candle for archangel Michael this morning, these are the cards I pulled for hte spiritual collective. Three of swords, the empress, son of sowrds jack of diamonds which is scythe It is just a time when you are gonna need to stand strong as you can and just push forward through any detox issues you might be having at the moment. You got this, even though it might seem annoying at the moment. The card at the bottom of the tarot deck is the lovers so it is a time for you to just be closer to yourself in your goals . That was the main vibe I got from this card.

I am prepared to type this again if I need to. Sebastian, leave me alone. This is not a request. It is a demand. Wha I usually say about myself and this site still stands

I decided to do a sibilla clarity card spread for myself for today. Saturn in leo in the 8th house type issues. the card at the bottom of the pack was pensisro. The cards are prigione, gran consolazione, la lettera and L’Allegria. Possibly some good news about just getting things really rolling on the professional level of things sooner rather than later.

a really good energy to have on the blog at any time is Saint Josephine energy, eespecially being on the part of the journey that I am on right now in general. It is always a good energy to slap on the blog at any time.

a connection spread I did for myself. Me bambino. Taking care of things in general vibe. My challenge DispiacereThe other person Gran consolazione. their challenge la vecchia Signora an older gal or older lady health issues. The uniting force is nemico. Just do your own shadow work on youreslf always please. That is gonna be the key here to not losing your marbles. Jus sayin. The card at the bottom of the pack is Pensiero so, you have just been doing a lot of thinking in general about shit. You haveto be really cautious about folks just trying to be confusing about shit like how they would try to before out of a desperate vibe is another thing I am getting form this spread for myself. This is a really good system to get into for meaphysical self defense especially! Yowza!!!!!

A really good blend in general for manifesting that most folks will have most of this stuff in their kitchens allredy is equal parts dried orange peel, ginger and cinnamon however you prefer to make up your oil. It is a good go to blend for daily use in general. Just some book of shadow notes Taurus vibes in general.

I decided to type out this pick a card reading I decided to do for the spiritual collective today just to be on the safer side of things cuz some folks are being insanely triggered even by posting any type of a photo. The card at the bottom of the pack after I shuffled was bambino so…..it is possibly a parental issue of some kind, either literal or wihin yourself type of a thing. It could also mean about issues about pets as well and being a parent to them as well. So, that is the vibe with all of the cards no matter which card you pick t be mindful of that sort of thing.

Card 1 is Dispiacere just feeling sad or depressed about something. Possibly going through some kind of a loss or something of that type of a feeling.

Card 2 is messagiere Possible written news related to work or finances. It could have to do with deciding on timing of a future event type of a thing as well.

Card 3 Ladro just be cautious of any kind of theft type energy in general. If you feel that you need to read the full note, there is probably something in the note you are meant to see. As with all my readings on here, these are for the spiritual collective so please, take what resonates with you and leave what does not resonate with you.

I might have inbox ability directly on here but, I gotta check in on all that though. Things are moving aalong with that though even if it is not quite ethere just yet. It will be soon if it isn’t up there yet. So, keep on checkin on here for that. yo! 🙂

I gotta say though, I am still like waking up from a horror movie type feeling at the thought of Michelle Obama…..Talk about nighmare feels to even think about it feels like a horror movie to be cuz of all the crt crap we have been experiencing cuz ya know it has a lot of that type of energy from that era in general and to even hear of the possbility if it was just a rumor or what….dang….I am still flippin out a bit about that cuz that type of energy is why I am considering myself politically independent ad why I oficially left the democratic party so….hopefully, it is only just a rumor at this point and will stay just a rumor cuz HELL NO Obummer! Just based on my personal experience from that era.

In my chart, my jupiter is in Gemini in my 6th house. Just in case any were curious with jupiter about to enter into pisces energy happening.

Can ya all sense the approaching mercury retrograde energy hppening soon in pre shadow feel already?

I jusy did a sibilla three card spread practice for the spiritual collective for the practice of it. Just getting the hang of the cards

card at the bottom of the pack after i shuffled was La Donna di Servizio. Stanza. Speranza and La Riunione. Just be cautious of any kinds of gigs with exes and do your best to do any kind of rumor type damage control type stuff if it is a situation where you definitely are not gonna spark any old flames or what but, mercury retrograde and venus retrograde energy…..the answer would just be to be cautious about this sort of thing in any form and proceed accordingly. Or, if you do intentionally start up anything at this time, be okay with a temporary type of a thing cuz that is the mercury retrograde energy and we are already starting to feel that a bit. It would be wise to wait on things for the timing of it astrologically to be sound as you can. Just getting accustomed to the sibilla and working with them a bit more today.

I decided to do a spiritual collctive clarity spread for today with sibilla cards for the extra sibilla pracctice for myself. The card at the bottom of the pack was fortuna the four clarity cards are displacere, Denari, Donna maritata and la Superbia. Yeah, things might start looking quite a bit better soon so, try to not be too sad. But, at the same time, try to ot be too prideful or boastful about it either cuz that might turn some off of your energy so, just proceed with caution in that, okay? Cuz energy can be a very fragile thing at times and it can be a make or break. Most of the time, the thing that decides folks about you is your energy in general so, just be mindful of that always and you will be okay. Hard to even fully explain in words the feelings about what a lot of the energy of the times is bringing back energetically similar feelings about why I left the Caholic Church and stopped taking communion not too long in the full journey of it. But, it has a similar energy to what I went through back then. Ex catholics wouold fully understand the energy. At some point, I do need to get a linktree up cuz I can have some special things available on there like newsletter stuff with some special reads for folks who sobscribe to it type of a thing but, I don’t have the linktree up yet. That’ll happen soon as well. Or at least I wwill start getting that more fully set up and rolling. Probably around new year time. I will let folks know on here only about ll that so stay tuned on here for all the updates on all that info.

I decided to do a connection spread for today for the spiritual collective with sibilla cards.

card 1 gran consolazione you are in a daydreamy state about what to do about something in general.

Your challenge card 2 is Deliranti. sometimes, there are just setbacks to plans and you need to do your best to keep working at your goals.

The other person Casa home base issues.

Their challenge Militare possible neighbor situation type thing.

The uniting force is Morte which is death or some kind of intense changes.

The card at the bottom of the pack after I shuffled was letterato. Possibly an artist gentleman 40 years old or over who just has the artist/scholar vibe about him. Possibly might wanna use caution about keeping reputation in check like to do your best to not creep anyone out however unintentionally. Just another possible bibe from this card in general to be mindfful of and aware of.