Spiritual Collective Reading for December 25, 2021 (Excluding Sebastian)

After lighting the candle this morning for archangel Michael, these are the cards I pulled for the spiritual collective. Card 1 is 4 of swords, card 2 is hierophant, card 3 is father of cups playing card is two of hspades and at the bottom of the pack for that is 9 of spades which is anchor. Basically, sometimes you just eed a bit of a rest for your own mental health and ethics if you are having some issues in making some choices, this could be a thing that might help you get grounded enough to do that. The card at the bottom of the pack was the tower card so, big changes happening. I have been having some photo issues so i decided to just type out the cards for this morning. I am prepared to type this again if I needto. Sebastian, leave me alone. This is not a request It is a demand. What I usually say about myself and this site still stands.

Spiritual collective sibilla practice. indicator card is militare. Possible martial law type energy so, just do your best to stay grouded as you can through it as best as you can. Belvedere card is just about expectation of some kind of news that you might be anxious about. Possible issues about travel. Card two is viaggio. Card 3 is malinconia. card at the bottom of the pack was la nemica. Possible drama llama energy about a female rival type so, just use appropriate caution as you normally do about that in general. Sibilla is one that I feel I am just gonna have a natural strength with as well. Probably best way to work about whatever crt triggering issues some folks might be having about what cards folks might wanna work with is to just type out the names of the cards and just not have photo at all for parts of it. Cuz really truly, I don’t think that there is a playing card only way to do it in full. Just based on personal observation with that based on experience so far with what I am learning about it. And I will just add that sometimes folks just need to focus on their own shadow work and let others have their own strengths even if they might have similar skills to you. Jus sayin.

Trying to get the video working on here again is being a bit challenging but, that’ll happen when it is supposed to. I did do a lenormand video working with green glyphs lenormand cuz I do love that deck. I will upload that video soon as I am able to.

Sibilla pick a card reading for the spiritual collective for today. What is a thing that spirit would like you to be mindful of at this time? the card at the bottom of the pack is for energy for the read to be mindful of and just that it is possibly something folks might be kind of sad about.
Pile 1 possibly stressing overr some kind of career choice or financial matters of some kind. Pile 2 possibly something about love matters of soe type is just bah humbug. Pile 3 possibly some issues about an older female possibly an aunt or grandma type issue. If you feelthat you should look at the full note please do cuz there is probably something you need to see in it. I won’t show the cards that often but, I just felt like it would be good to for right now.
The main energy that some might have been going through at the bottom of the pack card was La Riunione. pssibly going through some issue about an ex like maybe even trying to impress an ex to the point of it is making some older generations close to you do face palm like “what are they thinking about with that type of energy or just also how they might tend to flaunt some good luck about something to the point where it makes e cringe at the thought a bit. Just a possible reminder to some to possibly chill out on some of that type of energy a bit. Just decided to do this clarity spread for the spiritual collective for some sibilla practice for myself. The older generation possibly might be an older gal and an older ma possibly going through some kind of loss energy. That was some other parts of the cards in this spread that I would like to add to for clarity in gneral in the read.

Spiritual collective connection spread practice for myself with sibilla cards. The card at the bottom of the pack energy is Donna maritata which is a married woman with kids or matronly type. first card indicates you. possibly unattached female possibly feels kind of humdrum about something in general or blah. Card 2 is my challenge. nemico. Possible rival of some kind or competitor. card 3 is the other person. la letters. Possible communication about something written or verbal. Their challenge card 4 la vecchia signora possibly an older gal might be having some friction with somehow. The uniting force. Air element. la leggerezza. frivioloty. Do your best to not be frivilous about some possible small luck type thing. I decided to type this out also just to not aggrivate crt folks who might wanna be dorks about things like that.

I will eventually get to adding text in the videos but currently am having issues with doing that at the moment but, I will get around to doing videos that way on here as well which was really a nie way to do them like how I did the videos on my wix. It is just a really nice way to do the videos in general and convenient with abilty t put the enail in the video as well. I will be able to get around to doing that at some point. It took long enough just to be able to upload this video just now. Not sure why it is having the technical glitches but, it is.

I decided to do a clarity spread for myself and it really does show the fact that some do need to do work on their own shadow work, please and stop trying to be drama llamas. thankskbye. Not a challenge in any way, merely stating observations about this reading for myself and what some might need to know based on this clarity spread. There is just a lot of possible energy crap they need to work with on themselves. Possible travel stuff though but it shows a feling of just being stuck as well though. Some cards are showing up that indicate major need for metaphysical self defense and to just be on my toes about that. Folks need to think of other folks who read cards not as competition to be stamped out and that is their first problem right there with that mentality in general about competition. Your only competition is yourself. As I get closer and closer to opening my doors professionally with the cards , I get more of this type of a vibe and ya know, ya really shouldn’t. Jus sayin.
Always good to slep on saint Clare energy whenever possible for metaphysidcal self defense energy in general. I have gotta add that deciding to not do weed or cbd any more has had to be one of the best choices I have made for myself in awhile. Just noticing detox type effects. I didn’t do it a lot before but, things like that just make things of that nature more noticable when you really sit down and pay attention to it within yourelf and your journey personally.
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