Spiritual Collective Reading for December 23, 2021 (Excluding Sebastian)

I am having issues with uploading photo at the moment so, I am just gonna type out the spiritual collective reading for this morning after I lit the candle for archangel Michael, these are the cards I pulled for the spiritual collective: empress, ten of swords, ace of swords and 9 of clubs lenormand which is fox. Basically, youare coming into some new ways of thinking and knowing that sometimes folks act as they do cuz they are jealous. Do your best to not feel sso betrayed though cuz it can feel like a betrayal in ways. I am prepared to type this again if I need to. Sebastian, leave me alone. This is not a request. It is a demand. What I usually say about myself and this site still stands.

I gotta add, the card at the bottom of the pack was six of cups so, part of this is just not being able to be manipulated through nstalgia in ways. It is just a thing to be mindful of in general when thinking about why some folks might act as they do. Sometimes, folks can be jealous of the strangest things.

Spiritual collective lenormand reading 9 card spread working with playing cards only. card 1 is 8 of spades. which is garden. possible news of some social politics stuff of some kind. Card 2 is 9 of diamonds which is coffin. Possibly putting something in the past about a man or male health issues. Card 3 which is 9 of clubs is possible good luck about something some folks hae been jealous about somehow. Card 4 is queen of clubs. Possible jealousy and there might be some shadiness about something about that type of thing. Card 5 is 2 of spades so do your best to try to not be too crqanky about some decisions you have been thinking about and trying to make. Card 6 is 3 of diamonds. Possible childishness about some teamwork productive thing. Possible communication about something ancestral in energy either verbal or written. card 7 is joker. card 8 is three of spades You might be standing on your own aout something that you have been sad about. Six of hearts is card 9 which is stars. Do your best to work with your intuition on something important to you. The card at the bottom of the pack after I shuffled was the five of hearts so, do your best to try to see things as glass half full mentality as best as you can.

Spiritual colective elemental spread for today working with animal spirit oracle cards. Sometimes, with financial goals, you just need to have that protective intuition energy. Are you just not being as gntle about something as you might be able to be? card two is deer. card three is hawk so do ghe best you can to see the whole picture. Card 4 is wasp. It shows you might actually be more in control of your emotional life than you think you might be. Card 5 is swan. One way to do this is through swan energy just doing your best to be mindful of inner beauty that is within eaach person individually. The card at the bottom of the pack was groundhog so do your best to work with the good parts of isolation.

Spiritual collective elemental spread for today working with wild unknown tarot. card 1 seven of wands. You might be feeling alone in a financial goal but do your best to stay the course and to stay with your goal through that feeling. Card 2 is three of wands. You might need to be a bit more out of your comfort zone in something than you might have been. Card three is the tower. Yes, things are happening intensely and big in changes. Card 4 is the star. Someimes, in emotional relationships or things of that nature it is good to remid yourself sometimes, you need to rest after an exhausting time period. Card 5 is 6 of pentacles. Sometimes, you need to be mindful and to share when you can or when you are able to to the bets of your ability. The card at the bottom of the deck after I shuffled is father of wands so, possibly a bit more of a mistique energy would e helpful for you at this time to have for yourself in general.

A clarity spread I did for myself for today working with the wild unknown tarot. Card 1 9 of cups, card 2 temperance, card 3 three of swords, card 4 4 of cups card at the bottom of the deck after I shuffled is seven of wands. Possibly it shows some things related to some detox things but to just do your best to not be distracted through it as best you can, even though you might be feeling extremely alone.

A connection spread I did for myself today working with wild unknown tarot. card 1 is me. the hanged man. Wait on something. Card 2 is my challenge which is two of wands. Just about having doubts about bringing your goals forward fully to completion. Three ten of wands. the other person. Really, just ask yourself where are you overdoing it with yourself and how you can possibly sjift your lifestyle accordingly so you do that less. Cuz, that is what a lot of that feeling is about more than anything else, no matter how you might try to spin it. 4 their chaallenge 8 of wands. Possibly just eing overwhelmed with messages coming in really swiftly so, it might be time to really just monitor your inbox and things of that nature as well so as you don’t get overwhelmed. filter spam. The uniting force is sometimes you cna be so passionate about something as to come across as head strong. the fifth card is daughter of swords. the card at he bottom of the pack was 9 of cups. so, it could also possibly be a detox issue as well.

I decided to pull a card for the spiritual collective from the cosmic cat wisdom cards deck. The card I pulled was comfort. take it and give it. The card at the bottom of the deck after I shuffled was prosperity meaning law of attraction type mentality can be extremely important in general an dto just be mindful of that.

extra 9 card spread for the spiritual collective for today lenormand with playing cards ony. Card 1. is 9 of hearts which is also what the 1 card is. you might be getting some news about something. Possibly do your best to not be so discouraged about a man and financial hardsips or male health issues and harships possibly caused by something to do with that. card three. six of hearts. possible good luck about something that you might need to work with your intuition on a bit. Card 4 4 of diamonds. You might have some folks jealous of the fact that you set boundaries for yourself in some area. Card 5 is three of spades. Do yur best to try to not be cranky about something you might feel sad about. Card 6 is 8 of diamonds. You might be discovering the secrets about possibly why someone is so childish about something. Card seven is seven of spades. You might get some communication about something either verbal r written. You might be standing on your own about some kind of teamwork issue. Card 8 is three of diamonds. Card 9 is two of cups. Comig in stronger about your goals as a whole about things that are important to you. two of hearts is card 9. the card at the bottom of the pack was joker so, pay attention to ancestral messages of any kind at this time.

A really good a simple multi purpose blend is really cheap in the mexican section of the ethnic foods section.equal parts dried or whole, whiceher you prefer for a method but for this, I prefer powdered cinnamon. It is good for protection and uncrossing as well as for luck. It is a grocery store blend that, depending on the store you go to is pretty easily available just about anywhere and cheap. Mix up the oil however you prefer to mix it up and fix your oil when you do make it. Another multi purpose blend is equal parts chamonile and star anise. For effectiveness, it is good to get stocked up on a few things at once. This blend helps you dream lucky dreams. Also, increases chances at winning numbers type of energy in general. Whip up the oil however yu prefer to whip up your oil. I just felt it would be good to give suggestions that are available at your local grocery store for cheap.

spiritual collective kipper card rewading for today. Try to not be so sad but be cautious of the fact that there might be some shady types around who miht be being dishonest.In the recent ast , you have had to put up with some kind of thieving type situation. Just be cautious about traveling and maintaining health while you travel. The card at the bottom of the pack isuggests some kind of communication either verbal or written soon.
I decided to pull a card for the spiritual collective from the self compassion deck and, it is a good thing to think about. Both the card I pulled, which was the first card the card at the bottomm of the pack wwhich is the second card. Just some good things to think about in general.

a holiday fave for me, (but does not matter exactly what timeof year you have it) is lindor. I save it for certain times of the year to have it more at those times. That is some good stuff, that!

Trying to get the video figured out on here but, it is a bit tricky. I should be able to have a video up on here for all y’all for Christmas at some point. Not sure when yet exactly. I am workin on that though. I did record a kipper card video, an extra one for today.

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