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Spiritual Collective Reading for December 21, 2021 (Excluding Sebastian)

After lighting the candle for archangel Michael, these are the cards I pulled for the spiritual collective

I am preared to type this again if I need to. Sebastian, leave me alone. This is not a request, it is a demand. What I usually sya about myself and this site still stands. You might need to not do a decision about something and just wait on it awhile. You might get some news about something that shifts your mind if you should do something or not (I get the vibe that it is something that someone might have been thinkig of wearing so as to not be thought of in a certain way which is what folks do with a lot of things. It might be out of your comfort zone a bit o have this boundary but it is just a neede thing as the three of wands card was at the bottom of the pack after I shuffled. So, if you’re a guy think long and hard before wearing nailpolish or anything like that that might be really geneder bending type stuff with that. Just use proper caution when making any choices like that, please. And, happy winter solstice for those who celebrate it. It is december 21, 2021. Just a thing to think about the numerology energy as well.
Spiritual collective elemental spread working with animal spirit cards for today. Just be really cautious and careful about your financial goal in general. You might not be being as productive about something as you normally are. Yes, things are happening and you might need some extra protective energy at this time for yourself in general. Do what you need to do in emotional relationships for healing yourself. You might need to speak up about something but, overall there is a good luck element cuz rabbit was the card at the bottom of the pack after I shuffled. Astrologically speaking as well, it does not shock me at all about ow folks are having this talk about possibly scrapping the Christmas holiday totally. It’s a very vnus retrograde feeling in general. just a personal observation on the energy of that in general to make note of. For those that might be interested in that sort of thing, I just thought it was an interesting thing to bring up in general.

with the venus retrograde vibe in mind a fave blend I love in general for metaphysical self defense is equal parts ginger (either powdered or fresh, depending on how you prefer it) I call this “nature” oil when you mix it up as an oil to dress your candles with how you normally dress it. It was based off a blend from Catherine Yronwode. She can tend to be kind of controversial in nature but it is a source I go to for the style that I am accustomed to which is defined as “conjure” as well. Just some book of shadows notes for venus retrograde energy in general. These are things most will have in their kitchens already and they are available for cheap and readily available at the local grocery store wherever you are.

I am having some photo issues at the moment so, I decided to type out the spiritual collective elemental spread working with the cat tarot. Card 1 is hierophant do your best you cat to really stick with your ethics when it comes to financial goals.Card two is king of pentacles. You might not be maintaining as well as you are accustomed to. card 3 is 8 of wands. You might be getting some swift messages coming at at you really swiftly like dannnnng. In emotional relationships some possible life changing type energies in general to just be aware of and cautious of. They might be part of drama llama energy if some kind. The card at the bottom of the pack after I shuffled was the Justice card which also indicates elements of drama type energy as well to be aware of ad cautious of in general at this point in time.

The clarity spread I did for myself today was really encouraging in general about stepping into my own ower through just the ability to set better boundaries for myself in general shows the ending and beginning of new phases of life and just standing stromg in your values as well. The card at the bottom of the pack after I shuffled was the three of wands card and it is showing also possibly it might be trqaveling outsideof your comfort zone a bit but for sure, do theboundary cuz youw ill thank yourself for it later about doing it.
card 1 is me. It indicates possible traveling outside of comfort zone type of a thing. my challenge is 10 of cups quite possibly fear of success type of issues. The other person. they are waiting on not doing something. Their challenge can be sometimes might be a bit steadfast in things at times to the point of the uniting force being there might be some headbutts due to just bein fookin stubborn at times.

The card at the pottom of the pack after I shuffled was the hierophant card. I was having trouble locating the photo of it so, I decided to type it out. This was a connction spread I did for myself for today i general. for me, it makes a lot of sense.

Spiritual collective lenormand 9 card spread for the spiritual collective for today. Possible news that might have some kind of annoyance about the energy of it in general. Possible having to put up with some thieving behavior from or about a man or male health issues. Some good luck about something you have been standing on your own about. Possibly there are some jealousies that you need to work with your intuition about on. Do yur best to not be cranky about something important to your heart. You might be at a crossroads about some childishness. Possible communication either verbal or written about some good luck thing. Possibly something you are standing on your own about with a home base isue. Possibly some travel issue that is important to you. It could also be affecting something of importance about a vehicle or something of that nature like a fave car type of thing if you drive. The card at the bottom of the pack after I shuffled was card 36 so please try to not have victim mentality about whatever it might be. I have never fully driven before and dn’t really intend to. It stems from being raised by a gal who was orphaned at a very early age from a car wreck. To each their own but, that’s always been my attitude about driving. I almost did get my license though but not quite. Just about though. When someone who has those issues is around you a lot when you are a kid, it gets ingrained in you in a sense as just being a part of you. Hard to even come close to fully exxplaining it in words but, it is just how I tend to think.
I decided to pull a card for the collective from the cosmic cat wisdom cards deck and sometimes it really does make the most sense about the energy of something to just be aloof at times. Sometimes, it doesn’t need much more explanation other than the titles pof the cards depending on how they compliment each other as well depending on which card was at the bottom of the pack, etc. Aloof was at the bottom of the pack after I shuffled the cards.
I decided to pull a card for the spiritual collective from the divine dog wisdom cards deck as well cuz it can really help with clarity in general to do that close to the time when I pull the cosmic cat wisdom card. Sometimes, we can just tend to be clingy and it is wise to not have victim mentality about that. Sometimes, the cards don’t need any other explanation other than their titles beacuse of how they compliment each other based on how they were pulled and which card was on the bottom of the pack after I shuffled, etc.
Spiritual collective kipper card reading for today possible situation about living space or home base type issue with that type of a thing as the central focus in energy. There might have been some kind of a change about it like a greatchange that could have been brought about by a wealthy guy. There might be something about it that will make it even easier for you to work from home type of a thing that has a better than expectde outcome than you might have anticipated. Possible that there might be a good guy ho just might have a fatherly type of a vibe about him that might be a good client type or it has that type of energy about it. You have just been feeling a bit trapped in whatever situation based on the card at the bottom of the pack after I shuffled being prison.

I gotta see spiderman when I can. Little known fact bout when I was recovering from open heart surgery when I was less than two years old, my uncle would hang a spiderman doll from the head of my bed to the foot of my bed. It was a huge comfort to me as a kid even though I was never a comic book geek about spiderman or anuthing of that nature to that extent. I just have warm fuzzy feelings about spiderman even though when I gt to meet him one time I got totally scared by him lollol another true story bout spider man and an open heart surgery survivor. Sometimes when kiddos do get what they want, it can scare tyhem outta their pants which was what happened with me lolololol Kids are too young to know about religion so it was the closest thing to spirituality I had at the time. So yep, now ya know why, I gotta see spider man. Thee reviews of it all seem like it is gonna be a really good watch when I do get around to being able to maneuver seeing it. It’ll be in the theater. Just a matter of maneuvering that part of it with as little scuffles as possible. Pretty sure I still do have the action figure of it. It was ken doll size with cloth clothing. I gotta try and find that one of these days It is still packed away in stuff if I do have it and I am pretty sure I still have it. His hands moved even at the wrist. It is a very cool doll and the quality of it is tricky to come by nowadays. And yes, I saw the previous spiderman movie in theaters. It is the best way to see flicks like that however it could also be a mars and venus in aries chick thing too with that. I think oregon is still okay fot that stuff. Scary bout Chicago. I was never planning on going there though. I never cared much for her as it was. My stance on the vaccine will never shift due to health sensitivity issues. I have a similar vibe about Seattle too. Even though I knwew it was gonna end up being like how it was just based on observation and seeing how plaes like San Fran had gotten.

You can’t get too much more superhero than these cards from the shamanic medicine cards deck I oulled the air card and the ancestors card was at the bottom of the pack after I shufled. II decided to pull this card for the spiritual collectve and thy pretty much speak for themselves even just in the title of the cards alone with the power of the energy nd creativity there in it. Consider it a holiday bllessing as well for the solstice for these cards showing up when they have. :):):) Happy Solstice!
In preparation for starting to teach myself sbiliia, I decided to do the same with the other systems as well so that I will eventually be able to to all of them without any cards if needed. Only a deck of playing acrds required for it. IFor this first card pull for the spiritual collective in this fashion from me I got the clover which is a good sign for good luck in general and on the bottom of the deck after I shuffled was the queen of hearts or, the stork which is all about new beginnings in general. So, good luck about something starting! Again, happy holiday to those who celebrate it! I wil start the other systems in this fasion at some point later today/tomorrow (I say tomorrow cuz it is after midnight here) It is one of those things that I know i am gonna be thankful I got myself in the ghabit of doing so I can do it whenever, with just a set of playing cards for three different divination systems is a pretty badass idea in general, when you think about the concept of it. :):):):)

I am having some connection issues with photo cuz I think big tech is jusg going through a shit ton of brainfarts especially as the holidays get closer in time. But, I decided to do a lenormand playingcard style pick a card. The card at the bottom of the dekck was the queen of hearts so, the stork card for the bottom of the deck vibe for folks to ponder a bit before they pick a pile they feel drawn toward. Pile 1, 2 or 3, I will post the reveal on here onlyin a minute. Getting really into just starting to learn the systemen this way.

Pile 1

Jack of spades is also the child card so be cautious of childish energy in general at this time or folks having tantrums in general about crap. There is a lot of that going around anyway so, just do your best to be cautious of that.

card 2 is queen of diamonds. You ight be at a crossroads deciding something. card 3 is Joker. The ancestors card came to mind when I saw this so it might be a good idea for someone to do at this time cuz it seems like someone might really need to focus on something like this about an abuela or oma or something. There are no wild cards in traditional lenormand so it is one of those things that you can take with it what you have alrewady learned about them and this is one thing that I learrned from Mama Starrs book on divination was about the joker card being about ancestors and to pay attention about something ancestral in nature they might be trying to poiunt oit to you somehow.

I promise, I shuffled the decl thoroughly and this is how the cards popped up after the shuffle.

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