Spiritual Collective Reading for December 19, 2021 (Excluding Sebastian)

After lighting the candle for archangel Michael this morning, these are the cards I pulled for the spiritual collective

I am prepared to type this again if I need to. Sebastian, leave me alone. This is not a request, it is a demand. What I usually sya about myself and this site still stands. Sometimes, that anxiety about creative projects is coming from you more than anything else and it is good to be extremely mindful of self talk and the tone you have with yourself about goals etc. It is just a good thing to keep in mind before pointing any fingers anywhere, look at your self talk and judge accodingly.
This is a deck that I am glad I picked up for myself to start adding in the mix of decks I work with. It is from the self compassion deck. The card I pulled for the spiritual collective is the mirror time card and the other card is the card that was on the bottom of the pile after the shuffle. Both are really helpful and are very much in tune with the energy of the read for today.
spiritual collective elemental spread for today working with animals spirits oracle cards. sometimes, you just really need to have your wits fully about you with financial goals in general and be mindul of things of that nature. sometimes, you might not be sticking to your ethics as much as you should be in something and it is a good thing to be mindful and aware of this. Yes, things are happening and sometimes you just need tobe more creative about communication in general. You might be a bit on the self defense type of a vibe in emotional relatoinships but, you are also just going through a lot f changes with that type of thing especially so do your best to have compassion on yourself at this time. The dragonfly card at the mottom of the deck also is about this type of a thing as well but, it has more of a self realization type of a vibe to it.
spiritual collective elemental spread for today working with cat tarot. Try to not be so harsh on yourself with financial goals cuz you are going through a time of personal awakening. Possible shadiness to be awareof about why some things might not be happening. Yes, things are happening but try to not focus so much on sadness elements of things and try to have hlass half full mentality will be helpful for you at this time. Do your best to stay with your ethics in emotional relationship type issues as best as you can and do your best to just remember who is on your side or what. The card at the bottom of the deck was 8 of pentacles and it just means that things cna take time to build.
I decided to pull a card from the cosmic cat wisdom cards for the spiritual collective. If you pounced on this card, yuo are beinf invited to let go of the certainty in order to pad into the unknown. Sometimes, there can be joy in just the process of solving a riddle as well as a part of the journey on its own. The card on the bottom of the deck was conundrum.
I decided to pull a card for the spiritual collective from the divine dog wisdom cards deck.The card thaat I pulled was “surrender”. If you fetched this card, you may be at the end of your leash and finally ready to release your endlessquest for treats that no longer fulfill or energize you for the nexttrick. You’ve been in the game a long time and may be tired of the way others seem to react to you. Underlying that might be your own deeper exhaustion with the way you react to others, which puts you in an endless cycle of drama. The kind that can drain your life away. When you fetched this card, it means there is someone, something, or event that is wanting to emerge or come into your life. and that it is time you allowed that to happen. Allowing means freeing yourself from the leash of resistance and letting your heart bound toward that which will break it open, meeting it more than halfway so that you can be filled up again. If you’re dog tired of the way things have been and still are, it’s especially important to drop your defenses and take the critical step of allowing new things to unfol. In other words, stop chasing your tail and get out of your own way.

One of my fave things for once in a great while, not that often even after that but really tasty is fried ice cream. It can vary from place to place how they make it but, it is a fave no matter how I have had it done.

Spiritual collective lenormand 9 card spread for today. Some possible news about some kind of shadiness. Possibly learning some secrets about a man or male health issues. Some good luck about home base issues.Possibly something you are standing on your own about but there may be some jealousy issue of some kind. Do your best to not be too cranky about something yu might need to work with your intuition about a bit. You might be at a crossroads about some kind of childishness. Possible communication either verrbal or written about just being blocked or stalled about something. You are very much on your own about a man or male health issue. Something that is important to you you might have to be loyal to yourself about. The card at the bottom of the deck is heart so, something that is important to you.
spiritual collective kipper card 9 card spread for todayy. Possibly just some gloomy thoughts about something. Possibly in the recent past there could have been some kind of smooth talker type stuff about possibly trying to do the whole “if you experienced this, you might be entitled to coverage” type of thing. Be cautious about scams of that nature. Possible gloomy thoughts about some home base issue that might also have some kind of legal issue about it as well to have to go through. You might be expecting to have to just go through some crap about legal matters. But please, make sure you do things as by the book as you can to avoid crap. The card at the bottom of the deck showed that much.
I dunno who needs to see these but, they fell out of the pack and you know how that type of thing is about things like that when they just fall out of the pack like that. So, I also wanted to pull some extra cards from this deck with the nature of intensity in general with the holiday energy coming up. I thought it would be good to pull an extra card for the spiritual collective.
This was the card on the bottom of the pack after I shuffled.
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