Spiritual Collective Reading for December 17, 2021 (Excluding Sebastian)

After lighting the candle for archangel Michael this morninhg with dill and coriander oil I made for myself) these are the cards I pulled for the spiritual collective

I noticed how some tend to do thisis so, I am gonna start doing this with all my reads from now on, no matter what type of deck to take a look at the bottom of the pack after each shuffle. It is a way to see the energy of the read even further. I have noticed a few folks do it this way and thougt, Better late than never for some of those habits. Do yourself a favor and try to not be too tough on yourself aabout how sociaety is telling you t be a certain way or what. There is just a lot of deception energy out there so be cautious in general please. At the same time though, try to not be too stubborn but weigh it out as best as you can about best course of action for you. You might need to just know you are gonna be kind of alone in this but stand p for what you feel passionate about., especially if it is a how to be type of thing. I am ready to type this again if I need to and I will. Sebastian, leave me alone. This is not a request, it is a demand. What I usually say about myself and this site still stands.
I did this clarity spread for myself and this was the card at the bottom of the pack after I did th spread and it makes a lot of sense. It also is similar to the energy of the day reding as well. Basically, yes new journeys can be intimidating but know that things can just take time sometimes to build up and to do your best to stick to your ethics no matter how many nay sayers might be out there especially ones who might need to do their own shadow work on themselves. It seems like that is more of what it is than anything else from the looks of it at least for me personally based on this reading I did for myself just now.
a connection spread I decided to do for myself for today just for the heck of it cuz it felt like a right thing to do for myself. Card 1 is me. six of wands. overall strong and victorious energy in general. Card 2 is my challenge ace of wands. I might just be feeling creative blocks in general at this time or something of that naature. The other person ace of pentacles. possibly they are feeling threatened by another also having success financially in their area of expertise. Please do your own shadow work on yourself an dwork at stayingv in your own lane. Their challenge is seven of wands. Hopefully this is the case in a sense cuz it means folks are probably realizing about the level of crap drama llama bullshit type energy that there is with anything about that type of a thing especially about any kind of witch wars crapp. witch wars aree really low vibrational energy, please do not take part in them. The uniting force is you are both focusing on justice issues, even if some might be exaggerated ad just false. folks please pay attention to what might be unjustified work if someone approaches you about anything of this nagture. If you know what I am talking about, you know. rootwork lingo type stuf. Sometimes, you just need a rest after a lot of energy at something and please justkeep this in mind. Especially metaphysically. I do not do rootwork of any kind for anyone on any level other than for myself and I keep wiccan ethics when I do anything of that nature. I do not endose anyone who does do rootwork in any way.
spiritual collective elemental spread for today working with animal spirit oracle cards. Someties with financial goals it is best to be mindful that peace is the best way to go about anything. Sometimes, you just feel distracted with multitasking something. Yes, things are happening but be careful to not acidentally block yourself or your own blessings however unintentionally. Possible jealousy issues about emotional relationships of some kind. Sometimes, you just have to be self made. The card at the bottom of the deck for overall energy of the rewad is chameleon spirit. and that also makes sense. It is about being as adaptable as you can be to changing times. It can be easier said than done though a lot of the time. especially lately. Holy shit!
I decided to pull a card for the spiritual collectve today from the divine dog wisdom cards deck and you cannot just make this stuff up about the bottom card ending up being protection. For the fear card: if you fetched this card, it means you’re experiencing a state of emergency, with ears up and nose to the wind, sensing some kind of danger in your yard, under your bushes or something. You might be on red alert or only mildly concerned or worried. But wherever you are on the spectrum, it is important for you to be aware and to know the difference between what is real and present and what is simply hounding you from your past. Fear can be heealthy for the case of your survival in general and the survival for your species. If you find yourself tuned into the fear frequency or fear of fear a great deal of the time you may learn new tricks to put yourself in a more relaxed state of mindwhen there might be an immediate danger or threat. Take charge of your own internal fear whistle and how it works, so you can move through and beyond fear, grabbing all that life has to offer. Prorection card: if you fetched thia card, you’re likely in some kind of need of protection. physically, emotionally or spiritually. It may be time to provide protection for yourelf as beset as you know how. You might be called o to help protect abother somhow might also be the energy in this card to be mindful of as well. Take time to notice where you feel you could use protectiob. Also, remember to stay on alert not to fall into a protected mode so long that you lose precious vulnerability that allows for deep connection with others. Don’t dog and then hole up too long in self protection. Don’t use the legitimate need for self protection as a short leash on your openness to the learning, traininf, growth and intimacy we all need.
I decided to pull a card for the spiritual collective today from the cosmic cat wisdom cards and they speak so loudly in just the titles of the cards that they speak for themselves. esecially with the crap I have been going through lately about dramallama type stuffm. You do not need to start drama to be wghole or to feel whole, in any way. Please, read this again five hundred million fookin times, please. Thankskbye.
I decided to pull a card for the spiritual collective from the shamanic medicine cards deck for today. The element of air is vital, for without it we would perish. On a very deep level, each breathh reminds us of our connection with nature. All living beings are dependent on air for their existence. Air governs the magic of the four winds, it is the common denominator thsat binds all things together.From tempestuous winds, hurricaines and tornadoes to a fresh, gentle breeze, this element is the breath of life. Work with the element of air to still the mind. Meditate daily. Go into nature. tryst theimages you get in your mind.
elemental spread for today for the spiritual collective working with the cat tarot. You might be having some truble making some decisions abut some financial goal or aspect of it. You just might not be feeling quite as strong as usual. Yes, things are happening and the battle is won but, you are just needing to rest after all of it and are tired. In emotional relationshios type stuff it is really good to think about the give and take aspect of things. Especially when you have been very blessed in general about something in that area. Possibly changes coming financially. Plus, the magician card is just a good card about things woring out energetically speaking. The agician cardw was the card that was on the bottom of the deck after the shuffle.
I decided to pull a card for the spiritual collective today from the language of flowers oracle nd both cards are very on point about a lot. card 28. challenges may be sacrifice you are asked to make andpossibly paying some dues might be coming up soon somehow. The major challenges of a field poppy are those of falling for illusions and distractions from the natural rhythm of life. Let go if you need to and watch out for the early signs of negative thoughts., situations and energies. card 41 challenges are echaustion and unproductive and just being unfocused. Boredom and listlessness usually because one has given too muvh energy over to what will prove to just be unproductive. Card 41 was the bottom card of the deck after the shuffle.
spiritual collective lenormand 9 card spread for today. Possible news that might be confusing. Possible gift from a man. Possible good luck about a gal or female health issues. You might be learning some secrets about some aspects of some jealousy. Try to not feel too cranky about something you might be at a crossroads about. Try to not lose sleep over some kind of childishness. Possible communication either verbal or written about smoething important to your heart. You might be standing on your own about a guy or male health issue of some kind. Yu might be learning a lot about something important to you. The card at the bottom of the deck was mrider so please pay attention to all types of news you ight get in all forms of it.
spiritual collective kipper card reading for today, 9 card spread. There might e someoe out there wiith possibly som idea about some kind of partnership with me at some point businesswise but, I gotta say thsis right now: I do not do things like that, especially out of what I have learned in the past about things like that. So, please get the idea or thought out of your head about me beinga part of any team like that cuz I won’t. They have those types out there in the sporituall community too that might not all end up being bad but, they can end up being more trouble than they are worth if ou are not cautiousabout your well being in general. That, more than anything else is what I am feeling the his thoughts card is about ad it is a key focus i n the read along wih the infant card which was on the bottom which is not a good energy when you think about it energetically. I got the childishness vibe from it type of a thing to be cautious about. Recent past possible journey about a rich person possibly infolving a man and a woman. Possible communication about some kind of a partnership type thing or possible romance thing. Been in someones thoughts. Just be cautious about dishonesty especially about get rich ype stuff cuz it could be some really annoying crap that might even get feds types involved cuz some of these types politically can have a lot of folks on their tail. Especially with how things are this day and age with things of that type of a nature. That is what I get from this. Fore sure though, it is another level to be compassionate about especially if it is someone you care about and yet you wouldn’t want the feds to be on their ttail type of a thing eihter..It is just a thing to be considerat about. Big time considerate. As it is now, I have no clue when exactly I will be able to fully start up th e readings on a professional level at all. It’ll be sometime in 2022. Just not sure when exactly. One thing they can do though is just send folks to view this site that they think would be actual clients of mine in future or soon etc. It would be a faith gesture that will be much appreciated. That is another type of energy these folks can tend to have as well that is helpful in its own way with stuff like that.

It’s already the full moon in gemini energy for moon in sagittarius folks, already feeling it over here in a good way with todays kipper card spread. But, I will say so far ofwhhat I do know of how I tend to work best when I do any reads is he less I know about something when the read happens, the better the read will tend to be. Just based on personal experience with cards in the past. It’ll be a thing that’ll be helpful for me to remember about sessions in general. As far as cards go, I just started learning lenormand in the past few years, bout two years or so….probably a bit moe than tw years to be realistic abouta timeframe. I wish I could pin doown an exact date on that for you about that but, I can say I have been working at learning that for myself for the past few years. About two years round about. Kipper caerds I started learning around the same time as I started delving more and more into lenormand. I will probably start up the runes again here at some point cuz I have sucha deep love for them and also cuz of ancestral stuff with me in general but crt theory stuff is so insane right now, I have no clue when I will do those again. But, that will hapoen again at some point when I feel it is safe enough to. Time will tell and spirit will guide fully in that when the timeing is right. It is nowhere near there yet though with that. And yes, pondering some new techniques to delve into for new year so, stay tuned on here only for all that info. I will reveal more soon as I know stuff but I don’t have my hands on some things yet to even start it. Getting there though. Holiday stuff. :):):):) I will say though that it is kind of about heritage type stuff with me but, I’ll explain more about that as I pick up the stuff an dhave the stuff for it. That will happen by or slightly before new year. On here only so stay tuned on here only for all that.

I might as well say it but, I am not one to say goals of this nature before they even come close to starting but, it is gonna be Sibilla oracle. largely cuz itis still so popular in Europe but, it is a thing I have wanted to get started for quite awhile and will soon. I’ll get the materials to get this started within the next few weeks for sure so for sure by or before new year to get started on that technique on here only so, stay tuned on here only for all that. :):):) It originated more in Italy even though I believe it was also popular in Germany as well. But, seeing as swiftly as I got into lenormand and how it became a strength rewally swiftly with me, the same will probably happen with Sibilla. 🙂 Cuz lenormand became a fave method extremely swiftly for me :):):) And, thecol thing is soon as I get to know the playing cards for them, I can just do it that way with just playing cards if I and when I might need to do so. depe ding on how the fookers get about crt theory. So yeah, considering how they are already starting to be, I will start it with the concept in mind of primarily just using playing cards for it eventually sooner rather than later for that. Cuz they are getting nuts. I might not even need to work with the actual deck of it at all and might be able to work it with just the playing cards which is what I am gonna try to do from the start with that. Just based on how folks are being in general, I just think it is gonna be a smart way to go about it even though I will have a deck of it for myself to learn on. Anything on here though will probably just be via playing cards. I need to get some other decks of that as well soon too. Primarily nature scenes, etc. or animals.

Just thinking some good and clear mercury thoughts for today in general with the full moon in gemini energy and mercury in capricrn energy of the day. Archangel Gabriel energy for today. Always a good thing to think about in general but, especially today./tomorrow full moon in gemini :):):)

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