Spiritual Collective Reading for December 9, 2021 (Excluding Sebastian)

after lighting the candle for archangel Michael this morning, these are the cards I pulled for the spiritual collective. SWhat I usually say about myself and this site still stands.

Be cautious of intentions folks give gifts with beacuse you have some strong stances in stuff. Just some words of caution from the cards this morning. What I usually say about myself an dthis ite still stands. I am prepared to type this again if Ineed to. Sebastian, leave me alone. This is not a request, it is a demand.
elemental spread for the spiritual collective fr today working with spirit animal oracle cards. Sometimes, the thing that is most profitable to be mindful of is how important it is to be able to play a bit. Also, do not slack on whatever daily routine you might have for yourself for keeping up immune health. Iknow my Taurus sun is probably showing here a lot with this. But itwas something that for sure needed ti be said with how the cards are today. Yes, things are happening and you might be a bit on the defensive about something. Doing your best to see things from all angles as best as you can in emotional relagionship issues acn be helpful for you at this time cuz you for sure have that major protective vibe about you now in general.
this is the card I pulled for the spiritual collective today from the cosmic cat oracle cards. possible good things ahead. The thing is you gotta be open to receiving. Sometimes you block yourselfhowever unintentionally by not being as willing to just receive.

a really good thing to do for yourself metaphysically daily just cuz of all the intense fuckery out ther3e in general is sime daily spearmint tea for yourself is always a good idea. for protection energy in general it is a personal fave. Spearmint. I dress candles and wandws with it accordingly. Essential oil version. It is availanle at target, I believe. For sure walmart has it in their pharmacy but I am boycotting them personally.

elemental spread for the spiritual collective for today working with the cat tarot. Sometimes it is a good thing that things are not quite professional level yet cuz ther3e might be some folks trying to be shady about some financial goal. lots of big shifts making change kind of shaky in general. Yes, things are happening but try to not let folks try to control things through getting nostalgic. At this point in emotional relationships you are open to a lot of things but just don’t have the wool pull over your eyes about something important during the course of all the feels.
spiritual collective kipper card reading for today 9 card spread.You are for sure in someones thoughts. a mans thoughts most likely. possibly some home base issues or a short disturbance or some issu e caused by a short illness. In the recent past there might have been some talk (like some folks actually getting together over something to just chat about something) about some sad news or how something has become like a prison which seems to be life ein general lately with all the mandates and rules shifts changing constantly. annoying shit. possible good financiial news for you in the fuure that might feel like a big win and/or bring you lots of hope in general.
spiritual collective 9 card lenormand spred for today. some possible news about something starting.Do your best to not be cranky about a man or male health issues. possible jealousy issues about something. Do your best to not be too cranky about some home base isssue.Do your best to not have victimhood mentality about some kind of childishness. some communication eithe verbal or written about a gift of some kind. you are very much on your own about a gal or female halth issues. some issue about a gal or female healt issues that are important to you.
the challenges of sacred lotus are becoming ungrounded ad being taken away with pipe dreams. be very careful of the way you are treating others around you. sacred lotus will remind you that you may be taking advantage of others or not tending to relationships with equality. I decided to pull a card for the spiritual collective from the language of flowers oracle deck. This is ending up being one of the best choices of an oracle deck so far and I am glad I got a hold of this deck. Just making a personal observation about it so far in general and the accuracy of it is top notch.

There is an art to just allowing things to be. with as little judgment as possible. I am thakful I made up the rules for myself on how I listen to music or choose what I listen to. (most of what I choose to listen to is from folks who have crossed over to the spirit realm quite awhile back. As I have said before it is probably even more obvious why it is so important for those of you who do live stream music to please keep it up and many thanks and virtual hugs to those who do live stream shows. I am not even sure at this point if I am gonna do a portfolio or what. Chances are, it’ll be blues covers if I do though. I probably will at some point but no clue when and I will not force a time limit on a deadline about when. Even with that, I am gonna be extremely careful about the choices of songs I do have in the portfolio. I do not have my portfolio anywhere yet and I will list any info on that on here only so stay tuned on here only for all of that info.

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