Spiritual Collective Reading for December 7, 2021 (Excluding Sebastian)

after lighting the candle this morning for archangel Michael, these are the acrds I pulled for the spiritual collective. What I usually say about myself and this site still stands.

Sometimes, a rewally good thing to remember for yourself at times when you are just feeling anxuiys as hell about something or just have that type of energy in general is it is justa good time to go inward. You mightt have better luck if you have that mentality with something for yourself. yo! You got this! I am prepared to type this again if I need to. Sebastian, leave me alone. This is not a request. it is a demand.
this was the cosmic cat wisdom card I pulled for the spiritual collective today. Sometimes, you just need to go exploring for yourself. Test your own boundaries on yourself about something.
elemental sprewad for the spiritual collective for today working with the spirit animal oracle. You might have some good luck about soe financial goal. Just be mindful that you weave your own web. Yes, things are happening an dit is just wise to be mindful and just fine tune thot natural intuitive instict within yourself. Sometimes in emotional relationships you just need to have confidence in your own skin as much as you can and you might be a bit on the defensive about something.
elemental spread for the spiritual collective today working with the cat tarot. Possible shift in energy in general with some aspect of a financial goal. Sometimes, a main block is just having to put up with betrayal issues in general about something or not being able to do that as well. Yes, things are happening lots of potential financial changes pending. You just might be feeling a sensen of burnout due to getting info really swiftly about something.
spiritual collective kipper card reading for today 9 card spread for the spiritual collective. Just please be mindful about potential dishonest couple types who might be appearing to give a gift when it might be not a good intention so just be aware of folks intentions from the start. you might have had some possible winnings in the recent past fom a good dude. possibly you might be having to go to court over some inhertiance type annoyances and issues with that type of thing. you got this.
i decided to pull a card for the spiritual collective from the shamanic medicine cards. Do yourself a favor and try to not be so tough on yourself or others at this time is a good thing to keep in mind as this message is on your path from spirit for a reason of this reminder. You’ll thank yourself about keeping your calm as much as yuo have about something when the time is right.
spiritual collective 9 card lenormand spread for today. you might get some news yuo just have to use your intuition about. possibly some issue about a man you feel compasscionate about. you might have some good luck about some thievng energy or folks who have been shady. possible jealousy issues. try to not be too cranky or irritable about social politics dynamics stuff if you can help it. you might get some news of some childishness of some kind. possibly a communication either verbal or written about some good luck thing.. you are standing on your own about something you feel blocked or stalled about. possibly some issue about a health issue you are passionate about.
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