Spiritual Collective Reading for December 6, 2021 (Excluding Sebastian

I am having some connection issues at the moment about photo uploading so, I decided to just type out todays read. The cards I pulled are thw world, knight of wands and clover. Possibly some really good ideas and you are at some phases of completion in soething.

The decks I picked up today are the Shamanic Medicine cards and the language of flowers oracle. The cards from these decks that I pulled first are an improvement in relationships and finding a greater understanding and balance in life are open to you at present. I also pulled the cardd west hich suggests some really needing to get something off your chest in a big way about something. questions will be known in time. so try to not do things too swiftly. Or it might end up being a thing you might end up rgretting acting as hastily about something.

I am prared to type this again if I need to. What I usually say about myself and this site still stands. Sebastian, leave me alone. This is not a request. It is a demand.

good energy sendt is appreciated a lot about today so, many thanks to those who did send out some good vibes for health stuff. It was not too shabby of a time and I didn’t have anything bad with the normies today.

elemental sprad for the spiritual collective today working with the animal spirit oracle. Often times, the thing one needs to be indful of is that someties isolation can be one of the most productive things even though it might not seem like it at the time cuz it ca help you focus on needed stuff that you just need to focus on type of energy. Often times the main thing that is blocking us us us needing to just feel good t be in our own skin. Yes, things are happening and sometimes it is just wise to do your ebst you can to be as adaptable as you possibly can be. Lots of changes goig on in emotional relationships and you might find yourself being a bit on the defensive i general.
these were the careds I pulled for the spiritual collective from the decks the shamanic medicine cards and the language of flowers oracle cards.
elemental spread for the spiritual collective for today working with the cat tarot. You might be having some trouble making some decisions on some financial goals. Sometimes, the block might be you overlooking something due to just not paying attention about something so, be mindful of things of this nature in general at this time. Yes, things are happening to a wish fulfillment type of degree and energy. In emotional relationships,, you are at that give anything a go stage in mentality. Use proper caution on that though. Don’t give up hope on something important.
Spiritual collective kipper card 9 card spread for today. You might be going through some sad energy. possibly in the recent past you might have met up with some folks about talking about some things in relation to some losses like if someone did lose someone close to them especially. Just be cauious about anyone claiming they can help with someyhing especially if the distance is great. But, pay attention to intentions of folks abd why they are even doing some things. Especially if they claim to help a situation in a big way somehow…just use caution about anything of that nature in general. Okay? And yep. kipper is most absolutely becoming a strength of mine in the accuracy of it. But keep in mind that sometimes, Giong through sadness might be a connecting point but do your best to try to make sure it isn’t a trauma bond.
spiritual collective lenormand 9 card spread for today. You might get some news but try to not have a victimhood mentality about whatever it might be. possibly you might be going through someone who might have some jealousy issue who is a man or mighyt have male health issues. possible communication about a good luck type thing either verbal or written. Some possible jealousy about some good luck type thing. Do your best to not be too cranky while in detox mode about something. Possibly some confusing energy about some childishness. Possible communication either written or verbal about a man or male health issue. Try to not lose too much sleep over something you are very much standing on your own about. Possibly soemthing about some getting older issue that is important to you.
I decided to pull a card for the spiritual collective from the divine dog wisdom cards deck. Sometimes, this is a good thing to remember or or bodies will make us rmember to do so by catching a cold of some kind or something like that.
I finally was able to get a hold of “The wild ununown” tarot for myself and i am looking forward to working with this one frequently just due to the nature of it in general is top notch. The three card spread I did for the spiritual collective just now says that sometimes, the thing that holds you together the most might be a bit play hard to get type of thing. Ironic as that sou ds it might be one of the things holding you togethe at this point.
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