Spiritual Collective Reading for December 5, 2021 (Excluding Sebastian)

after lighting the candle this morning for arfchangel Michael, these are the cahrds I pulled for the spiritual collective.

There has beena new level reached of wtf with folks declaring how not on your side or not with you they might be and you might be a bit heart broken about that fact.

I am prepadred to type this again if I need to. Sebastian, leave me alone. What I usually say about myself and this site still stands.

Sometimes it is helpful to just observe who is doing the criticizing cuz sometimes it is like the pot calling the kettle black type of a thing, whatever that might mean to someone. I know it will be of help to someone cuz there are just some messed up fucktardws out there, kids. Just some helpful things to be mindful of in general. This is from the deck cosmic cat wisdom cards. Totally cute deck and Ia m glad I got a hold of one for myself.
elemental spread for the spiriitual collective working with animal spirit cards. Sometimes, the thing you need to be mindful of with a financial goal is just the ability to look from different perspectives can be goal chnager type things. Sometimes the thing that is blocking you most is just the need to put up some boundaries about something a bit better. Yes, things are happening and you might be encountering some jealousy due to that so just be cautious about htat type of thing. You might be having some mind of need to have awareness about some green living issue in emotional relationships. Overall though, it is a good time to dream big in general and have faith.
spiritual collective kipper card reading for today. 9 card spread. Something about some travel issues. Possibly some dishonesty about what might have seemed like a gift about something in the home. Possible short illness. You might be on someones thoughts in a good way cuz of all they have been through about losing someone.
lenormand spiritual collective 9 card spread for today. Possibly you might get some news about a gal or female health issues of some kind. Try to not get too cranky or irritable about a manor male health issues. You might have some good luck about something but try to not be too tough on yourself about it. Possible jealousy issues about something. Do your best to not lose too much sleep over something or become cranky about it. Possibly some childishness about a man or male health issues. Possible communication either verbal or written about some kind of thieving type energy. You might be standing on your own about a health issue. You might be learning some new things in general about something important to you.
elemental spread for the spiritual collective for today working with the cat tarot. possible major shifts in some financial goal. Possibly some blocks about some things even starting to happen financially. Yes, things are happening. Some possible emotional message of some kind. In emotional things, it is wise to be considerate and just do your best you can to work with temperance with emotional issues. There might be some good stuff come up in general about this type of feels.
I decided to pull an extra card for the spiritual collective from the cosmic cat wisdom deck. Sometimes, your light just shines from within based on your own life experience energy in geneal and folks can sense that type of thing. always. An example is just the amazing joy in my buddies face when she realized the importance of cards that fell out of the pack. I got a taste of what cconsultations are gonna feel like when they happen professionally especially and it was an all around rearinvg vibe. A friend is going through some healing recoveryprocess and to get the mesasage she got when she pulled the card probably helped her a lot more than she might even think at the momet. Especially with things like the healing process in general. She has been one of the ones easing me in on being able to do the cards on a professional level.Also felt that it emphasized this card in general to explain a bit of some of that experience. The card she pulled was “caution” that fell out of the pack, actually even befor she pulled it. She is recovering from a broken arm.

I’ll do the spiritual collective reading for the day later today at some point. Good thoughts appreciated for the day. It’s all good. Just routine stuff. Still stressful though so any good healing thoughts are appreciated a lot. There will be some new decks to look forward to soon on here though. It is a reward system for myself with that. So, stay tuned on here only for all that good stuff. With the way language is changing it is just a useful gthing in general to get up with the deck choices. Whenever an unvaccinated person has to be around any kind of hospital any more there is always that normie feeling about it to have to go through all that crap energetically. It is alwats a stressful thing to go through

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