Spiritual Collective Reading for December 4, 2021 (Excluding Sebastian)

after lighting the candle for archangel Michael this morning, these are the cards I pulled for the spiritual collective

Just do your best you possibly can to not be ignorant about new people and you will have some good luck about that if you are on your toes about it. Word to the wise.

I will type this again if I need to. what I usuaally say about myself and this site still stands. Sebastian, leava me alone. this is not a request. It is a demand.

elemental spread for the spiritual collective for today working with animalspirit oracle cards. You need to have lion strength energy about a financial goal in general gto just be mindful of to help you keep the goal. be lion hearted in strength. Take out your dream journal and write notes cuz it seems like something you just are doing as much lately ut might beneit a lot personalyy from it for yourself if you ust pick it up again for yourself. Jus sayin! Yes, things are happening and you might be a bit on the defensive about something. Have your protective shield up as needed. Do your best to not be crannky or irritabe about some emotional issues. Be mindful that there is a lot of trannsformation happening about something in general energetically speaking.
elemental spread for today working with the cat tarot for the spiritual collective. Do your best to be as analytical and logical about changes that might be happening in general will be helpful for you to remember about financial goals at his time. You are just on the fence about some decision making thing and unable to come to conclusions about something due to that type of energy. Yes, things are happening and lots of possible godo luck energy in general. There might be changes and shifts in emotional dynamic among financial changes so that is justa good thing to be aware of at this time as well. And mindful of. You just have a shit ton of anxiety about something so try to not let it overwhelm you please.
spiritual collective 9 card spread lenormand for today. Some possible news about some health issue to be mindful of at this time. Possible male issue possible hormonal issue to be mindful of about ssome hormoneimbalance issue. Good luck about a man or male health issues. Possible decefption or frrienemy to be mindful of in general and just be on your toes about. Do your best to not be too overearingly cranky or irritable at this time and try to not be too tough on yourself about it. Possibly a new issue about home base things. You might get some comunication either verbal or written about something that you just need to put in the past. There is something you are majorly standing on your own about.
It is probably a man or male issues in general so just do your best to stay true on issues that are mportant to you.
A reaally good energy to slap on the blog whenever possible and to just be thankful off for her energy is Saint Josephine. mentioning her again today just cuz it feels like a right thing to do.
Spirittual collective kipper card 9 card spread for today. Possibly having to go through some kind of illness due to some kind of theft possibly about the home in general. Possibly the ilness was even caused by stress of the theft type of thing to be mindful of that possible angle in this situation. Try to not let gloomy thoughts about childishness just be overbearing at this time. It can be a challenging request at times to even think about. Possibly going to court over the issue i question about theft and possible things about that to just be aware of and mind ful of that they might be happening at this point in time. verdicts are going to happen soon about needed things with that. Anothher thing about this portion of the spread to be mindful of.
Being mindful of personal boundaries with things ike nation sack energy if you are a gal and just being mindful and extremely protective of it from those who intentionally or inintentionaally override those boundaries of it in any way. AIt is just a thing I felt the need to mention in general that might not be a thing in most peoples thoughts in general. And there just might be a thing that would be a good idea to keep a medicine bag for for yourself in general to keep in mind. I decided to pull a card for the spiritual collective fom the native spirit oracle deck.

Happy new moon in sagittarius from this sagittarius in the first house stellium. The energy is intense this new moon in a good way. I did show mmy photo from when I was a kiddo on my wix and I will show it on here at some point but it can give an idea of what I look like now. Accodrding to the fact that I have a sagittarfius riwsing sign as well, that suggests that I can be quite a good looker as far as looks are concerned. Also though, lots of the natural psychic ability are found within this stellium for me personally. I have been extremely careful about the fact to not show current photo of myself for safety issues long before events of 2020. Mostly involving protection from Ruth and Kevin. In my chart I am venus trine neptune which is also part of the vocal ability for music for me.

spiritual collective extra kipper card reading for new moon in sagittarius. You migh t get some communication either written or verbal about something about a spoiled man type. The type that doesn’t care about anyone other than his own shit and nothing else type of thing. Try tot to be too sad about it but it has that type of sad news feel to it, the magnitude of whatever it might be. In the recent past there might have been a change about some kind of recognition or kudos over something. If you are hooked up already, potential for a possible big win at something. But it is one of those things that if you are doing something by the book type of thing ca-ching (cash reister slot machine sound) That is gonna be an element in this. So, paying attention to fine lines of things can be helpful to you as well about stuff like that. Kipper is most definitely turning out to be a good strength for me in general. They can be freakishly accurate.
spiritual collective nine card lenormand spread for venus conjunct pluto transsit energy. That is coming up on Christmas day. Just a good hing to eb mindfil of energetically astrologically speaking. Some potential news about a masculine woman. possible jealousy about a man or male health issues. Possible good luck about putting up with some thieving energy or behavior or both. Possible jealousy issues from a masculine woman. Do your best to not be so overwhelmomglly just cranky or downright bitchy due to vitality issues. Please, for the love of God, make sure your body gets enough restful sleep for the good of everyone. Jus sayin! yo! Do your best to not have victimhood mentality over some type of childishness. Possible letter or communication about a feminine man. It is a possible issue you are gonna need to be standing on your own about about a gal or female health issues. Something you are commited to in an issue possibly about a gal or female health issues.