I will type this again if I need to. This is not a request. It is a demad. Leave me alone, Sebastian!

Spiritual collective reading for December 2, 2021 excuding Sebastian

getting new ideas about how to better detox yourself in a situation in general. a large part of that is just deciding to be bold in your actions as you can.

What I usually say about myself and this site still stands.

elemental spread for the spiritual collective for today working with spirit animal cards. A thnig that will help you to keep up your financial goal in general is to please be mindfu of your personal vitality and doing your best to make sur to get enough sleep cuz that can play a huge part in something happening or not. Sometimes, the main challenge is needing to remember than things always do change. Yes, things adre happening and you might need to get verbal about something. Do your best to maintain the lion strength in emotional relationships. Overall though it does show steady progress in evolution about something.
elemental spread for the day for the spiritual collective working with the cat tarot. At this point in the game you are about ready to give anything a try and it is wise to be cautious of this aspect about the personal safety issues in general to just be aware of will be helpful for you to remember at this point in time extremely. Sometimes the main challenge has been just in how to put up with some betrayal issues in general. Yes things are happening and very swiftly. Do your best to not focus so much on sadness about emotional relationships. Do your best as you can to stand by your ethics about something.
lenormand 9 card spread for the day for the spiritual collective. You might get some social politics type news about something. Possibly some female health issue about something like hormone levels. So, pay attention to things of that nature. Some good kluck about leaving something in the past. Possible jealousy issues about some female issue. Do your best to no be too cranky or irritable about something while being loyal to yourself about whatever it might bePossibly some news about some kind of childishness. Possibly some communication either verbal or written but try to not have victimhood mentality about it as best as you can, however challenging that might be for you at the moment. You might really be on your own about some issue but try to not be too tough on yourself about any of those issues about that. Possibly some jealousy issue about something important to you.
Spiritual collective kipper card reading. you have been feeling some kind of buzz in general about energy about you in a good way about some marital status type issues. possibly some kind of licker room talk going on about you in a good way You might have some good luck about something in that area. Possibly some traveling neededto maneuver away fromsorrow but there is some hope about this so do your best to keep this in mind at this point in time.
Sometimes, a good ol smudging ceremony is just needed being mindful that sometimes you are whta needs smudging. It is a good thing to be mindful of in general but moreso during these times energetically cuz they can just be crazy times in general. I decided to pull a card for the spiritual collective from the native spirit oracle deck.

For me, personally, this months new moon, I know I am exactly where I need to be with my goals for card reading in general. Personally speaking from a Taurus point of view.

extra kipper car redaing for the spiritual collective for new moon in sagittarius. Just do your best to be cautious about dishonest types. Please do your beat also to take care of yourself so you don’t get bullied by martial law types. You might have had something like that in the pas that might have even seemed like a gift at first but ended up with more of a martial law type feeling about it in the end. You might even be expecting some kind of a court case out of it cuz it might have been that bad with the energy with that type of thing.

Kipper is an extremely excellent system and can be freakishly accurate but it is also proving to be anturqal strength of mine with the cards in general. It is another system I highly recommend getting into for yourself with the card reading especially on a personal level.

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