Spiritual Collective Reading for December 1, 2021 (Excluding Sebastian)

After lighting the candle this morning for the spritual collective these are the cards I pulled for the spiritual collective

What I usually say abouut myself and this site still stands.

I am prepaed to tupe this again if I need to. Sebastian, leave me alone! This is not a request. It is a demand. You need to do your best to stay grounded as you can throughout the confusion of folks trying to tell you that this is how you shuold be. Do your best to stay groued as you can is the most helpfu; thing at this point for you to keep in mind.
elemental spread for the spiritual collective for today working with animal totem cards. Do your best you can to try to not be too cranky or irritable about whatever financial goal. Often times the block in something is needing to be a bit more creative with communication in general. Yes, things are happening and it is a good hing to keep in mind that no win is too small. Do your best to keep light hearted as you can thoughout some emotional issues and you should be okay. Do your best to be loyal to yourself about something.
spiritualcollective nine card lenormand spread for today working with green glyphs lenormand. Some potential news so try to not lose sleep over whatever it might be. Possibly some shadiness about a man or male health issues. Possibly some good luck about some social politics thing. Possibly some jealousy issue about travel or means of travel. Do your best to not be irritable or cranky about vitality issues if you can help it. Possibly some childishness about something important to you. possibly some communicatione ither verbal or writen about a gal or female health issue. Something you need to stand on your own about but try to do your best to not have victimhood mentality about whatever phase you are in in it. Possibly some female health issue or female issue in general that is important to you.
spiritual collective elemental spread for today working with the cat tarot. Sky is the limit about a financial goal of some kind. It is a good thing to keep in mind in general about things like that. Often times the thing that is the main block is just that something is not happening. Yes, some betrayal happened and at lightning speed to or so it might have that feeling. Do your best to be grounded as you cna througghout whatever emitional justice issue you might be going through. If things are gonna happen, they are gonna happen because folks want them to happen as far as coming together when the time is right. It is a good thing to just be mindful of in general about ebb and flow of things.
I decided to pull a card for the spiritual collective from the naive spirit oraccle deck. The spirit of fireinvites you to take some risks and to try some new things. Break free from some fears.
Spiritual collective kipper card reading for the day. Possibly there might be a gift from a man in the near future or close to the present ime so just keep your eyes open in general for any hints from the universe about any of that. There might be a thing you might be recovering from though. Possibly something you thought was very profitable but ended up getting you down with some kind of a bug. Do yourself a favor and be easy on yourself throughout the recovery process as you can be. Possibly some major travel opportunity of some kind that could prove to be very profitable for you somehow.

Times have been so intense for many that I just know that this blog is a helpful thing for many out there. Often times, that can be a main thing in helping stay sane in general.

Sometimes, ya just gotta get in holiday mode and wtch “Die Hard” the first one. I still think of “Die Hard” as a christmas movie. As I have been saying, mars and venus in aries chicks dig action films or can tend to lean in that direction.

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