Spiritual Collective Reading for November 1, 2021 Excluding Sebastian)

After lighting the candle this morning for archangel Michael, I have decided this morning to just do the cards written style. I am prepared to type this again if I need to. This is not a request. it is a demand. SEBASTIAN, LEAVE ME ALONE!

This might be obvious to some but not to others so, I thought I would be sure to mention that I will be working at selectng decks in the near future that help avoid crt crap as far as prejudice goes especially. So, if any are curious about the future energy of my site, that is a huge clue. I wanna feed into that energy as little as possible in general.

What I usually say about myself and this site still stands.

with all the big tech censorship happening from the trial happening currently it makes sense to be cautious about the censorship anyway. Cuz it is gone insane with the censorship level to regime levels.

Someone is just being a bit naive about something and someone is gonna have to stand on their own about something. A possible sense of completion about something though and it is a good feeling overall. Raegardless of other emotions that might be happening within the scenario. Do your best to have faith through it that it will all work out okay. You got this.

Elemental spread for the spiritual collective for today working with the animal spirit oracle cards. Something about a financial goal requires you to be a bit adjustable or flexible or both in general as a best course of action through it. Sometimes the main block is just not seeing how absolutely thieving someone is. Yes, things are happening and you might need to speak up a bit about something. Often times. a higher perspetive is helpful and just a needed thing in general. Be cautious in emotional relationships about folks only being good when it is good for them type of a thing. Do your best to use as much common sense about this as you can.

The phhoto censorship is acting off the chain odd in general. Justa heads up for folks to do your best to not go too insane through whatever censorship they are trying to do and they are trying to do a shit ton.

elemental spread for the spiritual collective today working with morgan greer tarot deck. Sometimes in financial goals, just to be strong headed can be worth its weight in gold. Sometimes the main block is just moving on from some troubled waters or feeling like you are moving on from a phase can be its own challenge. Often times in relationships you just need to remind folks you are the boss of you. Possible new beginning energy in general about something. Yes, things are happening and it is wise to keep your cool as much as you can and to try to not get all emotional about it whatever it might be.

Spiritual colletive 9 card lenormand spread for today working with green glyphs lenrmand. Some potential social politics type news about something. Do your best to not lose sleep over a man or male health issues. Possibly some good luck about something importat to you. Possibly some jealousy issues about a man or male health issues. Do your best to not let little annoyances make you too irritable or just cranky as hell. Possible childishness about a man or male health issues. Some possible communication either verbal or written about something important to you. There is a gift you might have been given that you might jiust be on your own about in general in one way or another about whatever. Something important to you about a gal or female health issues. I was for sudre on my way to doing this more with deck choices in general but even more so in the current crt energy. I am just glad I was already headed in the direction towards doing more of thiss type of thing with the decks anyways.
I decided to pull a card for the spiritual collective from the native spirit oracle deck just cuz it is always a good idea fr that.Sometimes, there is s just an energy around us that can be fooling about whatever it might be so it is wise to be cautious about that in general and to try to be on your toes as much as you can so as not to be tricked. This is such a relevant card about south node intensity energy in general at this time and how important it is sto stay grounded as you can throughout this energy in general. However tricky it might be for some. It is an intense new moon energy already. Astrologically speaking, it is just something I feel is an important thing to make note of in general at this time.
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