Spiritual Collective Reading for November 29, 2021 (Excluding Sebastian)

after lighting the candle this morning for archangel Michael, these are the cards i pulled for the spiritual collective

I am prepared to type this again i I need to. Sebastian, leave me alone!This is not a request. it is a demand. Sometimes, it takes strength t know that you just need to work on yourlself throughout whatever detox you might be going through personally on whatever level. Have compassion on yourself throughout the process no matter what part you are on and celebrate your progress along the way with little things. Sometimes the best and only way to describe the part of the deotx that needs to be solitary is red tent energy. A really good book to check out in general is the red tent. It describes more just about how folks can tend to get throughout that part of the detox process but it is more about female stuff physically. It is a good thing t be mindful of in general though about all parts of the journey.
I decided to pull a card for the spiritual collective from the native spirit oracle deck and this crd is just so fitting about every part of the reading this morning. Often times, you naturally know what you ned to do to heal yourself so do your best to have trust throughout the process odf it in the process of it, no natter what phase it is in and do your best to honor progress for whatever phase.
elemental spread for the spiritual collective working with animal spirit oracle cards for today. Often times to be most profitable ina financial goal it is best to be mindful of how important cretaive communicatin is and to be as creaive abiut communication as you possibly can be. Often times the main block is just not following full intuition on something, whatevedr that might be and you will be abe to feel the effects of the choice. Stand tall in your essence in general is one of the best reminders of emotional strength at this point in time in general cuz so many of us are being told to not be strong about who we are in some form or other. Do your best you can to be light of heart as you can at this time will be eally helpful to you throughout some extremely intense and just stressful times in general. Yes, things are happening and it is a good thing to embrace that lion strength energy as well within cuz at times you know you just need that energy more than at other times.
spiritual collective elemental spread for today working with the cat tarot. It is best to be mindful of the changes in general to be most profitable throughout the changes. Often times the biggest block for us is about allowing whatever decption to affect us. Yes, things are happening and it might be good to get homey as you can at the moment. Something is possibly in the beginning stages and it is just a profitable thing for you to even recognize this part of the stage. Sometimes you just need to reminnd folks you are the boss of you. Just a friendly boycott announcement about my official boycott of all things salvation army about whatever charities it might be a partof or anything. They showed their true energy about a lot and it is just a sad thing to see. Just doing the boycott oficially on here for personal purposes.
a really good energy to frequeently sap on the blog in general is the black madonna energy and the strength in the journey that she represents in general is extremely powerful stuff all around to be mindful of energetically. Seleniteheart energy is also just a good thing to have in the photo energetically.
lenormand nine card spread for the spiritual ollective for today. Some possible news of some jealousy of some kind. possible man or male health issue, something you might need to cut back on odr detox from in some way mostly due t a man or male health issue. Something aboyt some good luck about something important to you. Possible shadinesa about some jealousy issues of some kind in general to just be awaeer of and be cautious about. Do your best you can to not be too crqnky or iritable throughout the neptune going direct type of energy in general, okay?????Do your best to not let childishness afffect health issues too much. Possibly some communication about a female or female health issues. There might be something you need to stand on your own about that is more tha what the eye can see. Something impodrtant to you that might have some folks just acting childish and needing to do their own shadow work on themselves.

working on some personal incense ideas for ncense for myself, pellet style (check out the incense edragon videos on how to do all that jazz about home made incense) Just cuz I might give someone a shout out doesn’t mean anything other than that, The blend I am thinking of for myself has pine resin, clove and hawthorn. Hawthorn is excellent for prosperity but also helps insure that nothing of ill inent or very little ill intent ass through the doors in any way. Pine is also another really god all arounder that is good for prosperity as well as protective energy in general and is just a good thing to add. He also has supplies avaiilable on his website directly which I have not fully checked out yet but plan on doig so in the near future. I do nt have anuy products or services available anywhere and I cannot be booked for anything through anywhere or any person. Just a needed reminder cuz some folks can try to be confusing as hell about this type of thing. I firwst tested out this combination in a spell jar I did for myself on my daily altar that got visible results quickly in the energy in general. The jar has a pine cone, cloves and hawthorn berries in it. This portion is my book of shadows portion of my notes on here. this is just an excellent all around blend for protective energies in general. Just some personal observations based on some pretty horrifc things I have seen some folks post about wishing ill will and genocode of the white race specifically about anyone going through feeling pains of what is going on socially now which is a lot especially if they are also uvaccinated and wish to remain as such for whatever reason. I give my reasonings for this always on here frequently. it is gonna be a thing of strength to remember and honor anestral connections and energy cuz there are even attacks about if you are okay with not being tansgender anything and are heterosexual natural born female. There are some who are jealous of that authenticity in general. So, do your best to honor your natural female authenticity as best as you are able to and as safely as you are able to cuz there are some insane fuckers out there. I said it. I am thankful that I have had the experience in metaphysical self defense that I have had up to this point cuz it is gonna be and it has alerady been proving itself to be extremely useful.

I just ave the feeling that some of this book of shadows info that i did post in here some will appreciate a lot.

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