Spiritual Collective Reading for November 27, 2021 (Excluding Sebastian)

After lighting the candle this morning for archangel Michael, these are the cards I pulled for the spiritual collective

Possibly having to make some choices about some issues about a man or male issues about some possible financial beginning.

I am prepared to type this again if I need to. SEBASTIAN, LEAVE ME ALONE! This is not a request, it is a demand. What I usually say about myself and this site still stands.

elemental spread for the spiritual collectvive for today working with animal spirit oracle cards. As with all my readings, these are for the spiritual collective so please take what resonates with you and leave what does not resonate with you. You migh need to get a bit vocal about some financial goal of some kind. Sometimes the main block is you need to remeber to be loyal to yourself. Yes, hings are happening and a good thing to remember change always happens so, take solace in that. On the emotional level just be acutious of some jealousies, possible frienemy type energy. Over all though some good luck energy in general.
elemental spread for the spiritual collective for today working with the cat tarot. Something about a financial goal about just being able to maintain. Ofen times the main block we encounter is just the elergy involving financial changes in general. Things are happening but trying to not be too nostalgic can be hedlpful more than you ight even begin tvo think about. It is just a good thing to keep in mind in general for grounding purposes. Emotionally you have had some good energy in general about abundance of good emotions. Be cautious about teamwork energy at this time and who is rooting for you in general. Just a thing to be mindful of.

on a taurus note, sometimes, there is nothing more tasty than a good ol coca cola slurpee. Hard to fully explain it fully. Gotta be large size from seven eleven.

You are about to go through a period of self expansion. Maybe it is time to do something new and exciting in general. This is a heads up card about this type of energy that is around you at this time. I decided to pull an extra card for the spiritual collective from the native spirit deck just cuz.

It could be my own perrsonal energy about neptune stationing direct but dang if I have had issues about details about even getting that post up. I will get that post up on here only at some point tomorrow. I hope folks are staying grounded as they can and not letting it kick their ass too badly. Plus, getting accustomed to new puppies in general. Literally. She is a sweetheart though but that has also done a number on my sleep. That will work itself out as everyone gets accustomed to one another. Just an idea of some of the energy I have been going through a bit. And no, her name isn’t Brandi even though I was serously considering that. (female version of Brandon) She is a september 27 virgo though and yes, I do know all her astrological info which will be helpful especially consideringg the Virgo energy in general of her.

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