Spiritual Collective Reading for November 18, 2021 (Excluding Sebastian)

After lighting the candle for the archangel Michael this morning these are the cards I pulled for the spiritual collective

You might be having some blocks in deciding what direction to go about a getting older issue about a gal or female health issues. You might be reaally kind of torn about what direction to go in about protectiveness about something. I am prepared to type this again if I need to SEBASTIAN, LEAVE M ALONE! What I usually say about myself and this site still stands.
Just some news about needing to kep loyal to what is important to your heart. (just thought I would do some extra full moon energy with these cute little lenormand cards that are new to me but extremely cute. Also, I am pondering delving more into astrology degree type things in general in upcoming days. Just some things to look forward to from what to expect from me.

full moon inb taurus pick a card. Take a deep breath and pick the pile you feel most drawn toward. Pile #1 is far left, pile #2 is the middle and pile #3 is far right. If you feel that you should read the full note please do cuz there is probably something you are supposed to see in the note.

Pile 1: try to ot bbe too annoyed about some sadness about something. Pile #2. Try to do your best to not have victimhood mentality about some childish behavior. Pile #3. You are needing to stand on our own about something but it is possibly something that will be just really good for you in general as far as good juju type energy.
This is an elemental spread for the spiritual collective I did for the day working with animal spirit oracle cards. It would be a smart idea to be a bit intuitive about your finances in general energetically. It is a thing that you just might be confused aout energetic blocks in general and just what might be causing it, etc. Possible very good communal energy in general on some kind of project. Really be observant in the give and take of emotional energy curretly is an importat thing to be mindful of at this point in time. It would be wise to have an overall protective boundary vibe about you at this time to be extremely aware of as a main point to consider.

Spiritual collective elemental spread working with the cat tarot for today.

Some changes about financial goals might be happening. You might just be feeling really overwhelmed energetically. Overall a good feelng of stability. Take care to be logical as you can in your emotions at this time though please. It is important to be mindful of being logical at this time. It might be one of those times that your struggles might have helped someone or just knowing that you went through something similar might really be helpful to some at this point in time. It is a good thing to be mindful of. As with all my readings, these are for the spiritual collective so please take what resonates with you and leave what does not resonate with you.
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