Spiritual Collective Reading for November 14, 2021 (Excluding Sebastian)

After lighting the candle this morning for archangel Michael, these are the cards I pulled for the spiritual collective

At this point in time, you are possibly learning of some secrets that wil be of help to you about some male health issues that might have seemed like a stall or a block but only if you know how to properly operate it type of thing. Do your best to guard your emotions as best you can at this time as there might even be a tendency to go overboard with that type of energy. Do your best to try to make it not go overboard as mmuch as you cna help it, please. For your own sanity sake.

What I usually say about myself and this site still stands. I will type everything agan if I need to and I am prepared to do so. SEBASTIAN, LEAVE ME ALONE!

grand tableau for some ntes in general for satur square uranus energy (it started feb 17 2021 and ends on December 24, 2021 so some holiday energy to be mindful of as well.

Possible new beginings about some possible things yyou might be stalled onthat you might need to be loyal to about yourself but itc might be a thing that could bring some good luck if it is something you might have strong feelings about type of thing. You might get some news about new beginning type things. You might need to be loya; to youfrself about something but it could have a good luck element in it, possible good luck with some travel issues. Possible things about home base that migh be a bit stalled at the moment. Possible blocks about solme health issues. Possible confusion about some health issue. try to not lose too much sleep over folks being shady. It is a thing you might have to be on your own about leaving some things in the past. Possibly a ift close to your heart. You might need to shuft some habits due to getting older issues. Do your best to not be too tough on yourself about male health issues ofr a guy. It is one of those things that you might wanna think about nitpicky type energy a bit less in general might be helpful for you to think about . Possibly some issues about some childish behavior from a guy or male health issues. possible jealousy issues about vitality issue. Do your best to not be too cranky or irritable about some good luck issue. You are learning some secrets about how to bst work with your intuition on that in general. Some new beginings of things that are important to you. It is a thing you are gonna possibly need to be loyal to yourself about. You are gona need to stand on your own about an issue abouut a guy or male health isssues. Possibly some social politics shadiness type thing about group dynamic to be cautious of. Possibly something you might be feeling stalled about a gal or female haelth issues. You might be at a crossroads deciding point about something that you need to work with your intuition on about. Possibly some theving type shadiiness in social dynamics or group politics type energy. Do your best to try to not have victimhood mentality about something important to you. Possible news about something important to you.You are learning some things about how to best not have vicctimhood mentality at this time. Possible communication verbal or written about some thieving tpe behavior or energy. Try to not be to cranky or irritable about a man or male health issues. possible issues abouta gal or female healt issue about vitaity issues (quality of sleep type thing) Possible issue about some travel issue about getting older type issues. It might also have to do with issues about a car beig older type thing. Do your best to not be too tough on yourself about vitality issues. It is one of those things that iis probably gonan be more helpful to leave something in the past as much as you can and not let it affect your sleep if you cna help it. Possible gift or some secrets about a gift. It is one of those things you are gonna be just knowing about how it is good luck to know what annoyances to not talk about at all. You asre at a crossroads or deciding point about some things that you need to be grounded on about. Do your best to not have victimhood mentality about a gal or female health issues.
Just some general energy about today is you are feeling a bit nostalgic about some financial goal. You have your boundaries setup strongly about protecting intellectual type property type issues. Possibly you are feeling a bit domestic Do your best to think as logically as you can about someting will be most helful for you to be mindful of. Do your best to not focus on heartbreak energy wil be helpful for you at this time as well. You got this! Just trying out some spreads from Tarot For Self Care by Minerva Siegel. An example in this is that you just got yourself hurt feelings about some dometic issue that maybe you got your feelings hurt about someone not liking your cooking or the way you cooked something. That is another possible thing energetically in thois spread.
I decided t do a celtic crross spread for myself in general especially with all this upcoming Taurus full moon energy. Basically, it is saying that some uch needed rest is a good thing and that I might be more on my own state of mind at this point. I decided to also add a celtic cross spread to the weeky stuff as well just cuz I thihk it would be much appreciated by quite a few out there. I will do the spiritualcollective celtic cross on here only at some point by the full moon time. Stay tuned on here only for all that.
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