Spiritual Collective Reading November 10, 2021 (Excluding Sebastian)

After lighting the candle for archangel Michael this morning, these are the cards I pulled for the spiritual colletcive

It is one of those things you otta be aware about when you might just be so worn out about tryying to do your best to not skip over deail that could possibly be a greater help to you than you might think. It is one of those things here what has seemed like being stuntedin some way is actually a gift in its own way so please try to not be too tough on yourself about that and try to limit that kind of thinking in itself would be a good thing to be mindful of for you.
You might be kind of axious or on the fence abouut some possible issues about a teacher that might have sme kind of shady vibes in general so do your best to show proper caution especially aboutc folks who might be in that type of position in general. This is from the deck the urban tarot. any decks I work with please just get your copy at amazons main site and not through any individual seller anywhere. Thanks in advance for understnding. THis announcement helps to prevent spam and folks trying to be confusing.
I decided to pull some from the same deck just for the heck of it to show I most definitely did shuffle the cards. She shows up again in the smae spot in this spread. Possible heartbreak type issues or betrayal issues about a mentor type thing. You got this. Stay strong within yourself as much as you can at this point even though it might be painful at times having to think about whatever might have happened to cause those emotions. I am looking forward ro getting some new decks to work with energetically that I already think folks are appreciating a lot energetically. The urban tarot especially but there is one that I am gonna get this umcoming week that I have been looking forward to for awhile now. It is a bit more on the spendy side if things which is why I have taken my time about deciding when to get a hold of it or what. It is one I think folks will appreciate the energy of quite a bit. I am plannig on getting a few new decks. So, stay tuned on here only for all that info.

Taking a look at the upcoming energies astrologically on astrogold, nov 10 just a thing I think will be a good thing to keep in mind based on the saturn energies and eleventh house energies in general, do your best to stay as grounded as you can no matter what type of new rtsrictions they might attempt about social things especially. It is always a good thing to do your best you can to stay grounded a you can in general though. I am getting to maneuver a bit easier to pulling up a chart for whenever.

I am preared to type this again if I need to if he starts up the stalker crap again. What I usually say about myself and this site still stands. Not a challenge in any way. It is a demand.

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