Spiritual Collective Reading for November 6, 2021 (Excluding Sebastian)

After lighting the candle for archangel Michael this morning, these are the cards I pulled for the spiritual collective.

Do your best to try to not skip over details even though there might be some confusing emotional energy with some thigs cuz it will help you out a lot in the long run, especially with detox type stuff. You might have some traveling to do possibly about some detox issues and learning some secrets about how to best go about it more ffectively etc. You got this.

Hobby lobby today for crafty goodies and to just soak in the vibe in general. It is one of my fave craft spots. I might show some of my haul on here only cuz they have such good selection of fabrics that are unusual to find anywhere else. It is not a place to go though if you are ucomfortabble about a Christian vibe though. Just a heads up. It is a spot I got turned on to big time while living in Tennessee. Glad Oregon has them :):):):) for holiday vibes today trader joes grocery as well. Both spots are primo for holiday vibes in general. Especially thanksgiving and Christmas vibes :):):):) Conjure attitude in general wosks with a lot of Bible enegy so this type of a vibe is extremely strengthening for me all around like some will have no idea how strengthening unless they are into this sort of thing themselves. Just a friendly reminder that I cannot be booked for anything through anywhere or any person. I have no products or services available anywhere or through any person.

I am prepared to type his again if he tries the stalker bullshit again though. SEBASTIAN! LEAVE ME ALONE!!!!!!

Somewhere today between Seattle and longview, there was the first signs of winter snow today at leaast that I was able to get a photo of. So, here is some northwest snow for all y’all.
Just deciding to show a portion of the haul with al the intense energies in general out there today. I thought this was some adorable material for me personally about the open heart surgery survivor energy. I am pondering making a tarot bag abd cloth from it possibly for the green glphs lenormand to keep that in for myself. My thoughts and prayers are with those who need them at this time regardnless of their vaccination status or views on it. There was a bit of dust from the shop in this photo of the material. It happens, sometimes. It is a kind of thing that only survivors of something like that might understand or relate to much.
I am havinga bit of good luck personally about taking some stuff a bit easier and avoiding victimhood mentality with some things by choosing to focus on other energies. Also, about sometimes why I choose to do less reads on here only at times cuz sometimes you have to unplug a bit from the intensity of the comic downloads and its overwhelmingness at times. This was a reading I did for myself in general tonight. I will be back at doig things as I usually do them this monday. Probably will do things similarly on Sunday on here only as well a bit but, I wanted tio give some breathing room cuz of all the intensity of scorpio season in general. It is a doozy. Just giving folks a bit of a heads up about the intensity of the energy in general.


What I usually say about myself and this site still stands. I have o sister, annex or affiliate sites or people anywhere on any platform or through any person. I have no sister, annex or affiliate readers of any kind anywhere on any platform or through any person. My stance on wishihg to remain unvaccinated will never shift due to health sensitivity issues. That is a persons personal choice. I do not have any live streams anywhere and i am not a part of anyone else’s in any way. I have no sister,annex or affiliate live steams anywhere on any platform or through any person. I am not on social media in any way and I am not a part of anyone else’s in any way. I have no sister, annex or affiliate social media pages or people anywhere on any platform or through any person. I am not on youtube or patreon in any way and I am not a part of anyone else’s ina ny way. I have no sister, annex or affilaite channels or people anywhere on any platform or through any person. I awlways have een, always will be and am the only admi, author and content creator if all my blogs, sites and emails in their entirety. I amnot a part of anything other than what I frequently say. The only way to contact me is through the contactc ifo that I give on here frequnetly. My preferred email is always maggie1099@yahoo.com. that is where i prefer folks to contact me, I have no sister, annex or affiliate email and I am not a part of anythhing other than what I freuqently say. At this point no, I do ot have anywhere anyoe can send tips or donations to so please do not be fooled by this. If you wish to do so though before I have that function set up please send me an email at the contact info that I give frequently. Or if you are a musician please consider havng the live stream option available somewhere on your tour. If you already have this option, many thanks an dvirtual hugs. :):):) I have never had any kind of any spokesperson. No one has ever hd any permission to speak for me in any way.

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