Spiritual collective reading October 17, 2021

After lighting the candle for archangel Michael, these are the cards and runes I pulled for the spiritual collective

It might be one of those times that, in order to experience the most creativity and abundance you need to go a bit inward. You might be feeling a bit wiped out and attacked at the om ent. Pay attention to everything about your health cuz there could be some major clues within about that possibly causing how you might be feeling aka something like lactose intolerance. Also, if you have to travel, check everything to make sure it is in working order at least twice before you do so. And, be causitous if you do a car wash or something like that to make sure everything is worknig tip top after.

As I was saying, I am glad I have the paid website to help sort out any hiccups. This, most definitely is probably what I was thinkingit was based on what they were trying to cick like on. And yeah, it is that annoying with doorknocker types. I think they were a combination doorknocker and possibly someone who was trying to confuse folks for the sake of gaining more clients for themselves based on experience that I have had with this sort of thing from what I was talking about beforeabout the hacker experience. It is a reason about why I always do request that folks only contact me at the contact info that I give on here frequently. My preferred email is always maggie1099@yahoo.com. That is the only way I can be contacted. I have never had any kind of any spokesperson. I am not on social media in any way and I am not a part of anyoen else’s in any way. I am not on youtube or patreon in any way and I am not a part of anyone else’s in any way. What i usually say about myself and this site still stands. I have no sister, annex or affiliate sites of any kind anywhere. I have no sister, annex or affilliate readers of any kind anywhere on any platform or through nay person. My stance on wishing to remain unvaccinated will never shift due to health sensitivity issues. That is a persons personal choice.Yes, I do all the readings on here and on my blogger at Esoteric Thoughts From Maggie on blogger and on my wix at Esoteric Thoughts From Maggie on wix but I do not do any readings anywhere else or through anyone else and I am not a part of anything other than what I frequently say. I do not do readings professionally or by request due to wiccan ethics and I do not endorse anyone who does either professionally or otherwise. No, I do not have anywhere anyone can send donations to or tips yet but I am working on adding that function on here only. So please, do not let anyone try to fool you about this. That should for sure happen in the near future but, not sure exactly when. Contact me via email only if you wish to contact me for any reason. I cannot be booked for anything throuugh anywhere on any platform or through any person. I have no products or services available anywhere or through any person. always have been, always will be and am the only admin, author and content creator of all my blogs, sites and emails in their entirety. I am not a patr of anything other than what I frequnetly say.


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